updated November 20, 2003

Caption of Photo at right......YOUR MOVE - Relaxing over a game of chess at a Cyprus outpost are Guardsman Robert Noble ( left) of Komoka, Ont., and Sgt. Hans Richter of Picton. (CP & T. O'Shea)

(Left) Canadian Guardsmen on peace-keeping duties check equipment at a cement plant. (Tom O'Shea)

Where is he now?....Caption "Lively Mascot" - Ali Munir, 4,
mascot of the No 1 company of the Canadian Guards, crawls under the gate of the abandoned flour mill
 in which the company has taken up position...CP (Tom O'Shea)

(Tom O'Shea)

An armored personnel carrier passes by a fountain in the Cypriot village of Tremblos. (CP via Tom O'Shea)

W. Mulherin on parade (Tom O'Shea)


Jim Bailey, 1st Bn on way to Germany 59-61. Caption reads " Soldier snoozes in the Goose Bay waiting-room as troops were forced to wait overnight for the new tire to be flown from Montreal. Returning troops waiting in Dusseldorf to be flown home to Canada were also delayed by the incident. This is the first troop rotation by air to get under way." (Tom O'Shea)

Caption " OFF TO SERVE the modern way is Cpl Les Muise who fully enjoys TCA flight carrying first 75 replacement troops to Canada's NATO Brigade". (Tom O'Shea)

To the best of my knowledge..Les got out of the service prior to our rotation home in 61. He sold insurance (Zurich) from an office in the PMQs behind the Milchbar. I remember getting car insurance from him in 1970. (Tom O'Shea)

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