Photos from Bob Charlton(September 2007)


Changeover parade November 19, 1957 (You will note that this is the first time the FN C1 Rifle was carried on parade in Europe.
The Changeover took place at the FortYork Main Gate ;Bob C )

 I hope people will enjoy seeing us at our finest with full heads of hair. I have done my best to identify those that I can, maybe someone can help fill in some of the gaps. Cheers Bob

Fred Tovell, Harry Jones & Henry Campbell

LtoR Capt JR White A/Coy Comd 8 Coy, Lt CR Garstang IO and LtCol HEC Price, CO 2 Cdn Gds, at Haltern 1958.

LtoR Weatherby, Levine & Gilchrist 8 Coy Putlos 1958

LtoR CSgt Don Dale & WO2 Wes Jantzen, Carleton Place Armoury on recruiting drive Spring 1956.

LtoR Larogue, Gilchrist, Stire, blank and Sulley all of 8 Coy at Haltern 1958.

LtoR Bill Anderson, can’t identify, Bob Charlton, Morton, Bill Salzman & Floyd Mesheau. Bn HQ BOR Staff & Int Sec, Sennelager 1959.

8 Coy Marching to Sennelager Spring l958 led by Pipes and Drums, Coy Comd is Capt JR White. Coy Signaller is Percy Price.
The Officer in the black beret is Capt St Arnaud the RC Padre who marched every step of the way.

LtoR Livingston and Fothergill 8 Coy weapons training at Borkenberge Winter 1958. I can’t identify the man on the ground with Bren Gun.

LtoR Albert Laird, Bob Charlton & Bill Plummer
8 Coy lines Fall 1957 Fort York.

Sulley? , blank

Borkenberge or Haltern 1958

Fine Dining 1958 LtoR Leblanc, Russell and Ben Murdoch 8 Coy. Borkenberge

Bob 1 LtoR Back row Bob Charlton, Jim Stutt, blank, Bill Plummer
front row Larocque, Labelle, Al Kehoe, Larry Doulet and blank, all 8 Coy, Spring 1958

Major General Rockingham, GOC 1 Cdn Inf Div congratulating Division Champion Track and Field Team 1956 LtoR McGillvary Lt Buck.
Fred Sappier. Rolf Brodisch, Percy Stringer, Gerald Day and Fred McLean all from 2 Cdn Gds. (Gagetown)

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