updated June 7, 2004

Flag raising program thanks to Jas

Ray Jordan

Ed Gosden

This was a last chance for photos in scarlets before they were returned to the big QM somewhere. We took many photos that night with the 2nd Battalion officers that were on regimental duties at the time. After the photo run was complete the photographer had a few shots left and so Steve Gannon, Edmund Hudson, the British exchange officer and Ed Gosden posed for the photo (above).

 If memory serves me, Currie Hubley was the last 1st Canadian Guards to die in Germany (car accident) Jas

----- Original From: Webb Scharman

Post Photo by Cpl E. Gordon, Base Imaging - sent in by Ian Douglas

Since it`s hockey season again, I thought you might want to place the attached photo on our website. The 64/65 2nd Bn Officers Team didn`t quite make it to the Cup finals but we had fun trying.

Back: Doug Slaughter, Gord Simpson, Gord Caffery, Scott Campbell, Tom O`Grady, Kevin Kierans, Dave Frausell, Joe Bray, George Hepburn.

Front: Bob Lamoureux, Gary Leef, George Kennedy, Claude Turgeon, Frank Schutt, John Harrison, John Trethewey

When I sent this to Dave Hepburn just after Reunion, he was quite pleased because he had never seen his father in hockey kit.

Cheers, ... George Kennedy

Charles (Chuck) Stamp and local Greek/Cyp commander 1965 (C Stamp photo)

The "New" site at the Saddle between Hilarion (Turk/Cyps) and Forest (Greek/Cyps) (C Stamp photo)

Vigilant sentry at the Saddle(C Stamp photo)

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