Gerry's collection



New Flag, Nicosia, 15 Feb 65

12 sec incl Cpl O'Shea, Gdsm Elst and Webb practice house clearing at Trapeza, 13 Jan 65

(all photo credits: G Heffernan except -->)

(photo credit: G Wharton)

Major Pryde on tour at "86", Nov 1964
Cpl Warrington(?) Section

4 platoon, Crowd control training, Troodos Airport, Jan 1965



 remodeling base at St Hilarion Tour Agency
Gdsm Birbeck, Henry & Collier(?) 1964

Lt D. Declerq's 6 platoon, on 9 mile run, Feb 1965 at the "Pig Farm"

Checkpoint 2 from the Nicosia- Kyrenia Convoy, Nov 1964

Sgt. Skehen, Cpl Hillier, Gdsm Shepard & Collier repairing/building road into Kyrenia Children's Hospital 12 Jan 65


2 Coy Mess tents at the "Pig Farm" , March 1965

"Gungho" photo taken by Gerry Wharton during Houseclearing practice by 4 Platoon in Trapeza, Cyprus, early 1965

4Pl at Check Point 1, Nicosia, 1965

Checking cars for the convoy at Ck Pt 1

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