This is an album of photos from Gerry Ozon ( SF 105397 Tpr Gerald Thomas Ozon Rec 5251 RCAC ) who was at Depot in '65-66 and was with 8CH and later LDSH. He later became a policeman and plays hockey now with me and some other "older" guys. Just happened to mention Army days and Guards and the old "small world" thing happens again! His platoon commander was 2Lt Gord Martin and his Platoon Sgt was Bob (R. F.) Chalmers. Some of you will recognize some other Guardsmen in these photos I hope. (Gerry H)

I split this photo to get a better size. That is, I presume, Sgt Chalmers at left and Gerry Ozon above, 3rd row in front of the pillar.

Here is the right side of the photo

 The WO DSgt on the left I think is Don Dale, next could be Capt. Ray Garstang, Maj D. Brochu,

and 2Lt Gord Martin, Capt. Myles Gregg, Adjt and RSM CJ Scott.

That's Gerry in the colour photo.