Photograph Album

Francis (Dick) Moore photos via his son Pat

MWO Francis Moore..Picton (Freedom of the City?)

"Dick" Moore standing, front row Left

Germany Funeral . Sgt Moore in charge of Pall bearers

"Sgts a plenty"

"Sgts a Plenty"..Via Pat Moore from his dad Francis "Dick" Moore (more of his photos in the albums section)

Front Row L-R Wes Jansen, Terry Wetherall, Jack Reid, Silver Lee, JJT McManus, Lou Burke, RCOC, Jas McKie, Don Grant

  2nd Row ?, Hugh Wheatly, Norm Rivard, RCEME, Jerry McIntyre, Russ Morrison, Archie Cairns, ?, John Goss, R Arnott, ?, ?, Len Rowe

  3rd Row ?, Milt Tingle, Don Dale, Sid Mount, Sgt Wolfe, RCOC, Rick Prest , Fred MacLean, Dickie Moore, Rocky Prentice, Ernie Pregent, Dingle Bell, ?,

  4th Row L–R Ozzie Barton, RCAPC, Sgt Blank, RCAPC, Steve Brodsky, ?, ?, ?, ?,

  5th Row Pat Higgins, ?, Fred Sampson, Pete Stone, Nick Puddicombe, ?, ?, ?, Don Dawe, ?, Ron Kinsley, CProC, ?, Bob Border

Thanks to Steve Brodsky, Clem Poff and Dave Wharry. (as of Oct 6)


3rd Row, 1st Left

Rear Row, 2nd from right

"Dick" holding the trophy

Recruitment Calendar..Sgt Moore pointing

and now in colour!