Photos from Fred Sutherland (November 2007)

Depot shots 8 Platoon (with Sgt Robert Hall?)

8 Platoon Graduates in Spring 1964

2nd Bn, 1965

Sutherland, Napier, Mombourquette

2nd Bn, Geortzen, Campbell, Rayner

8 Platoon in Depot training

J Trethewey at back Left, Sgt. Hall far Right.

Depot 1964

?, Peterson B, Sutherland F G

Leblanc P J, Reddick C E

Depot 1964 Napier, Foley, Bouchard

?, Maisie, Powers

Miller, Funk


Depot in 1964 Miller, G A

Funk, Napier

Foley, Miller F, Quinn, Marsh, Samson, Wonsch

Leblanc, Brown

MacDonald, Reddick, Sutherland, Wonsch, Anderson 1965


McNeil, Emerson

?, Samson 1965

Christmas 1965 Rayner, Kyle, Peterson

7 Coy at Rockcliffe 1964


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