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Betty Anne Dawson from the Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests assistance to confirm the date(s) that SL162075 Gdsm Roderick John COURTNEY was involved in the clean up at Chalk River.

If anyone can recall the dates, please forward the information to;

Betty Anne Dawson, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) Office, Department of National Defence,
Phone: (613) 992-9151 Fax: (613) 992-9083 (Oct 1)

from Steve Brodsky

I've just had a letter from a former Guardsman, Gene Martin Marlow, who was in my platoon in Germany. He had a serious accident while at Sennelager, when he was struck by a civilian car and badly injured. Since then, he tells me, he has had on-going related medical problems which have worsened, and hopes to submit a claim.

Anyone who has any knowledge whatever of the incident please contact Mr Marlow at: 180 St George St, Deseronto, ON, K0K 1X0;

Ph: 1-613 396 3070; e-mail: (Sep 28)

On behalf of my wife Sue and the rest of our committee, Reg and Jesse Rose and Wilf and Ena Marsh I would like to thank all attendees for bringing such a party mood to Clarenville. The reunion I believe was a smashing success because of the active and spontaneous way in which our guests participated. The reunion was as much a national event as a branch one with even a bit of international flavor All hands were very thankful to us but all we did was provide the props and they provided the party. I sincerely believe a good time was had by all. As always Bernie and Sue

Good Morning;

My wife and I recently took a tour down memory lane with a trip to Petawawa where our fathers were stationed between 1962 and 1967. Since then I have often had a look a various Petawawa based web sites and just recently came across the Guards Association site. The 2nd Guards and Depot were still very much a part of the Camp in the early 60's. We lived on Nisssoria St and our next door neighbour was RSM and Mrs. Ross Bennett, their son Dan and I were good friends. I can recall to this day the imposing picture that Mr. Bennett made each and every time he stepped out of the door. The photo on your site submitted by Matt Corbett does justice to this exceptional example of a Regimental Sergeant Major.

RSM Bennett was instrumental in having the Guards Depot take over sponsorship of the Camp's cadet corps in about 1963. I was a member of the corps for the 5 years I was in Petawawa and had the privilege of commanding it in 1965. All of our instructors were Depot staff and our association with the Depot made it possible for the cadet corps to participate in numerous training opportunities simply not available to other cadet corps' in Canada - a great experience.

Interestingly enough RSM Bennett is also directly responsible for me NOT joining the Army. The Army was one of my career choices but with amalgamation and unification in the wind many of the "old sweats" like Mr. Bennett and my Dad counseled against it, a career in the RCMP resulted.

Am pleased to see that the Regiment continues to thrive through the Association, congratulations.

Yours Truly. David Grindlay

Sgt Max Peddle will retire from the CF after almost 43 years with the CF. He originally joined the Canadian Guards in Dec 66 and will reach CRA 60 on 24 Nov 09. I have attached a copy of his retirement message just in case the Canadian Guards Association would like to send on any congratulatory greetings. <<Retirement - Sgt Peddle.doc>>

Harold J. Spurvey, Warrant Officer | adjudant Wing Superintendent Clerk |Qualité de Commis Surveillant de l'Escadre

Défense nationale | National Defence Wing Admin CFB Goose Bay | Admin de l'escadre BFC Goose Bay

> Téléphone | Telephone 709-896-6900 Ext 7839|CSN 555-7839| Télécopieur |

Facsimile 709-896-6948 Blackberry (Défense nationale) | Blackberry (National Defence) 709-896-1818

Hello Guards,

It’s Heather Inrig Gulyas here ...

Last September Peggy Offley and I ran in the first CANADIAN ARMY RUN – representing The Canadian Guards. This sold-out event shattered records for the largest number of entrants for an inaugural run. 7000 civilians and military troops ran, walked, or wheeled – side by side – and raised tens of thousands of dollars for Soldier On and the Military Families Fund. It was a very moving experience as I ran beside and along with Canadian military (many with artificial feet/legs/limbs), firefighters, police personnel, other service personnel, and families who had come from around the world to show their support of our Canadian Military Family.

“More than anything, though, Canada Army Run, is about civilians and the Canadian Forces – Air Force, Army, and Navy – joining together in the spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect. It’s a chance for the troops to extend the military esprit de corps to civilians and to thank them for their support. And, it’s an opportunity for civilians to say thanks to the Canadian men and women who serve them in so many ways at home and abroad.”

This year’s Run is only nineteen days away on Sunday September 20th.

I am writing to let you know that our team will be running again representing The Canadian Guards. We would like you to please consider sending any form of donation by cheque made out to either Military Families Fund or Soldier On – to me at: Heather Inrig Gulyas, 39 Ryeburn Drive Ottawa ON K1V 1H6

There will be a station on site on the day of the run at which I can deliver your donation.

Also, If you have any Guards paraphernalia which we can wear while we run – we would be honoured to borrow it. Thanks to John Barclay for his Guards ball cap which I wore last year!!! Go to for further information on the Canadian Army Run.

Thank you for your consideration.Heather Inrig Gulyas

Thanks to the Guards Association for their donation last year and to to all those who contributed personally. (Sep 2)

from Don Collier that his brother Louie is in the Hospital after stomach ulcer surgery. ........ I will keep you informed.

Louie lives in Truro NS. Louie was in the 2 Bn in 57, and went to Germany 57 - 59 also 1st Bn.

Ben Murdock via Howie Pierce (Sep 1) (email webmaster for contact info) (see SOS Sept 18)

Just browsing this evening and went into YOUTUBE and keyed in Fortissimo 2009 and Canadian Guards and you will have many enjoyable minutes watching the events from the Reunion weekend. As much as I wanted to attend, my son has moved to West Africa The Gambia. We will be going to West Africa in late Oct. Best regards from Vancouver Island, Butch Montreuil (Aug 29)

  I joined the Guards in 1962 as a Bandsman (drummer). I did my basic training with 19th Platoon. After 11 weeks I was placed in the band and lost contact with the platoon. I would very much like to re establish contact with any or all of them where ever they may be. Some of the names that still come to mind are: Blades, Hatch, Smitty, Ernst, Taylor,Serge and Sherman. They may contact me in Castlegar, B.C. at I would like very much to hear from them. Bob Bertuzzi (Aug 23)

Hello Gerry Wharton

The Pipe Banner detail is of the highest standard and will be easily identifiable from afar to all viewing it in its location, as it flutters from the pipes when they are paraded, a fealty tribute to the memory of our meaningful tour of duty with the Regiment.

Well done! Officers like Gerry Wharton who will take the time and is always at the forefront with fitting tributes to the life and times of Guards; the Regiment will in a meaningful way survive another day. Your demonstrated passion on every occasion that you step forward with reverence and loyalty is marked by us that served along side you in our beloved Regiment. Thank you "Sir", you are truly an Officer and a Gentleman.

I recall in a comment posted on the Association's Web Site, a recollection by Gerry Wharton. Arriving at Camp Petawawa around 1956, this being his first day of his long and rewarding service with the Regiment, and how he was made to feel like family. Well... I too had the same experience, all-be-it was a different setting a WW 2 tar paper shack L 18, unlike the comfortable ambiance provided in the Officers Mess. Not-with-standing we were not discouraged and experienced a similar feeling of belonging. The warm feeling a person gets when he is appreciated by his family when he had just walked through the door at home after a long period of absence. I knew then I had gained something important, the comradeship that comes with the military lifestyle. It has never left me, and until this day most of us try our best to demonstrate our sense of belonging to something important; through friendship, supporting each-other when the going gets tough "We are the Guards family." Its lasted far longer than anyone could imagine because of those with a few moments of free time contributed to the cause, you know who they are, we all should take a moment and praise their contributions, for without them we would have passed into oblivion. (or the state of being completely forgotten ...). Perhaps our Association motto should read... "Call on me, I'll be there like a friend."

Howie Pierce, Gdsm (July 13)

I am pleased to report that the pipe banner that will be presented to the Ceremonial Guard at the reunion in August has arrived. The craftsmanship is excellent as you will see from the attached photo(s).

It was made for us specially for this occasion and is unlike any that has been used in the past. In my estimation it is a fitting tribute to the memory of the Regiment. I hope you agree.

AMUAM ...Gerry Wharton (July 12)

Request for Assistance, Chalk River 1958 Clean Up

Good morning. We need help once again from you folks. We are looking for someone who can attest to SF 98220 Cpl William J. White being at Chalk River. Please have anyone with info contact the AVRP Office at 1-800-886-6094 or by email at +Atomic@CMP DCSM@Ottawa-Hull

 Thanks (July 7) (See below also)

from Ian Douglas

Excerpt, message from Maj M.M. Born [1]

"Could you please prompt your nets and see if you can find someone who remembers Staff Sergeant Carroll L. Kadey whose family claims he was at Chalk River?"

* * * * *

Additional Information

1. Apparently Staff (Flight) Sergeant Carroll L. Kadey was RCAF, estimated age in 1958, 50.

2. F/Sgt Carroll L. Kadey may have been NCO/IC of a RCAF team that could have included a Cpl Hannibal Paulson and Cpl McCormand.

[1] Maj Marguerite Born, Program Manager,

Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP)Office,

Director Casualty Support Management

National Defence, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0K2 Telephone 613-992-5485 , Facsimile 613-992-9083 (July 2)

The following is from Judy Charlton, daughter of Bob and Christel Charlton.

Hi. I don't know who to contact on this but my Father Bob Charlton, who was with the Guards [1], and my Mother Christel are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on June 24th, 2009. They were married in Germany in 1959. I would just like it to be posted for anyone who knew them over the years, that there will be an open house on the 24th for anyone living in Calgary. . My dad doesn't know that I contacted you so this will be a surprise for him. Thank you, Judy Charlton.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[1] Bob served with the 2nd and 1st Bns*

[2] 2025 51st Ave S.W. Calgary AB T3E 1J7


* Bob Charlton was a BOR Clerk with the 1st Bn. (Jas Haley) (June 20)

 from Gerry Wharton

Norman McBride* reports that he has made considerable progress in refurbishing the 1/4 vehicle at the museum that we are responsible for. He is looking for photos of vehicle markings used by 2nd Bn in the period 1960 to 1970. Specifically tac sign, Div sign, bridge class etc.

 * Norman McBride can be contacted at (June 6)


I spent the morning of 2 June on Parliament Hill in the Senate chambers participating in a beautiful ceremony honouring D-Day and Normandy veterans. I heard moving speeches paying tribute to the sacrifices of our young men and women during World War II and pledges that the sacrifice of our service men and women would never be forgotten.

So with this euphoric sense of well being I left the Parliament Buildings and as I approached the Centennial Flame I was approached by two ladies (about my age) wearing orange ribbons. They asked "Have you heard about Widows on the Warpath?" When I answered "No" they told me of their husbands who had died of cancer and they explained that they had been soldiers and civilian drivers in Gagetown in the 60s. They told of their vain attempt to receive compensation for the contamination their deceased husbands received as a result of Agent Orange. They spoke of not being eligible because their husbands "died too early" and did not fit the compensation criteria because they died before 6 February 2006! They spoke of their frustration in dealing with bureaurocrats and politicians who were not really interested on helping them.

They referred me to their website at where I read some heartbreaking stories of their husbands last days on earth. I do not understand the rational for denying this widows the compensation and I urge you to read their stories. If you feel as I do sign please the petition demanding justice for them and to pass this on to as many people as you see fit.

...Gerry (Wharton) (June 5)

 from Norman McBride


Last fall Jamieson Travel & Tours presented a proposed tour of the Maritimes including attending the Reunion on September 11, 12, & 13. As of now we have only three couples signed up. The committee was asked by a number of members to investigate costs to travel to Clarenville for the Reunion without the tour to reduce cost. We asked them to include the transportation, accommodation, ferry and breakfast each morning. Jamieson Travel & Tours have provide the following:

Day 1: Tues. Sept. 8th

If you are interested in this trip, please contact Jamieson Travel at 613-582-7011 or toll free 1-888-582-7011 to book the trip. We ask that you do this as soon as possible but no later than June 30. If there is not 30 passengers, those wishing to attend the reunion will have to make other arrangements and will need the time to book hotels and ferry crossing. Several Guardsmen are car pooling or RV pooling, which is probably the most economical way of getting there. It is advised that you book your accommodation and ferry crossing as soon as possible.

Marine Atlantic is offering free passage from North Sydney to Port Aux Basques for a veteran and up to 3 passengers, there is still a charge for your vehicle. The free passage does not apply to buses or larger groups.

If you have questions call Norman McBride, Committee Member, 613-735-2363. (May 29) Pick up is available in Ottawa

 from Peter Ambroziak, Legion Service Officer

Reference: Details of a policy change at VAC that may benefit some of our Korean War veterans. The policy states:

With effect from July 2007, VAC will apply the “benefit of the doubt” to award disability benefit entitlement to eligible Canadian Korea Veterans for certain well-defined medical conditions which the study showed have a significantly elevated level of mortality as associated with Korean service, in cases where there is NO credible evidence that the claimed condition is attributable to another cause.

This policy will be applied to the following conditions: Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema) and Arteriosclerosis ( include Ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease).

Eligible Canadian Korea Veterans for the purposes of this policy include those who served from July 5, 1950 to April 31, 1956.

The Study referred to above was conducted by the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs and is known as Australia’s Korean War Veterans Mortality Study.

Given the effective date of the policy, it is possible that there are those who may have applied for benefits for these conditions cited above as far back as the summer of 2007 and were denied.

 Those interested may contact the Ottawa Legion office or any provincial command service officer of the Legion. The Ottawa toll-free number is 1-877-534-4666. Locally we are at 613-591-3335.

All the best, Peter (May 25)

As many of you know Mike Shultz is in the hospital, fighting for his life. (update..pls see "SOS" button at left)

His leukemia was treated with a bone marrow transplant just after Christmas, and he was doing fine until 10 days ago. Then something started in his lungs, and this has progressed until his lungs are barely functioning and he is on full life support. The rest of his body is fine. He is being kept in a drug-induced coma. He has continued to decline to the point that the life support machines are doing the maximum, and just barely getting enough oxygen into his system through his damaged lungs. The diagnosis is still unknown. It is not his leukemia, but may be a complication of his bone marrow transplant although no one knows for sure. He is basically being treated for everything possible, but so far nothing has worked.

The family is staying round the clock in the hospital as not to be to far away. Because he is in ICU, there is no visiting and no flowers. The next few hours to days will prove critical, as there is no more room for this to get worse and at this point things do not look good.

Deb wishes all those within the regimental family to be aware, and any prayers would be appreciated. Please feel free to forward this to those who know Mike

Andrew J.W. Samis BSc(Hon) MSc MD FCCP FRCSC FACS

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mrs B Shutlz, 813 Riderwood Lane, Lyndhurst, ON, K0E 1N0

* Lt Col Michael Eric Shultz, CD, served with the 2nd Bn

Thanks to Lindsey-MacDonald, Jim MacDonald and John Selkirk for the information (Jas Haley) (May 21)

looking to contact all old friends that served with 2Cdn Gds from 1964 till disbanded. I was known by the nickname "bonecrusher" ha ha. My address 767rte655hwy, Wassis NB., E3B 8V8 - phone 506-446-9026 or e-mail ps miss you guys

J P (Joey) Weeks (May 16)

Thanks to Gerry Wharton who provided Lou Grimshaw’s name. Here is the comment from a satisfied customer:

“Thanks for the info re Louis Grimshaw. I met him at the Militaria Show in Markham and he gave me a very fair price for the sword and some misc badges”

Thanks also to Gerry H for placing note on website, to Al Ditter who responded after seeing notice and to others who offered suggestions. Also had a good chat with Adjutant of Ceremonial Guard who confirmed that swords for Guard are issued and while I did not talk to anyone at GGFG, the Unit might be interested in acquiring a few.

....., I hope to see you all at the mini reunion in August.

Thanks for your help, George Kennedy (May 13) **see original note below

CHALK RIVER. Ms Bernice Nagle the widow of Oran Nagle has submitted an application to AVRP on behalf of Oran's participation in the Chalk River operation but has no corroborating evidence. Is there anyone out there who was there, or who can state truly with reasons why he/she knows that Oran indeed was there? The Regimental web site (see below and here) will give you the information and procedures required if an affidavit is to be accepted. Please contact the AVRP office, Maj Born, if you have any questions or indeed inform me. Ian Douglas (May 8)

courtesy Victor Vaivads, FCWM

Some events of interest in the coming month:

May 14 6:30 p.m. The Canadian War Museum is presenting a special concert of the Royal 22e Régiment band that features a collection of musical styles including classical pieces, military marches and big band tunes.

May 16 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friend's Book sale at Carlingwood Shopping Centre

May 28 The Canadian War Museum is presenting Landscapes of War Perspectives on the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, various places in the Museum

A play of interest is being presented at the Museum in the first week of June. Jake's Gift is about an 80 year old veteran who returns to Normandy for the 60th anniversary celebrations of D-Day. The play is part of the Magnetic North theatre festival that runs from June 3 to June 13. More information about the festival can be found at

A new exhibit 'Camouflage' opens June 5th at the Museum.

 Information on joining the Friends can be found at

Regards, Victor Vaivads (May6)

My name is Roland LaFosse, I served with both the 1st & 2nd Batttalion Guards, & some time at the depot as an instructor. As I read the obituaries, I remembered a lot of names. I remustered to Service Corps as cook, retired in 1980 after 25 years, then went to work as a fisheries inspector in Halifax, serving 15 years. My wife & I live at Dartmouth NS & I would appreciate hearing from all those that remember me. Roland email (May4)

Check this page for special VIA rates for veterans in July

Most of us keep our Regimental Swords in a special place in our homes but the time is coming when we must decide how to dispose of them. In cases like mine, I don’t believe either my wife or my son will be interested in keeping it ‘In the Family’ and I’m wondering how to advise them on its disposition.

I believe the best place to start would be here in Ottawa and more specifically, with the Ceremonial Guard but then, all of their Swords are probably issued? A fellow officer, who wants to dispose of his now, has advised that new entry officers pay about $800.00 – I think I paid about $100.00 in 1962. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you, George Kennedy (Apr 23)

Hi Terry,

  I was listening to a radio station in St. John's NL this morning. There was an update that Marine Atlantic would be offering discounts for passenger fares for Military Veterans between North Sydney and Port AuxBasques as well as between North Sydney and Argentia. This discount does not include the vehicle. The North Sydney - Port AuxBasques run offers free passage for the veteran and two or three family members. The North Sydney - Argentia run offers fifty percent off the passenger fares.

  You can check with Marine Atlantic once they have the information. I hope it will be of some help to those who are travelling to the Reunion in Sept.

The toll free number for Marine Atlantic is 1 800 341 7981 . There is a website with info for sailing and their rates. Type in Marine Atlantic. An additional point of information, Marine Atlantic has an additiion to its fleet, The Atlantic Vision is a new vessel and you can arrange your booking to travel on her.

  The Veterans rates are in effect from May to Oct. 2009.

Best Regards to you and Marian from Elizabeth and I. See you in Clarenville.

  Cheers, Dan (MacArthur) (Apr19)

Hello Jas

I am Eileen Hunter's daughter, Heather, from Trenton and have a question that maybe some of the fellows that were in Picton would answer.

My husband and I drove up the hill in Picton and drove over to the former Camp Picton. I have been to the PMQ's many times but not over to the camp in many many years. It was a very depressing site to see as many of the buildings are falling apart, in disrepair, in need of the familiar green paint. I took some pictures as we drove through, many businesses have set up but still very empty. My son is home from Afganistan on his half way leave and was looking at the pictures I took. In the Fall after he is home he would like to go for a drive and see where his grandfather, Bill Hunter went to work everyday in the last 6 months of his life. I was trying to remember as we drove thru the camp where the hospital was but couldn't seem to remember, I asked my Mom, Eileen, but she couldn't remember either. If someone would let us know if they remember where the base hospital was. Also what was the building on the right hand side of the road, before you turn into the base.

Also just a note to say I love to look thru the Guards site. It is nice to see the old photo's and places and names, some of those places and names I do remember. It is a job well done by people who want to keep the memories alive. We thank you all.

Sincerely, Heather L. Weese


 If memory serves the Camp Medical Inspection Room was located in the building on the right side of the road as you turn into the Camp. I also believe the Fire Department was located in that building. I'll pass your message to the Webmaster for posting on the Web Site.

Please give my regards to your mother.

Jas, (the old C/Sgt Chief Clerk) (Apr 22)

Re: Gerry Osborn (see "SOS" tab) This item.. ..his Father was one of the few to win the Victoria Cross .....I believe we would be remiss not to include this in reply to his obit.

I recall special leave being granted to Gerry to accompany his mother in Winnipeg for the dedication of a building, (or was it Fort Osborne Bks) in 1968. We were both at RCS of I at the time.

Wes Hamilton (Apr 7)

This is an important Post from the Black Watch website by Ken Young ...

Wes Hamilton, Angus, On.


Supporters Military/RCMP Vets Campaign Against Pension Reduction At Age 65

In the event that you missed the Second Reading of BILL C201 .....

Bill CO-201 will again be raised in the House Of Commons within the next 30 days at which time it will be voted upon. As can be seen from the attached "Hansard", we have garnered the support of the Liberal Party, the Bloc and the NDP which means that the Bill will pass Second Reading and ultimately be sent to the Veterans Affairs Committee for a detailed review. It is anticipated that Veterans' groups will be asked to make presentations at the Committee meetings during this review process.

It is imperative that we all make the effort to support Mr. Peter Stoffer who recently requested that within the next 30 days supporters endeavour to contact by phone, e-mail or letter, all federal Conservative Party MPs and Senators (regardless of their riding/region) and seek their support for Bill CO-201.

Supporters are encouraged to pass on their appreciation to Mr Stoffer via e-mail <> or telephone [ (902) 861 - 2311 ] in recognition of his extensive effort in fighting for Veteran's rights. His presentation to the House Of Commons on the 25 Mar 09 during the 2nd Reading of his private member's bill was absolutely outstanding.

Roger Boutin, Public Relations Coord M. R. (Mel) Pittman Web Master Military-RCMP Veteran's Campaign Against Pension Clawback At Age 65


Good day Sir:: I have been going through the list of options on the Guards web site, and can't get a break, and can't get to find what I need, I hope you can assist.

In the spring of 1968 we were rebadged and left Wollesly Barracks /RCR, and became 2 Cdn Gds, 9 Coy, APC. Maj. Partridge.We spent untill Nov/68, at which time there was an exodus of us young daredevils who signed up for the AIRBORNE.

The thing is I need to prove that I was infact in an APC unit, as my included task was Carl Gusty man, so after killing my targets and causing some ringing, I would get into the rattle and hum APC which would maintain the ringing. I did this for 6 months and then the AIRBORNE. I hope I'm not rambling, but CAN YOU HELP. or put me on the right channel to gain this info???

My name is MORIN JCM.."TINY", others in the unit were Glenn Miller, DI Mac Neil, Mike Savard, etc etc.

If you can help it would be so appreciated. email phone collect Sudbury 705-521-1861 (Mar 28)

Re: Guards Help Program: We are the first to complain when things do not go our way, when events happen that are beneficial for us and our families. We say that is our right. I had occasion to meet and receive help and guidance from a former member of 7 Coy, who is now a Legion service officer. He assisted me greatly in my efforts towards a claim from DVA, very similar to the agent orange in CFB Gagetown but particularily with my service in Viet Nam. I have been recently advised by DVA that my efforts were succesful. Thank you Peter, we will break bread some day, regards Butch (Albert Montreuil, March 25)

Mac MacEachern of London, Ont., a member of Lambeth Branch, Royal Canadian Legion, chatted with MGen Tom deFaye at a 2007 visit to London, Ont., Parkwood Hospital.

Best regards, RT (Walsh)(Mar 6)

 via: Earla and Neil Jarvis Sent: Thursday, February 28, 08

A History Lesson:



If you have a Canadian $10 bill, look at the back right side of the bill. You will see an old veteran standing at attention near the Ottawa war memorial. His name is Robert Metcalfe and he died last month at the age of 90.

That he managed to live to that age is rather remarkable, given what happened in the Second World War. Born in England, he was one of the 400,000 members of the British Expeditionary Force sent to the mainland where they found themselves facing the new German warfare technique - the Blitzkrieg.

He was treating a wounded comrade when he was hit in the legs by shrapnel. Enroute to hospital, his ambulance came under fire from a German tank, which then miraculously ceased fire. Evacuated from Dunkirk on HMS Grenade, two of the sister ships with them were sunk. Recovered, he was sent to allied campaigns in north Africa and Italy. Enroute his ship was chased by the German battleship Bismarck. In North Africa he served under General Montgomery against the Desert Fox, Rommel.

Sent into the Italian campaign, he met his future wife, a lieutenant and physiotherapist in a Canadian hospital. They were married in the morning by the mayor of the Italian town, and again in the afternoon by a British padre.

After the war they settled in Chatham where he went into politics and became the warden (chairman) of the county. At the age of 80 he wrote a book about his experiences and on his retirement he and his wife moved to Ottawa. One day out of the blue he received a call from a government official asking him to go downtown for a photo op. He wasn't told what the photo was for or why they chose him. "He had no idea he would be on the bill," his daughter said.

And now you know the rest of the story of the old veteran on the $10 bill.

Please pass along my thanks to Tom ( O'Shea ) re the pictures he posted. Until now I guess I never really knew that he had been Guards before coming to the RCR. He may remember me thou I don't know for sure. Lcpl/Cpl/ Mcpl with 1st and 2nd then Sgt with 4RCR. Big shout out to you TT Pro Patria Ron McConnell better known as Zulu29er

Greetings to all, I just happened to come across your web site, and it brought back some fond memories. I joined the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals in 1960 and was sent to Petawawa for basic training with the Guards. I remember Sgt. Stickney, a real hard ass (I mean that in a good way), whom to this day I believe was one of the best soldiers I've come across. I can picture him on the parade square, marching along with his pacestick, all spit and polish, his handle bar mustache perfectly curled. I would love to hear from someone who might have known Sgt. Stickney.

I was in the service for nine years and I look back at them as the best years of my life. Cheers, Rolf G. Gube (Feb 5)

Good day, I'm contacting you on behalf of my father. He's looking for information about a Dietrich Moeller of the 1st Canadian Guards. John Robert "Winkie" Ryan (most know him by his nickname) served with MWO Moeller in the mortar platoon. If anyone has any info (address, phone number, etc...) regarding Mr. Moeller please feel free to contact "Winkie" Ryan by phone (1-902-647-2914) or myself at my e-mail which is . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

John Ryan (Feb 3)

Would you have any photos, info etc on the Canadian Guards Corps of Drums (Fife and Drum Corps)?

I am writing a book on CF Bands and Corps of Drums and would very much like to include the Canadian Guards. Any assistance is welcomed and would be credited to the Museum.

Thank You Richard Allen CD

 Note: Please forward any material directly to Richard Allen at (Feb1)

On behalf of the family and myself I would like to Thank everyone who has attended my late husband's John Hilliard Trethewey's Celebration of Life. I am sorry if I was not able to talk to you all !

Yours truly , Judit Csontos-Trethewey, Russell, Ont (Jan 23)

......from John Clarke

The RSM of CFLAWC (former Airborne School) is currently working on a project to identify past members/instructors/staff of the school who have passed away. The aim is to have a parade once a year to commemorate the contributions of deceased members, and also pass on to the young members some history of the school. It would be appreciated if you could spread the word, and get back to the RSM. Names and dates when they served at the school would be valuable.

NOTE: This also includes members of the Airborne School when it was located in Rivers Manitoba.

Please direct all info to: Chief Warrant Officer W. Brown, Regimental Sergeant Major

The Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre, Canadian Forces Base Trenton, PO Box 1000

Trenton ON K0K 3W0 --- Tel:1-613-392-2811 x2720 CSN 827-2720

Email- (Jan 17)

Re: John Trethewey Hello Everybody, Here is a link to some photos I took yesterday. It was a wonderful day to celebrate. Enjoy and please forward to anyone you know.


 Regards, Steven (Via Judit Csontos )

John Trethewey Obituary and Guest Book

Click here for a copy of George Kenedy's memories of John Trethewey at the Memorial Service

The late John Trethewey had a procession of family; Philip and Colin and friends; Ian Reid, Lt (N) Bob Sanderson, and Pat Barr take the podium and pay tribute to a compassionate, generous and overall great guy who always put others before himself.

His two boys, Philip and Colin paid tribute to their father leading us through the time they grew up together. Sharing their adventures with us could be best described as unending true love as only the very closest of familys experience.

The many hours John spent at The Ottawa Mission delivering clothing to less fortunate men in need is the mark of this man who cared enough to do something about it.

In the end Reverend George Clifford ask the gathering, standing room only, of over 400 souls to follow the family in the Recessional March to Reception Hall, while the strains of the Standard of St. George could be heard loud and clear; The large screen at the front displayed a photo of Major John. H. Trethewey, sword drawn leading the parade for the last time. As I glanced around the gathering I could see a trickle of tears shed for a man who had time for all. His was a meaningful life and will not be easily forgotten. Attention..., Present Arms, Rest on Your Arms Reverse. Howie Pierce (Jan 13)

from Peter & Leila Thureson

 We received a phone call from Marilyn Meeks and son Dan that in late December Jack fractured his ankle. During surgery to repair it, it was discovered that Jack has leukemia. Prognosis is not good.

The family would appreciate cards and letters sent to; 12 Doran St., Petawawa, Ont., K8H 1P5

We would like to thank all of those who have sent Cards and Emails with regards to my Husband/Father's passing. For the great thoughts and the remembrance of Bob Damjanoff.

Sincerely, Joyce Damjanoff, Chris Damjanoff, Karin Greenough

See Bereavements (SOS button at left) also below re John Trethewey

In September of 1962 a half-dozen newly-commissioned second-lieutenants -- Jerry Thompson, Paddy Reid, Don McVee, Rick Guitar, Al Ditter and Glenn Martin -- arrived at the Second Battalion from the Royal Canadian School of Infantry's Officer Candidate Program. We, along with recently commissioned COTC graduate, Lieutenant John Trethewey, constituted the Regiment's new officer crop, a body whose importance would take on elevated proportions when the unit was shortly to be tasked to provide platoon commanders to the First Battalion, then preparing to repatriate from Germany. Shortly after our arrival, Glenn Martin announced that due to 'force majeur' he had obtained permission from the commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel James Milton Gregg, to marry and we were all invited to attend his wedding at Camp Borden.

Second-Lieutenants of that era were notoriously impecunious and none of us owned a car so it was resolved that the five Ensigns would travel with John in his 1957 Ford. Nor had any of us, all then being supernumerary to requirement, been assigned much more than make-work projects pending the departure for Germany of our elders, so we had nothing to prevent our attendance at Glenn's wedding. We got the permission of the Adjutant, Captain Gerry Fash, to be gone for the weekend and so waited for John to be released from his labors so we could depart Friday afternoon. It wasn't until those plans were well and truly solidified that John remembered that his platoon was graduating that Friday and he would be attending the platoon party. The five Ensigns repaired to the mess and waited for John. And waited. And waited. Finally, at about midnight, John was able to escape, changed into civvies and we were off. John admitted to being a bit "tired" but reckoned that while he might be able to doze on the straightaways we'd have to make sure he work up for the curves and we promised to so. Fortunately, the route from Petawawa to Borden runs through Algonquin Park and there were few straight stretches so we made it in time for the Saturday wedding safely and with a few hours to spare.

Well rested by departure time Sunday afternoon, we figured there would be no problem being on parade Monday morning. But the flurries started just south of Orillia and by the time we made the right turn into Algonquin Park we were in a full-fledged blizzard. It got dark, visibility dropped and the snow deepened so that we missed a curve a few miles later and the Ford rolled over an embankment. Climbing over each other, we made it out of the car and up to the crest, scratching our heads at the predicament. Before long, though, an OPP car stopped, assessed the situation, determined that none of us was inebriated and called a tow truck. An hour later we were on our way, none the worse for wear although the car bore a few fresh scars, and the weight of the Ford allowed us to make steady if slow progress. By first light we were in Bancroft and we pooled our money so one of us could make the long-distance call to the assistant adjutant, Dick Byford, and break the news of our unavoidable delay.

Finally arriving back in camp just after coffee break Monday morning, my fellows designated me, as the youngest and therefore most gullible, to beard the lion while they went to the quarters, cleaned up and reported to work. I reported our return to the Adjutant, explained the circumstances, and was advised to make myself presentable and return with the rest of the miscreants. We did and were each summarily awarded a single extra duty. John escaped unscathed because he was on the strength of the Depot, but the fallout from the incident was far-reaching.

The Commanding Officer decreed, in what came to be known unofficially as The Trethewey Rule, that henceforth no more than two young officers would be permitted to travel together and the Senior Subaltern, Doug Murray, so advised us. There was even some thought given to incorporating The Rule into the next version of Regimental Standing Orders but nothing came of it. What did happen was that the new officers, realizing that Benjamin Franklin was right about hanging together or hanging separately, formed The Subalterns Protective Society based on the not-unreasonable proposition that s--t spreads thin.

Anyone who has ever benefited from membership in the SPS owes a thank you to John Trethewey.

Cheers.Al (Ditter) (Dec 10)

Just received news from Wendy Trethewey that John Trethewey, retired from the Canadian Guards and The RCR some 15 years ago, died on Saturday afternoon 8 Dec while in Budapest, Hungary while visiting the Family of his current wife, Judit. Apparently, John was feeling tired and lay down for a nap at the house of Judit's parents. He never stirred when called, and was subsequently discovered to have passed away in his sleep of heart failure.

Internment will be in the Military plots of Beachwood Cemetery. I will pass on further details, including for memorial service, when I receive them.

Would be grateful if you could pass this info out on the Canadian Guards and RCR regimental nets, for all those who knew and loved John for the fine officer and human being he was!

A Mari usque ad Mare / Pro Patria

Bob Near, Major, The RCR

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