Photos from Adam Saska (May2011)

Gdsm Thorne 1966 Camp Picton, Cpl Deans Sigs Course 1966 Picton

1965 Regimental Birthday Skit, called "A Soldiers Day in Depot", and our Platoon won the Trophy -Petawawa


1966 Toronto (Funeral) Demo Platoon

CFB Ottawa (Uplands) 1968, myself and on right, Gdsm Sherren & Ottawa 1968, me at Main Gate Government House

Depot training 1965

my Platoon in Depot taken in Oct/Nov 1965

1965 Graduation Parade - that's me holding the CO's pendant

1965 My Platoon at Passing On Parade

 1967 Picture of the Tattoo taken either in Victoria or Vancouver not sure which

1967 Ottawa, on left is myself and the right is Gdsm Tobin

1967 Tattoo Niagara-on the-lake Piper Anderson, 2 Gds


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