Photos from Fred Marentette (Part 2) March 2012


No 5 Platoon, Trapeza house clearing Ex

Winter Ex, Earlton, ON, 1967 w Moore, Semple, Beaulieu 

Paddy Pierce & Bill Poirier, Vieques Is 1968

Bill Poirier

Dave Harris, Vieques 1968

Ernie Fenton and Gerry Osborn "Map Recce"

Ex Park Bandit, Petawawa, 1966


Cpl Jardine and Section, Neww Brunswick, 1967



Cpl Parker and Patrol, NB, 1967

Valcartier 1966, Zinck and Johnson


Sheila Stubbs, Public Health Nurse, Picton 1968

Strome Galloway and Fred Marentette, Picton, 1968




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