Photos from Richard Murray December 2004

These may be of some interest to you...some of the names escape me after so many years, but perhaps someone in cyber space will recognize them.

The first one is of a group that transferred from 1 Guards to go to Germany with the 2nd Bn. in 1957;

L. to R. Johnson, Bellic, Skillinder, Murray, MacDonald, "?", Soest, Dec 14, 1957

Jr N.C.O.'s of 2 Canadian Guards, Fort York, Germany - October, 1958

Richard Murray and Edin Tverdell, Soest, 1958

Brigadier's inspection, June 1958

Jim Bulmer, "?", Perry, Lorne Mooney, "?", Jerry Belanger, Richard Murray, Jack Northrup

R. Murray and John Wade

  Bill MacDonald - (from Dominion Mines, Cape Breton) Joe Hachie

  Joe Sennipass - (from Big Cove, NB)

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