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First Recruit Platoon of 2 CDN Gds

First Recruit Platoon of Canadian Guards by 2nd Battalion: Platoon Commander Officer Cadet Bill Marshall,
Coy Commander Ken Hollingbury, inspected by Maj Gen Rockingham (photo courtesy Bill Marshall)

I only put details I was absolutely sure of, however Sgt's Lou Emmons and Bony White both shared the leadership of this platoon . 2Lt (Bruce) Cookie Gilchrist was our 19 year old Platoon Commander on his First assignment out of RMC. Winston "Goldie" Golden


Guards Depot 67-68 (Guest reviewing officer, Capt George Kennedy, Adjutant, 2 Cdn Gds) L-R: DSM Heyman, Capt Kennedy, Major J Jenkins, MC, Capt. A. Ditter

Capt G Kennedy and Capt Ian Inrig serving Depot Christmas dinner, Dec 1965


Depot Grad Parade; DSM J. (Jim) A. Heyman watching over Capt. G. Kennedy presenting to Gdsm ?.

Photo on the occasion Walt Northrup's retirement in 1969. (Walter (right above) passed away on 14 Jun ) (Photo curtesey CWO George Elliott, C Pro C (Provost Sgt 2 Cdn Gds))

Major Ed Wellstood conducts Mayor P Givens as he inspects the Guard composed of returning 4 Coy Guardsmen returning from Cyprus in 1965. Lt. Al Johnson is at left and Lt Col H W (Willie) Mulherin, GM, is just behind Ed and Maj.-Gen. George Kitching, CG Central Command is behind the mayor. (photo from Legion Magazine, March/April 2003) Thanks Ed. (Anything you'd rather do after 6 months away??)




Gdsm Ray Jordan being congratulated for high score on the small arms range by Lt. Col HW Mulherin, GM, at a Bn parade Fort York, Germany.

Camp Petawawa - 1956

left to right - Pat Patterson, Don MacPherson & Chester
Thanks Terry Pascoe and Don MacPherson

 Butch MacDonald and Ken Palmer- Thanks Rod Palmer

Gdsm John Lajoie and Andrew Young, 1Cdn Gds, Jul62 thanks Ed Theoret

Graduation picture, the Depot 1956.

First row: Lt GR Cheriton, Major JM Gregg, Capt DR Brochu, WO1 JJT McManus (thks Richard Murray)

Second row: Sgt West, ????John Carroll, ? KJ Kranitzki, WO2 Levesque.

Third row: Cpl Francis, Raymond Jordan, MJ Hodge, ??? JN Savoie, ?.

Fourth row: Ken Craven, M Gibbs, ?? ER Coleman, ??. (This photo and above thanks to Ray Jordan, 1 Cdn Gds, 1955-65)

Got some names?? Email Gerry so we can do an update. ( Lt Col Gregg was my 1st CO and WO2 Levesque sold me my 1st car(car club) ...GJH) names as of Nov 26 /04.

This is a picture of No 1 Coy Sr NCO's taken in Cyprus. The "character's" seated from L to R, Dennis Weir, Jas Haley, Larry Meacoe, Jim York, D Moeller: standing, L to R, John Rozenberg, Norm Hanna, Jerry Kranitzki (thanks Jas)

Bn HQ Hockey Team 1965-66, Picton

These are the units I served in my 30 yrs of service . The picture was taken in Cyprus with the donkey 1965

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