Photos Updated Sep 2010Gerald "Gerry" Grimshaw from 1957 to 1961.

TDM duty in Germany - ?, Dunlop,Grimshaw,?

Anti-tank Pl, Petawawa 1957-58

little more portable anti-tank, 1957

Shine Parade (Left) Al Meaney at rear in Right photo

Mortar Pl - Sgt. A. Jones, 2nd from Left


Cpl ?, Smith, Grimshaw

two views (above) of Germany



April 16, 2009 Thanks Gerry

a few more photos taken in Petawawa 1957-58 We were on winter exercises and came across a small Deer having trouble in the deep snow. It was turned over to Wild life resources. Lt Douglas was our Platoon Commander at the time. Gerry Grimshaw (Nov 2009)

I cant remember the names of all, but picture 067 has Gdsm Smith, Cpl Coregan, Gdsm J.C.F. Savard. He wouldn't let us forget his name, I am Joseph Fredrick Cedric Savard he used to say.

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