updated June 6, 2010 (Thks Howie) - more Robert Harnish

L to R Gdsm AA Aucoin, Joe Francis, Robert Harnish, Al Lutz, Ed Halpard , Godin and Cpl M.E. Rutledge HMG Pl Fort York, Hut # 37 Germany 1961.


redpatch 1957

Left side - Gdsm Mike Cassidy and Ed Halpard; Right side photo: Unknown

 Ed Halpard, Howie Pierce, Mike Cassidy, R. C. Smith, Cole all HMG Pl

Left photo: Gdsm Halpard, Unknown. Right Photo Unknown

 L to R Cole, McKay, Smith RC, Halpard. Right side Photo: Matt Corbett, Robert Harnish, Bill MacDonald - (from Dominion Mines, Cape Breton).

L to R Ed Halpard, Jack Crouse, Battalion Boxing Team. Right Side Photo: Center without shirt; Pat Tiller other two unknown

 L to R front row Unknown, Dan MacArthur; Rear row - Brent Whitwell, Pattie Pearce, Albert A. Aucoin.

Petawaw 1954

In behind the lady is Tony Quinn. other two unknown (Gerry Grimshaw at left?)

L to R; Gerry Kennedy, Neil Jarvis

Front row third from the right Nathaniel George Kearley, 1st Battalion Barber in Picton



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