updated November 26, 2003

Black and whites! (mostly..all but last via Frank Wagner)

Sennelager 1960 Packing up for home.

L-R John Hanlon, Jack Lefebvre, Bruce Stewart and Cyril Johnson. Sigs sec 2 Coy (Frank Wagner)

2 Coy, 5Pl, May 1958.
back (L-R): Gdsm Frank Wagner, Gdsm Jack Crouse ?
4th row: Gdsm Pearce, ?, Gdsm Robinson, Gdsm Ed Helpard, Gdsm Lester Dykins,
3rd Row: Gdsm Geddes, ?, ?, ?, Gdsm JP Riley, Gdsm WA Greene
2nd Row: Gdsm JA (Pinky) White, Gdsm Les Muise, Gdsm Ed Stewart, Gdsm Murray, ?
Front Row: Cpl Macdougal,Cpl Bob Hall, L/sgt AJFH Heise, Lt W L Seasons. Cpl Gerry Osborne, Cpl Bob Cox (Frank Wagner)

(left)Uniform maintenance, sewing on a button, Gdsm Wagner FS Fort York, 1960
(centre) Gdsm Stevens LF , on way to Amsterdam 1960
(right) Fort York, Berry, Wagner , Adair (Frank Wagner)

This is a big file but worth it ! 2 Coy, 1st Bn Fort York Germany 1960, in front of Church

snuck in one colour shot..troops on way to Toronto parade! 1965

 L-R Sgt Benjamin (name via"Squid" Squires) ;?; Cpl Sullivan;?; L/cpl Wagner FS; ?; Cpl Basil Byers and Hughie McGrath

a truly historical photo..L101 at rear of new parade square

Junior NCO course May 1963

Z Range winter 57/58. Range Officer John Barclay, Gerry Osborne and Norm Skivinton on the firing line.

Petawawa 1959, L-R Front Cpl Joe Deforge, Robinson, Sammy Best, Wagner FS, Johnson, Victor Mackay,
centre Bernie Ryan, rear Stevens LF, Stevens CL, JP Riley. 2 coy drivers.

Left Fort York 1960: L-R Tom Adair, Wagner FS, Les Morine, Henley

Right Gagetown 1963: Dvr Ron Gervais, Cpl Gary Church, back L/Cpl Wagner, Gdsm James & on the big gun Gdsm Loftus

2 Pl, 1957
Front L-R: ?, Murray, Wagner, Muise, Kearley, Robinson
Rear: Stevens, JP Riley?,?,? Mortimer, Bob Dillan (Frank Wagner)

Apres golf, Picton 1967 (GJH)

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