Photos from Alex Sarson (June 2011)

Highland Games, Maxville

Enroute to Europe aboard the SS Queen Frederica Tenor Drummer Taylor, Gdsm Sutherland, Gdsm Sarson


New Years Party at the Streiholf Tavern 1957 - Guardsmen of #10 Company

Gdsm Young, Henry, Toffelmire, McLeod, Sarson (and a Belgium soldier)

Streiholf Tavern


Piper Blair and Piper Doucette

Piper Quigley and Drummer Woodburn

(L) Piper Walford and (R) Roberge near some Palace!

(L) Side Drummer Taylor and Base Drummer (unknown), (R) Side Drummer Longphee and Side Drummer Roberge behind

(L) Piper Briand, Side Drummer Longphee, Piper Quigley...(R) Lead Drummer Bennett ("Bear")

Full Dress parade for the burial of Guardsmen Brockwell R D and Heinrichs W, killed in a car accident 26 Feb 1959
and buried 2 March, 1959, Germany

Graduation Photo Number Eight Platoon Canadian Guards Depot - 1957

 Front Row: (L to R)

Depot RSM, WO 1 JJT McManus, Pl Comd, MacDonald, Depot CO, Major J M Gregg, Depot Adjt Capt J D Johnston, MC, Depot CI, Major R A Couche.

Second Row: (L to R)

Sgt Nick Puddicombe, Cpl O'Brien, (unkn), (unkn), Henry, Howie Pierce, Mel Clyke,(unkn), Earl SW Jones, Fitzgerald, Drill Sgt Major, WO 2 Jim Baird..

Third Row: Trained Soldier Cox, WE Gay, Bob McLaughlin, John Krieger, Golding, Young, is in the sign on the left side, to his left and just below him is, Digby

 Back Row (L to R)

(unkn), Michaels, Phil Strickland, Unkn, last man top of doorway to the rear and just above Jim Baird, I believe is Rec. Paul. (Thks Howie P)

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