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Thanks for publishing the foto of the 2nd Bn Pipes & Drums. I think it's the one that I brought to the reunion & left copies on the table for anyone to take...and that WAS a great reunion!

Merry Christmas to all...Rev. Frank Patrick

Piper/Gdsm Patrick F. L. SB186547 #14 platoon - Depot - 1964 2nd Bn - 1964-66 & Cyprus

Re: Ali Munir news article

Thanks Tom (O'Shea) for the article...a little bit of reflection.

Ali was quite a youngster. I sort of became his surrogate "disciplinary", Ali would get quite annoyed with me, I'd told Norm Hanna and the other cooks before they gave him any thing to eat, check to see if he had washed his hands. At first his idea of clean hands stopped at the first knuckle, but soon learned we meant at least up to the wrist.

Our nightly movies was another bone of contention, his idea of what he wanted to watch and mine was very different. Not sure if Ali really understood them, but he got a kick out of the Pink Panther movies. My wife sent one of our kids jacket for him, he wore it morning noon and night, often wondered if he slept in it. If memory serves me it was Jim Yorke who had the table and chair made for him.

Dennis Weir also kept an eye on him when Ali was hanging around the vehicles. Jas

 Here's one for all you old machine gunner's, do you remember this. "The M1919A4 .30 Cal.
Browning machine gun, is capable of a concentrated volume of sustained accurate fire,
 long range, flexibility, mobility and presents a small target." We had to memorize that
 on our course in 58. We later upgraded to .50 Cal's while in Germany. Pl Commander was
 Patty Weedle, Pl. Sgt. was Ferguson, Some of the section leaders were; Ron Ryan,
 Voltaire, Hardiman, Kansas and last but not least a German guy whose name was Rector.

SF101239 Gdsm. Corbett M. M.M.G.Pl. 6 Coy. 1st. Bn. (Nov 17, 2003)

I would like to obtain some information or addresses were, I can find some of my past friends,
 from the Canadian Guards Depot or the lst Battalion (1955 - 1957). I was transfered to
 Ottawa in 1957. From Petawawa. Some of my friends were John (Doc) MacLean,
Charles Guenn, Pte Irving,and Private Pat Patterson. If you know where I can find their address I would appreciate it very much.

Donald MacPherson, President, Royal Canadian Legion, Br. 99, Belleville Ontario,

Hi I'm ex gdsm SB181331 W.R.Scharman and as to my knowledge, the 1st Gds were
 in GERMANY from 1959-1962. my best wishes Webb. S.

PS. You're doing a great job on this website I just love it , keep the good work going.
Thanks and take care.

Nobody in the First Battalion Canadian Guards, from 1957 to 1963, could ever forget Cy Comeau. He's still a legend when it came to getting in and out of trouble. I have written five stories about his exploits and have them on Robie's east coast website for all to read.

But there's another side of Comeau that I wish to bring to light to all who knew him back then. Because few knew of his incredible artist talents. Please, allow me to introduce Cy Comeau, artist, painter, scluptor and curator of the Bathurst N.B. War Museum, which is housed in the basement of their fine Legion.

I have included a picture of Cy Comeau at work on the bust of one of only 94 Canadian Servicemen to have won the coveted Victoria Cross. Cy's dream is to sculptor all 94 of these brave men in clay and have them put in either the new War Museum being built in Ottawa or in a museum or Legion in their own home towns. The figure he is working on in the photo is Herman J. Good, of Bathurst N.B., who won his medal in the First World War.

Here we see Cy, at his cottage, using over seventy pounds of river clay from a river that runs through, Bathurst. He feels, Herman wouldn't want it any other way. At the time this picture was taken, by me, Cy had just under fifteen hours of work done on his subject. He has since put in another twenty hours on it and will unveil and present it at a special ceremony to be held at the Bathurst Legion.

I would really appreciate it if you could post this article on your new website,
showing the other side of Cy Comeau. His talent.
Thanking you in advance, I remain Guardsman, Frank Rodgers 1st Bat.

Hi - great site once the word gets spread, I'm sure it will get a great amount of activity. How about a area where we can leave messages or try to find out about "Guardsman" gone AWOL(not literally) from us over the years so we can find them and reunite old acquaintances. I joined in 1963 and served until 1970, re-badged RCR and went to Cornwallis with Bill Strange, Archie Rafters, Bee Bee Boyle, Boney White, Fougeer(?), Al Morris & Ron Robachaud and a few others I can't remember.

It would be nice to relocate some of these fellows and see how they are doing. I only made it to the Friday night meet & greet in Ottawa as my daughter & grandaughter & their father were being posted to Belgium for four years. So the family took priority, but I would have loved to go up to Petawawa, maybe next year I'll make it as my son is stationed in Kingston.

Again a super site & thanks for all your work.

Yours Truly SF104195 Gdsm Silver W.A. CD2 November 8, 2003

Veronica (Vera) Smith and family wish to express their sincere thanks and appreciation to all for your messages of sympathy, donations, mass cards, attendance at the funeral parlour and at the funeral Mass and Cemetery. A particular "thank you" to the Honorary Pall Bearers.

For those whose addresses are unknown, please accept this as our personal thank you. Dennis was always proud to be a member of the Guards.

Gerry & Matt...Sorry, the DSM in the photo with George Kennedy is J.A. Heyman. If memory serves me L.M.(Rick) Prest was never the DSM at the Depot.

Jas Haley October 29 2003

Hello Webmaster, just a few words about a person in one of your pic's. The caption is Depot Grand Parade, DSM Hayman, with Capt. Kennedy, presenting to Guardsman? That DSM, sure looks like WO2 Prest, now deceased. If I'm wrong I stand corrected.  Best Regards, Matt Corbett. October 2003

Hello there, my name is Rod Palmer I live in Petawawa. My father was in the Guards (Ken Palmer), I went up to the reception at Base Petawawa, to see some old family friends, Percy & Betty Price, Vaughn & Eileen Cameron. It was a very moving experience. I've grown up knowing the history of the Guards and I have all my fathers old army pictures. If you would like some for your web site just let me know and I will scan some. Can you please pass on to the organizers that although I only saw the Petawawa part of the weekend it was well done! When I got back home I immediately phone my mother in Moncton, New Brunswick. She wishes she could have attended today's event.

Regards, Rod Palmer July 28

(Edited)Acting on the request of John Hunter, Judit and I went to the Ottawa General Hosp and after much SARS preparation I was admitted to see B, Sat 26 July. He had been taken from the Dinner at the National Conference Centre by paramedics after becoming ill about 10:00 PM.

In the morning I called the nurse at CCU and was told he will probably stay for about 3 days. Then I reported to John Hunter (he called me from Petawawa)-and later B himself called. What struck me was........he kept thanking me for visit and leaving my number, and he kept apologising to THE REGIMENT for disrupting the dinner-dance--I reassured him on everyone's behalf that we were totally on his side and that all we cared about was his well-being.

Suddenly everything we had all said at the symposium on Saturday came to be true for me-even though we were more on a bigger scale in our discussion --but--maybe not.

By the way it was interesting that the nurses and control people had trouble believing that I was not related and, in fact I did not know him at all--I had GDS nametag and said we were in same military organization and that it was our custom to look after one another etc etc ..Anyway I got in !!!

For Guards Net: Cheers all--great reunion and I was thankful that I was not able to go to Pet at last minute and was available for this-- John T July 28

Thank you all who worked on the was like a family get-together! Gerry and Sharon Heffernan

Progress Reports from John & John
John Hunter advises .. Just had a call from Burns. He has recovered well and sounds tough as nails. He is being released today. His daughter is coming up by train this afternoon and they are returning tomorrow morning, again by train. Doctors say he shouldn't fly for a few weeks.
He is certainly thankful for the support he received. His heart had stopped three times and he is convinced that had this happened at home alone he wouldn't be with us today.
John Trethewey reports Burns rang me about 11:45 (30 Jul). All well, new permanent pacemaker in and doing its job. Daughter arriving within an hour or so--staying night at B & B and back to Toronto (Mississauga) on Thu by train.
Now, or will be soon, out of Civic Hospital. Feels great. His tel is 905 731-4374 and e mail  
Burns thanks all for their concern-- Me too, thanks for your "well done" messages. Up the Guards !
John T July 31

Jas, thank you for the updates, just to let you know I really enjoyed the reunion especially the parade in Petawawa, we may be older but we still have it one never forgets what we have been trained to do, it really was good to see you again, if you see Jon Barclay tell him the guardsman in the picture was John Emrie I looked for John to tell him before I left, but missed him. Looking forward to the next reunion. Take care.
Ron Rivard Aug 1

Hi George, This was one fantastic weekend and reunion! Rita and I enjoyed it tremendously; especially I did. Having not seen some of my friends for over 30 years was awesome. Thank you for taking care of me. Is there a directory with e-mail addresses? Rita would like to thank you for making her comfortable and part of the military family.
Ray Navikenas Aug 2

Kudos to everyone involved in planning and organizing the 50th anniversary reunion. It was a great party from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. It was wonderful to see old friends that we had lost contact with like John Power, Gary Leef, Gerry and Sharon Heffernan, and Ray Navikenas. Joanne and I had a wonderful time, and we both sincerely hope that it wasn't the "last reunion". Cheers.
Don McVee Aug 4

Hi Gang! That was one heck of a celebration, fellas. Please accept Doris' and my deepest appreciation for the excellent job you all have done in making the Celebration such a complete success. The venues and activities were all excellent choices and provided superb settings for the get together with old comrades. I was particularly impressed with the Regimental memorial cairn and the site chosen for its location. Our gratitude to John Hunter for his work in this regard and also in the preparation of the Anniversary brochure. This event will stay in our memories as a highlight of all the reunions we have attended, for as long as we live. Cheers.
Al Klassen Aug 6

It is hardly adequate to echo Al Klassen's words but the weekend was as he says outstanding. Those involved know of their "Good Job Well Done". We the beneficiaries cannot express our thanks better than Al did. I am now going to make a suggestion which I would appreciate your bringing to the attention of the Committee. They in turn may say: " That SOB Inrig! Does he not have anything better to do?" That said, the suggestion is this: The weekend was so memorable that many participants and those unfortunate enough to not have participated may wish to have a visual reminder and memento of it. Carol took a number of digital photos of the different venues which are of great pleasure to us and could be to others if compiled with others into a souvenir brochure ( and accompanied by John Hunter's pithy captions). Therefore, I suggest an appeal be made to the attendees for copies of their photos for the purpose of publishing a a souvenir brochure to be sold to those interested for, say, $ 10.00 a copy. Let me know the reaction, or should I look to the north - eastern sky to see the explosions? Best regards
Ian Inrig Aug 6

Having a family is very important. We all know that the family is The Guards. We all saw what one can do when we work together. For those who worked on this special reunion, well done. I was unable to attend due to a family funeral but I was there in thought. The pictures are excellent.

Jas, thank you for sending the package, all that information. Computers are fun, looking at the pictures is as if I was there.

Col Douglas, Sandra said to shave that toupee on your chin. Never a dull moment with her around.

God Bless The Regiment. Moe Bergeron Aug 11

Hello to all who read this! I am the editor of the Newsletter, yer very own J D Barclay, who as yet hasn't been dragged into the 20th century. let alone the 21st. I was unable to attend the dinner dance, but did get to both the 'Meet n' Greet' and the parade at Petawawa.

What an occasion. I have been involved with each "national" reunion since 1986, and this was just the best. For those of you who could not attend, let me just say that the weather on Sunday, up in dreary old Petawawa (only the buildings have been painted to protect the innocents) was typical of my remembrance of "Guards" weather. As I drove up from Ottawa, the skies unloaded a healthy load of water, the clouds scudded by and the wind bent the pine trees. "Okay", I thought, " we're going to parade in the wet, so what!" After a quiet nibble in the WO's & Sgts' mess, under the watchful eye of Mr. Levesque, the parade formed up and lo!, the clouds parted and the sun shone and the breeze ruffled the remnants of hair of those who were hatless, the band played and the old warhorses - some of whom should have known better - covered off by twos and marched to the site of the ceremony. In the words of Noel Coward, " I went to a marvellous party! Everyone was there!"

God bless you all and God bless our Regiment of Canadian Guards. We are indeed a "Regiment worthy of its hire" John Barclay A Mari Usque ad Mare. Aug 13

I have read your name on the B-Coys Peackeepers Homepage and as an old UN-veteran (Golan-UNDOF/AUSBATT 79/80) and member of the Austrian Blue Helmet Association I am collecting now for over 20 years UN-Military Mail, but in the last years so much new Peacekeeping Operations and were born by the UN, NATO etc.!. So I want to ask you, if you could be so kind to help me with mailed envelopes from your tours with the United Nations for my collection. I am searching for my collection especially envelopes of letters, that were sent from the operation area home to the families, relatives or friends. Thank you very much for helping in advance!

 Best regards from Austria
 Dr. Harald GASS, MD

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