Photos December 27, 2010Bob Orendorff (added name from Howie Pierce)

  3 Coy athletes L to R James, O'Brien & Lye.

L to R. Nichols, Pearson, O'Brien P.K., Lye, Orendorff, James & Santalucia


Hockey team 1961.
front row left to right Marcotte, Slaven, Conroy, Barry, Ryan, Hanrahan, McDonald

  Back row left to right.

  Coach-C/Sgt. Myles, Padre Mercer, Slade, Orendorff, Martin, O’Brien, James, Schoeder, Adamson,

  Kennedy, Cardinal, White, trainer- Cpl Percy Stringer & team mgr. Major Remple

  Thanks to Bob Orendorff. 519-756-8728, e-mail is

3 COY Regulars – L-R , Sauer, Dwyer, Kemp, Pearson & Orendorff.


Milch Bar gang 1961
 Standing left to right  Orendorff, James, Garrigan, Lye, Goss.

 Seated left to right  Pearson, Michaud, O’Brien

 Depot passing out parade for 4 platoon in Sept. 59

  Sgt. Emmons is leading and Lt. Hayter is in centre of the officers with backs to camera.

 Guard duty at P. Hill & Rideau Hall – 1959

 L-R Orendorff, Bonnell & Campbell.

Sennelaeger 1960

Sennelaeger 1960. L-R Jardine, O’Brien, Sauer, Condon

Hamburg Kerimis 1961. L-R, Orendorff, Goss, polar bear & Scottie ?[ cannot recall name]

In this photo the Gdsm on the right as you look at the photo is that of a lad named Gdsm JT Gairns and yes he was a Scotsman and of course we called him Scottie. Ciao, Howie Pierce

Fort York Churches from 3 coy barracks 1960

 L to R . Michaud, O’Brien, Orendorff & Sauer. – Sennelaeger 61

Lower- White, Trainor & Cardinal.

  Standing – Orendorff, Conroy, James, Swiss soldier, Slade, Berry, Kennedy & cannot re-call name

Goss & Job

Goss & Orendorff. -61 vacation tour

Pearson at the Gate

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