Photos from Doug Yuill (May2011)

A picture of the REC on the steps of the Home Station Officers Mess, including Chuck Carlson, unkown, Gord Haynes, Milt Gregg, John Gauthier, Len Eldridge, Ian Macdonald, CO of CGG or GGFG, Willie Mulherin, unkown, and Strome Galloway.

Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment, Colonel of the Regiment, and Bn CO

1. Bill Thexton with the Camp Commander Col Cathcart inspecting the Depot on what must be a Ceremonial Parade (swords being carried and medals being worn by the inspecting party) on wht appears to be “P” Parade Square.

2. Bill Matheson with Pl Comd Danny Wasilewski, accompanied by Dick Couhe, Ken Reeves and RSM McManus inspecting a recruit Platioon in Tropical Worsted uniforms on what appears to be “P” Parade Square.

3. An unidentified Colonel (probably the Camp Commander) accompanied by Ian MacDonald (CI of the Depot) inspecting what seems to be a recruit platoon being introduced to arctic tentage.

The Queen in Charlottetown

Two pictures of HRH inspecting the Guard of Honour in full dress commanded by Gord Simpson in Charlottetown PEI



A picture of Ron Cheriton in Mess Dress probably taken when he was commanding 2nd Battalion

A picture of Murray MacDonald (as a Lt in Battledress) with two guardsmen with a Bren Gun in a shellscape

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