May 2005

Road into Soest

former Bn HQ
Graffiti former Jnr Ranks Club

Soest Church (L) Former Parade Square (R)

former Offrs Mess

Road to the hole in Fence

(Above)Germany today...recognize the scenes?

The photos below are those taken by Tom O'Shea on a recent visit to Germany 


Gdsm T G Cole, Lcpl G E Boutillier, Gdsm R D Brockwell

Gdsm K Chaytor, T G Cole, B Harnett

Gdsm W Heinrichs, Sgt G L Hubley, Gdsm R R McBeath

Gdsm J F Sullivan, W R Dean

Canadian Post War Military and Dependant Graves

found H W...Brookwood, England.....Jas

Lieutenant Colonel Herbert William Mulherin

Died: April 5, 1966 The Canadian Guards Age: 43

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