Photos from Fred Vokes (September 2006)

Trooping 1962 -The Col of the Regt and Sr Major
(Maj Gen JDB Smith & Maj W Remple)

No 4 Guard in slow time(Vokes, Douglas & Martin)

 No 4 Coy Skill at Arms Winners

1962, No 4 Guard in quick time

Lt Col W H Mulherin


No 4 Coy Trg somewhere in Sennelager

O'Dell, Gervais, Weddell

Wid Seasons, Bill Remple, Bill Patterson
 (Officiating in some capacity at the Prix LeClerc in Sennelager)

LMG Teams practicing for Prix LeClerc


No 4 Coy Offrs and Sp Arms Skill at Arms
 (Vokes, McGaw, FOO ?, Jenkins, Armour rep ?, Meharg and Theoret)

No 4 Coy Commander receiving Shield
 (Brig Ware presenting shield to Maj Jack Jenkins)

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