Photograph Albums
 (latest update 3 March, 2012)

Tattoo '67 and Presentation of Colours
click here (Jan 2012) (Saska & Heffernan)

2nd Album of Photos from Fred Marentette
 3 March 2012

Album of Photos from Fred Marentette

Album of recent Camp Picton photos by Chris Wellwood

Album from Ed Groves

Album from Laurie Hylton

Album from Alex Sarson (June 17, 2011) Lots of Pipes and Drums folks

Album from Craig Mills (Via Al Ditter) (Aug 2011)
Mostly 2Bn in Cyprus

Final (6 June 1970)Trooping Album from Craig Mills

Album from Donald Joseph Roberge
via his son (May 22, 2011)

Album from Doug Yuill (May 2011)

Album from Donald W A Smith via his son
(Feb 2011)

Album from Adam Saska (May 2011)

Album from "Dickie" Moore via his son
 (September 2010)

Album from Bob Spence (November 2010)

Album from Jim Fancey (Jan 2, 2010)

Album from Bob Orendorff (circa 1961) (added Dec 2010)**

Album from Gerry Grimshaw (update Sep 2010)

Album from Ron Rivard via Verna ( Sep 09)

Album from Mike Power (Nov 2009)

Album from a former recruit at depot
but not a Guardsman! ( Feb, 2009)

 Album of Photos from Ken Palmer via his son

Album of photos from Al Ditter and Ray Jordan

Atlantic reunion Photos 2007

Original drawing of the Regimental badge as approved by the Governor General
in February 1954

 (Thanks Steve Gannon and Gerry Wharton)

 More 2nd Bn photos

from Fred Sutherland (Nov 2007)


from Chris Beattie (Nov 23 2007)

 Photos of 2nd Bn from Bob Charlton (May 3, 2007)

  Photos from Bill Morrison (Jun 24, 2007)

 More 2nd Bn photos from Mac (Aug 2007

and Oct 2008)

Album of Depot and 2nd Bn Photos via Al Ditter (Feb 3, 2007)

 and Gord Boddy (Apr 07)

Album from Carolyn (Smith) Beaton (Jan 8, 2007)
 Canadian Peacekeeping Medal Presentation 2001

 some photos from Dusty Miller (Jan 23, 2007)

Recruit Platoon Recovery Project (Nov 24/06) on hold pending new email address

 Album from Fred Vokes (Sept 06)

Colours click here for this albumand program listing from Presentation of Colours, 5 July 1967 (additional info Nov 2, 2006)


 Album from Joe Eason (May 4/06)


Robert Harnish set of Band and piper photos (Feb 2006)

Robert Harnish set of Misc Photos (Feb 2006)

Robert Harnish set of "Casual" settings (Feb 2006)

Robert Harnish set of MG training photos (Feb 2006)

 Album May 2005

Mini Reunion Photos July 2005(photos added Nov 8)

Album from "Mitch" Mitchell (Jan 11, 2005)

Album from Webb (Fort York closing)Feb 2

 Another Robert Harnish set of Germany shots from late 50's (Dec 2004 and Mar 2005)

Richard Murray's Photos 2 Cdn Gds,

 Germany, 1957 - 1959 (Dec 2004)

Thursday Luncheon shots at Swagman Jack's

George Des Champ's

photos from recent trip to Newfoundland ( Nov 2004)

Ottawa July 25th, 2003

Retreat Ceremony July 25th, 2003

Dinner Dance July 26th, 2003

Petawawa Ceremony July 27, 2003

-->Depot, Cyprus and Misc<--rev July7, 2006

-->Guards of Honour (and Guards)<--

-->Germany (Rob Jardine)<--.

---> album (Tom O'Shea) <---

-->Gerry's photos<--

 album (Frank Wagner)..B&W photos

 2 CDN Gds Pipes and Drums 1965 photo

 album(5). Misc photos

Robert Harnish & Tom O'Shea album ( Gerry Wharton photos added Sept 29, 2004 and new info Oct 13)

Webb Scharman album

Gerry H and Webb photos (mixed) June 2004

Harnish photos July 2004

 Album of Tom O'Shea photos from trip to Germany (Sept 29,2004) which now includes additional photo of W Mulherin Grave in Great Britain! (May 18, 2005)

Album of Cyprus photos
from Dave DeClerq (Nov 2004)

Anyone out there remember this 2 Coy party buck!!

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