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I can be reached by email at or 613 732 9506. I live in Pembroke ON between Petawawa and Pembroke was in the Guards and in Germany in and on changing of the Guards ceremony in Ottawa for years. I would like to hear from some of my old buddies, yours Bob --Otto-- Handspiker Dec 24

Gerry...Wipper Watson is identified as:

SH 206174 WO Donald Edward WATSON, CD, Rec 798, served with 4th, 1st and 2nd Bns and now resides in Thunder Bay.

Jas Dec 18

Hi Gerry, I was looking at a picture in the album Depot Cyprus and Misc. The Graduation picture The Depot 1956 which I sent in to you, the Gdsm in the second row between John Carroll and KJ Kranitzki is Whip Watson. The name came to me while I was looking at him. Its been quite a few years since I saw him. He went to the 4th Guards and I went to the 1st .

 Cheers,Ray Jordan (Dec 16) (There are a few Watsons listed in the we know which one this was? I'm guessing that they all were nicknamed Whip or Whipper GJH)

One of the main reasons why we Guards recruits (Jan 1958 - June 1958), graduated with an attitude and heart worthy enough to be a 1st Canadian Guards member was because of Bunny and his guitar. My favourite moment listening to Bunny pluck his guitar took place in Block 104 top floor stair case general area. The other band members were, Art ??? (violin), Neil Jarvis (guitar), on spoons, (his name escapes me) he made them beat a rhythm second to none. And, of course, who could forget Ambrose Meaney step dancing atop a six-foot fold up table. Thanks to all four resident Recruit Platoon NCOs (Cpl W.G.H. Paradine et al) who turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the impromptu JAM, the session went on into the wee hours that Saturday night. Bren Keetch SB 180470 rec.1954 (posted here Dec 5)

To The Guards Net......Within hours after posting the "Robbie" Robinson enquiry on the Guards Net, the first of some seventeen "leads" were received.

Within a few days six Robinson's were eliminated from the list, leaving, SF 98952 Gdsm Russell Louis Robinson, 4th Bn, Rec 81 and SF 13579 Gdsm J.A. Robinson, 2nd Bn.

I appreciate and thank all who answered our call for help, and a "special" thank you to;

R.V."Mitch" Mitchell, all the way from down under (Blue Haven NSW Australia) who led us to Harold (McInnis) MacDonald, 2nd Battalion Guards, Kars Ontario. Harold, a participant in the same race, also collapsed and was hospitalized, confirmed "Robbie's" identity.

Steve Brodsky for article from, The Summer 1958 Guardsman, p. 49 - 7 Coy, 2CG news:

"Seven Company was greatly saddened by the loss of a soldier and an athlete, Cpl Robinson. ...... attempting to maintain his position in 1st place with a gruelling pace, .....collapsed....[and] ....... passed away several days later on 29 day of June at Lancaster Hospital NB, and Percy Price and Moe Bergeron for their assistance in helping to "tie it all together".

  and "Robbie" Robinson is

 SF 98952 Gdsm (Cpl) Russell Louis Robinson, 4th and 2nd Bns, Rec 81, deceased 29 Jun 1957 Jas

During the Brigade sports completions in 1957, Cpl "Robbie" Robinson, 2nd Bn Cross Country Team, collapsed during the run and died several days later. (see "A Regiment Worthy of Its Hire" by William J Patterson, page 56)

Unfortunately, we're unable to positively identify "Robbie" Some speculate it was Cpl Timothy Maxwell Robinson, however, my records indicate he passed away in January 2001. (This could be an error.)

Would you please take a good look at the list of "Robinson's" below, and contact us at if you can give us any leads.

SG 6021 Sgt C. Robinson 4th Bn SB 179089 Gdsm Edward Kent Robinson 2nd Bn Rec 989

 L/Cpl G.E. Robinson 1st Bn SF 13579 Gdsm J.A. Robinson 2nd Bn

SG 67515 Gdsm John Benson Robinson Rec 712 SF 98952 Gdsm Russell Louis Robinson 4th Bn Rec 81

SF 100102 Cpl Timothy Maxwell Robinson 2nd Bn and Depot Rec 867

George Elliott, (C Pro C Sgt, 2nd Bn) who recently underwent surgery at the Kingston General Hospital was to have come home,but there now appears to be some infection that may keep in the hospital for another week or so. I spoke with George this afternoon (Thursday 13th) by telephone and although he sounds weak he is obviously still in a fighting mood. He says the infection is improving and he is now able to walk a bit. He is in room 1073 of KGH and says that mid-afternoon would be a good time to visit.

I think a few cards or phone calls from old friends would do him good.

George W Elliott, Room 1073, Kingston General Hospital, 76 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2V7

(613) 548-2367 ask for room 1073

A MARI USQUE AD MARE John Selkirk (Oct 14)

from Wayne Silver.....

When I was replying to your question ref spraying in Cyprus it brought back memories of the spraying done during the summers in Petawawa. This spraying took place on the Matawawa Plains all through the tent city set up for training the militia. I remember the 3/4 ton truck had a device set-up with a jerry can with a line down to allow the " stuff" to drip into the exhaust. This in turn vaporised the "stuff" filling our tents to kill off the mosquitoes. Is there any one out there that can say for sure what was used in this spraying , please contact Wayne Silver at (Oct 12)

A fellow Gdsm in need. Do you know anything about Brit DDT fogging device training in Cyprus 1966

 Is there anyone from Second Battalion Cyprus 1965 - 66 who might have known SG 70719 Gdsm Greer, Lloyd Frederick and had any knowledge of his involvement in Brit DDT fogging and spraying training that took place. Did you ever see tents or trenches being fogged, for whatever reason, and who was involved? If you have any information, and until a new head of the Gds Help program is nominated, pls send your info back through this email.


Ian (Oct 7)





Via The Guards Net....chemical warfare agent testing

In the 1970's (Cpl) Albert (Butch) Montreuil [ ] and other members of the 2nd Bn CDN Gds/3RCR were involved in chemical warfare agent testing program at CFB Suffield, AB and Defence Research Ottawa.

Butch would like to remind all those involved in the testing that the cut-off date for seeking compensation is 31 March 2006. Albert points out its been 35 years since the testing and he can only recall a few names such as, Dennis Barton, Dave Silver, George Cake?, Malcolm Cross (maybe Black Watch) and John Schaefler. If anyone knows of other participants in the testing program, please let us know at

For additional information on the Chemical Warfare Agent Testing Recognition Payment Program see: or telephone: 1 800 883 6094 Jas Haley (Oct 1)

Small World. I took over the job and never look back. He (Bunny) was well respected by the CSM. I was typing with two fingers and bringing home some for my wife Sandra to do trying to keep up to Bunny.

Few times I said what a stupid mistake trying to do a clerk job. I was better off in the field but it paid off in the long run. While clerking in Ottawa with the Public Duties I got my chance in calling the Adm Branch asking to give me a transfer and sending me on a clerk course ...The rest is history. So Bunny where ever you are Thank you I had a good career

Moe Bergeron Guardsman (Oct 2)

Hello Corky

I knew your father as a good, fair and hard working man. Not only was he a good Gdsm but a strong supporter of his family and his Regiment. I say this because when serving as the Entertainment Chairman of the Cpls Mess in Picton around 1963 we often had your dad with his band come to the Mess and entertain the Cpls, their wives and guests. Bunny was also a Cpl at the time. As I recall the Mess Committee allowed us $500.00 to finance these functions. Out of this came all the associated expenses: food, decorations and other costs. The band I believe had four members to split their take of $100.00. Each band member must have made all of $20.00, for playing five hours into the night. On occasion some generous soul would buy the band a round of drinks.

This little sound bite about your dads life, which I'm sure there are many many more, hopefully will give you an idea of how each and every Gdsm supported each other. Your dad was one of those men who made the Regiment a good place to be, growing with it, learning from it and loving every moment.

It is easy to say: "we were the finest," but without the unselfish giving of their time and talent displayed by people like your dad it would be without merit. "a gentleman in the barracks, and a lion in the field"

 best personal re-guards, Howie Pierce (30 Sep)

Yes Bunny was 7 Coy Clerk. Yes he played in a band.

Donald Goodwin (29 Sep 2005)

Re: Bunny Furlotte

Was Bunny not the 7 company clerk. Sure like to know. Did he play in a band? If my memory is right he was and did play in a band. Again if I'm right I took over from Bunny as the company clerk. Bunny decide to pull the plug early and the company was called on parade and they wanted a volunteer. Guess what - I volunteer and volunteer my dear wife, Sandra, to do the company typing. Please confirm.

(Moe)P.Maurice Bergeron, CD (28 Sept 2005)

Sir I am writing to say as a son of a GUARDSMAN ( Bunny Furlotte). I am proud to say my father was a Guardsman. I have myself, served with the forces for 25 years and now retired. Within my career I have heard a few good stories from The old Guardsman such as Junior Warrington, Sammy Best. Whip Watson , Joe Scarry and the rest of the members still living in Petawawa and of course my mother's stories (Frieda Furlotte). Bunny would be proud to see this site as I am proud to see a site to which a unit of men can still interact with lost or forgotten comrades .Keep up the outstanding WebPage. A MARI USQUE AD MARE
Master Corporal Retired (LMN 052) Corky Duane Furlotte V.V.V.THROUGH (Sept 2005)

Greetings from London, ON.

Please accept my most sincere and heartiest congratulations on the latest (Summer 2005 ) Newsletter with the Museum Supplement. It made for great reading and is most impressive in its scope, thank you. I've been in touch with the 'Kit Shop', but they're unable to help in my quest for a " Pair of Canadian Guards Metal Collar Badges - Three Silver Maples beneath a Brass Crown," with which to complete my Plaque.

 I await your response with interest and anticipation.

Fraternally, Ian Turnbull.

Can anyone out there help Ian?? (Jas said he could probably help with a set)

Dear Sir, My brother (Robert Anderson) served with the 2nd Battalion Canadian Guards 1966-1971; he was a piper and participated in the 1967 Tatoo. It would be much appreciated if you could direct me to a website where I might find a pic of him.

 Regards, Richard H. Anderson (Sept 12)

HI Fellow GDSM

I am SG 68540 Sean Garagan & I just refreshed my memory bank by checking this great Gds Web site. All the familiar names & faces of ex Gdsm is awsome. I live in Angus ( Borden). I am aware of the following pers in & around, Jim Campaga, Fred Marentette, John Hayter, Jim Broderick, Colin Partridge & John McMullin. I have not been to a reunion since 1987 in Ottawa & would like to know if there is anything in Petawawa this year. I just chatted with Ed Kingston on line & told him about this web site.

Being a GDSM was a special moment for me & it will never be forgotten. My email is & I hope to hear from some fellow Gdsm.

Sean (Aug 8)

What a great weekend my wife Sally and I had. I couldn't recognize anybody when we arrived at the mess but it didn't take long for the faces and conversations to bring back memories. Anyone who hasn't gone to one of the Gds re-unions should take the time to attend these get to-gethers, it makes you feel many years younger like the good old days. We plan on attending future get to-gethers whenever they happen. Oh yes - some of the contacts I made, I plan on keeping in touch with them. Always a Guardsman Dave Arbo 2 Gds (July 31)

By now many of you will have visited The Canadian Guards Museum in Petawawa and will have formed opinions on our displays. I want you to know from the start we are just at the first phase. We will be improving it and we want your help. Not financially because you have already responded with such generosity that we have no problems on that score, but with advice.

We have displayed almost everything that was in the original museum and as a result of your response to our request for photos and memorabilia many new items have been added to our collection. The Cdn Gds Website has photos showing how the Museum looks in its present form.There are close to 200 items on display in this rather small room. We intend to now get on with the next phase with the following activities.

Explanation labels, in both languages, will be added to all photos and artifacts.

The mannequins will be replaced with more life-like figures as they are not up to standard. Because of time and resource constraints we had to use the present figures which were given to us at no cost.

We are considering placing a mannequin of a Guardsman in Full Dress just to the left of the door, not in a display case but standing at ease with a replica FN C1 (Made of wood for the sake of security.) as we think this will be a great photo op for visitors. This will need the approval of the Petawawa Museum as it is outside of our display area.

An additional floor display case is being considered to primarily display the unique badges of the Regiment. The NCO's Full Dress rank badges, cap badges, officer's shoulder boards, and samples of Full Dress cuffs are among the items which we hope to display here.

We would like to have more memorabilia from 3rd Bn and operational items from Germany and Cyprus. We are displaying a piper's uniform but do not have a sporran, waist belt, kilt pin or plaid broach.

There we have it. Those who have seen it know what is there and those who haven't, can get a sense of it from the photos on the website. Now you know what we have in mind for the next phase. But this is your Museum and we want to hear from you what we can do to improve upon it. Please let me know the additions and/or changes you would like to see made. My e-mail address is;

Look at the Cdn Gds website for the three St. Michael's Wall panels. If you have made a donation and do not see you name on the Wall it is because some pledges came in after the cut-off date. They will be added. If you see any mistakes let me know. They are easily corrected. (July 18)

Hello all former Guardsmen, and yes still Gdsm. From my perspective and thoughts, what a weekend bash, hard to beat this one. I have a few points I would wish to improve on, late registration being my biggest complaint, however with such a great turnout we will not dwell on that point.

  The Meet & Greet Friday we saw some 300 former members and guests in attendance, some early and some stayed later, and the Dinner/Dance Sat. -268 seated.

  The parade was wonderful except numbers from the "Guards" were down but the March past and standard outdid the lack of numbers, excellent.

  There are so many people to thank, the Staff at Reichwald Wo's & Sgts. Mess, the Catering Chiefs both male and female who did the dinner, the cake and the lunches for the 3 days, excellent. The music Friday Jim Beattie, Sat. The Nostalgics band , super; the assistance from the National Association Ottawa, many of them attending both ours and the Airborne Reunions, again tremendous.

  Last but not least those who made the reunion such a success, the hard working committee, President Ambrose Dwyer assisted by his wife Cecile, Earl Jones assisted by his wife Diane, Lawrence Hierlihy assisted by Jeanette and Jeanette our deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother during this weekend event. Norm McBride assisted by his wife Mary, Dennis Hyde and his wife Angela, Hughie Brian and his wife Ursula, also the pipers and drummers for their wonderful performance. Jim Purcell and his wife Ila, Connie Payton who helped on registration , last but not least my hard working wife Jean, Secretary, daughter Debbie, Mary Ellis, Jean Clark Treasurer and yours truly chairman. A special thank you to Rick & Mary George who donated the two tall great looking carved Gdsm. To the N.B. team with the Kit Shop, Terry & Marian Dexter, Wally Adams, thanks for bringing the goodies.

  Donations made during the reunion, a beautiful crest from the Garrison International Club in Soest, Germany by ex Gdsm Webb Scharman. A set of Guards Cuff links from Bob Clark, a framed picture of 2 Cdn. Gds. hockey team from Jean Clark, a framed set of unit titles 1 to 4 Bns. with the cap badge by Don (Wipper) Watson, and last but not least a beautiful hockey blazer with crest 2 Cdn. Gds. by Twiggy MacKeigan from the East coast. I could go on however, no more room but I must thank all the former members of the Regiment coming from the East and West coasts and points in between, the USA and Germany for making the 100th. Anniversary of C.F.B. Petawawa and our Mini Reunion such a tremendous weekend. Before I close we have unclaimed prizes from Sat's. draw 50/50 -$182.00 and consolation prize 1 Gdsm. Either prize can be claimed by sending me a copy of the ticket or ticket as the money is deposited in the bank, also please send color of ticket if claiming. Ticket # 0544337 for the cash and Ticket # 0544107 for the Gdsm. If the prizes are not claimed by our next General Meeting in the Fall we will decide what will be done with the prizes.

Thanks again,

Henry Campbell "A MARI USQUE AD MARE" (July 11)

from Frank Rogers to....GW

Hi Gerry,

Jas, just sent me a copy of your fine letter posted on the Guards Net.

My hat's off to you, Gerry. Not only for hard work and dedication to the museum, but for your great letter outlining your understanding of what our Regimental Family is,....... and shall remain to the last standing Guardsmen.

There is no former rank, just lifetime friends and buddies who are the closest nit group of ex-military personal the Canadian Armed Forces has ever assembled in one Regiment. Past or present. I will always believe this until the day I die. And, I know for a fact, other active Regiments and Units are in awe of our undying devotion to, Our Regimental Family. They just don't get it!

We were not only the "First".......we WERE the "Finest".

I look forward to not only seeing you, but entertaining you and the rest of "Our Family" during our reunion this weekend. Frank (July 2005)

from Gerry Wharton to....Frank.Rodgers (reply to above note)

Many thanks. Just got home from Petawawa. Everything I said just proved itself this weekend. It was a fantastic time. Petawawa Branch did themselves proud. ............Gerry

Kudos to Gerry, excellent letter, states clearly what many feel about the most rewarding part of their lives.

"Guardsman" Bill Mitton SC 138431 1st Guards. 7 Jul 05

Please accept my most sincere and heartfelt congratulations upon an absolutely superb response.

Ian Turnbull. ( Regimental Band H.M. Canadian Guards ) 7 Jul 05

Good for you Gerry.... No matter what in life we will always be the few and the proud..

Gdsm.Rodowa E.J. SB 189523 7 Jul 05

Amen to that!

Rev. (Guardsman) Frank Patrick 7 Jul 05

To add to Gerry's query/response to the connection between the Canadian Guards and the Canadian Airborne Regiment. First Battalion, the Canadian Guards was the first of our battalions to rebadge/disappear if memory serves me right, 2nd Battalion folded later. Many officers from the Guards were the first to rally to the formation of the new Canadian Airborne Regiment. I can only recall Ken Wood, Bob McMinn, Frank Schutt (CABC at first), Jerry Thompson, Ray Navikenas, Tom Murphy, me, and dozens of others in the senior NCO ranks. These are just the few I can remember. * We are looking back some 37 years. It would be interesting to take the nominal role of the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Sept 1968 and check off the previous regiment of each new airborne soldier. Even the first CO of 2 CDO (Mike Barr) was a Guardsman at birth. I am not so sure that Norm Theroux first CO of 1er CDO did not have an early Guards connection (3rd/4th Battalion??) I have only scratched the surface. I have learned in my third and fourth careers (if not on my first and second) the importance of accurate data. Notably the Canadian Airborne Regiment was "politically executed" a few years downstream after much very prominent bad press-some deserved, some not deserved.

Anyway the Airborne got off to a good start with many 2nd Guards senior NCOs who should have been in Somalia later on. The Black Watch also made an outstanding contribution to the formation of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. I see the link between the two regiments (Canadian Guards and Canadian Airborne) as completely natural. I am sure my airborne/Guards brothers would more than agree with Gerry Wharton's sentiments. Mind you the question asked may have forced some of us to think and confirm. That isn't all bad.

 JT (John) Power 7 Jul 05

* others who served in the Airborne; D Moeller, Bert Rajotte, John Hunter, John Clarke, Ian Douglas and Jerry Franc.

Gerry Wharton has quite thoroughly explained the connection between two regiments that are unfortunately no longer on the order of battle.

However; to keep the record reasonably accurate, I must for historical reasons state the following: on July 27, 1953 the Korea Armistice Agreement was signed at Panmunjom, ending three years of fighting. Therefore, 4 Cdn Gds was our first Regimental Peacekeeping mission in Korea in 1954 (not 1964) and, that is why those members are entitled to wear the Peacekeeping Medal along with the Korea UN Medal. Servicemen who served in Korea between June 25, 1950 and July 27, 1953 wear the Korea Medal and the Korea UN Medal. Some servicemen served during the war and also during the peacekeeping period, wear all three of those medals for Korea. In addition some also wear the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal for Korea (CVSMK). I served in Korea 1982-84 at Panmunjom and was given a numeral 2 to wear on my Korea UN Medal ribbon issued originally for my 1950-51 service in Korea. Later, it was deemed incorrect by the same people who gave me the numeral 2 (another story). Therefore, I was given a "Peace" bar for Panmunjon (my 2nd bar) to wear on my Special Service Medal (SSM) ribbon that was originally issued for NATO service (medal and 1st bar). In conclusion, how many of us know that Canada has issued over 90 different medals since World War II?

Gerry Wharton and I served together in Directorate of Ceremonial for two years so he knows I am not intending in any way to be critical of his views.

John Bishop 7 Jul 05

from Gerry Wharton

I was recently asked; "What is the connection between The Cdn Gds and the Airborne Regt?"

I took this as wondering why we were contributing to St Michael's Wall in Petawawa and this was my answer.

"Your e-mail of 23 June 05 addressed to the Webmaster where you question the connection between The Cdn Gds and the Airborne Regt was sent to me, I suppose more as an info addressee than one who was expected to draft a reply. I have thought about it at some length and my first inclination was to ignore it as you did not define your difficulty understanding in the connection between the two regiments. I assume that you are unable to grasp why The Cdn Gds are soliciting donations towards our Museum through the Saint Michael's Wall project. I trust the following will make this more clear.

The Petawawa Military Museum comprises two basic collections, The Canadian Airborne Museum and The CFB Petawawa Military Museum. Our collection is a sub-element of the latter. When it was decided to rebuild the museum, the Airborne Museum initiated a fundraising programme where donors, for a minimum commitment of $100, would see their names recorded as "friends" of their museum on St Michael's Wall. The curator of the Petawawa Museum then stated that all collections should be able to solicit donations from their members in the same way. St Michael is both the Patron Saint of the Airborne and of Peacekeepers so it was perfectly natural that he would serve us all well. As you know, we got into the Peacekeeping game rather early in 1964.

We came into this fundraising quite late, I do not recall the date,but it was in early April 05 I believe. When I heard about it I felt that our Guardsmen would want to make their commitment known so we put out our appeal. I had hoped that we would be able to fill a panel (50 names, $5,000) before the closeout date. We now have three panels filled with donations in access of $18,000, and more comes in daily. Our Regimental network and our sense of family never fails to amaze me!

I have been working on The Canadian Guards Museum for almost a year. As I live in Ottawa, I have been very dependent on about three to six dedicated Guardsmen from the Petawawa area to carry the load. Their response has amounted to hundreds of hours of labour and that, plus the wonderful contributions of innumerable Guardsmen, who have donated artifacts that are a priceless record of the Regiment's achievements have made our collection both meaningful to those with whom we have served and to the casual visitor.

I firmly believe we are not former Guardsmen or former Guards NCOs or former Guards Officers. We all are all Guardsmen! We cannot be "former" or "retired" because we have been stamped "Guardsmen." Just the same way we cannot change our blood group. We all are bound with shared memories of our service together and of our families' sacrifice and love that they contributed to "The Regimental Family."

So there we have it. I have vented. As the OPI of our Museum I cannot be thankful enough to those who have expressed their continuing dedication to our Regiment. We were "A Regiment worthy of it's hire" and we will forever be Guardsmen.

Oh yes. You asked what the connection was between The Canadian Guards and The Airborne Regiment.

First. Many Guardsmen wore both badges. Second. We served our Country with honour and did not deserve to be sentenced to oblivion the way we were. Third. We have not accepted that sentence. We, as long as the last Guardsman or Airborne trooper lives, will perpetuate the memory of our Regiment!

A Mari Usque ad Mare" ..........Gerry Wharton June 30

Here's a shot of Benny Murdock arriving from Edmonton. at the Ottawa Airport on June 28th. In lots of time for the reunion on July 1st to the 3rd. Scroll down the album page please June 30

Could you please post the attached picture of my Uncle on to your site. His name is Gary Edmund Dupont and is the person on the right. He served with the 2nd Canadian Guards from 1960 - 1965. Unfortunately I do not have the name of the person on the left.

Is there anyone that I could contact to locate his military records and/or more information about my uncle's service time. In particular, I am interested if he was in Gagetown at anytime during his service. Unfortunately he passed away on September 5th 1999 at the age of 55 from non-hodgkins lymphoma.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Guards web site. I am a retired military member of 26 years service, six with the Canadian Airborne Regiment, and I look forward to attending the reunion in Petawawa this summer.

Sincerely, Mr. Tim Majovsky

While you're looking at the Newsletter, check out Part 6, para 3 reference John McMullan organizing a Toronto Area Branch. Email address is incorrect should read


and also while you're here click on "Links" and scroll down to Canadian Post War Military and Dependant Graves click on "Browse by Location". (thanks to Webb Scharman for the lead)

Apparently the Defence Department, in a Toronto Sun 15 May 2005 article, has confirmed that a chemical defoliant (agent orange) was used in Gagetown in 1966.

A person has contacted me and asked if the Canadian Guards were in Gagetown for summer training in 1966. If memory serves me the 2nd Bn wasn't, but not sure about the 1st. Can anyone confirm? Jas Haley Subject: LOST FATHER (posted march 22)

Dear Sir, I was just wondering if there is any way you could help me

I'm trying to find somebody who could help me locate my father - his name is Terance Gregory Bull, was last known to be serving in the Canadian Guards second battalion. I would be most grateful if you could give me an address and name of somebody who could help me find some information. Ms Melodie Bull

Dear Webmaster,

I am SB184207 Guardsman Onlock AJ.....Jack (Served 1961-1988). It has been a number of months now since I stumbled across THE CANADIAN GUARDS website and it is truly a magnificent site. Congratulations.

Apart from being somewhat overwhelmed and in awe by being able to touch my past and to read about old friends, the Canadian Guards website is also proof to me that we did exist and I was a part of it. I am pleased that I have had this opportunity to introduce myself to you as a member of the regiment and to offer my respect and best wishes to all members.

Wally Adams was a dear friend of mine for whom I haven't seen since 1978 and it would be nice if you may be able to pass on to him my best thoughts and perhaps he may be able to contact me once again.

Thank you Webmaster A MARI USQUE AD MARE Jack Onlock March 21, 2005

Gerry Kennedy, a long time friend of mine passed away last Sunday.

Gerry was in the Guards in Germany 1959-62, I was with the "C" Sqn. 8ch we were your support tank Sqn. If you would like .... contact me at or [613] 384-5040. If I am not home leave your name and Ph# with my wife Nola and I'll get back to you ASAP. Blake Skippen (Skip) March 15, 2005

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Want to buy George's house? Check out Grape Vine website ID # 5950.

Hello, I would like to provide a post for my father Robert “Otto” Handspiker. My dad was in the RCR and Guards and is now living in Pembroke Ontario. All friends are welcome to email him at Thanks !! Kelly Healey (Feb 11)

EHT Gosden...Where are you?. You still owe me $48.00 to repair the high chair broken in Picton Ont. Just cause I broke your leg, you didn't have to try to get even by crashing us on the sand bar of the Ottawa River. I hear that after the NCOs finally got you trained-close to our standards-you took off and enjoyed a fantastic career-well done for you.

Best regards, Ted Mason

After years of pushing by the Silver Fox Don Handley and Billy Keech I finally took a few moments to open the file. It is nothing short of great.

I no longer live in Doaktown NB but rather in Hampton NB which is 1/2 hour east of Saint John. Any person passing this way is always welcome as we have a spare bed etc and a few cans of Jambalia? from the #3 rations. Our address is 1412 Main St ( 506-832-0510 ). Don't be shy, we will do our best to accomodate.

I have been remarried for the last 15 years with my first wife Judy now living in Langley BC as well as our 3 sons Danny, Rick(just retired after 23+) and Dave.

I have been off work for some 5 years and my wife Ruth after centuries with a Bank, is now dabbling in Real Estate (If you know anyone buying or selling home or property she can handle it from here for any area of Canada; her # is 506-650-5096. She pays a referral bonus after a transaction has been finalized and you can earn as much as $500.00 just for a lead that results in a successful transaction-what easy money)

It is so saddening to hear of our lost comrades departing as from my point of view every Guardsman worked hard enough to deserve to live to 150 just to collect the overtime hours owed -Think of it-our folks always topped the courses, won the competitions (most!) and without a doubt raised the bar for every other member of the forces.

Well I don't want to bore you any longer so will sign off and promise to get my dues paid up.

Until later-Sincere best regards Ted and Ruth Mason. (Feb 6)

Hello Fellow Guardsmen.....At St. Philips Anglican Church(The Church By The Sea) this afternoon, Gdsm Wish Murphy, my brother George and I, along with uniformed RCMP Officers and friends and family, said farewell to Gdsm Roy(Squid). Piper(Gdsm) Joe Easton played the lament at the graveside. May the Good Lord hold ''SQUID'' in the Hollow Of His Hand.

A Mari Usque Ad Mare Gdsm Jim King (Feb 4)

Hi Folks, just a quick note, I visited our good buddy at the funeral home this evening, and I met with Roy's (Squires) lovely family, and on behalf of the Regiment, I passed on our sincere condolences, Roy is going out with that old familiar smile on his face. I saw a lovely bouquet of flowers that was sent from some follow Guardsmen from away, Roys wife Odette, asked me to say Thank You on behalf of the family, Anyways, Roy has changed step for the last time, and we say Roy you are in good hands now, no more pain or suffering, God's Speed, and Long May Your Big Jib Draw

Jim King (Feb 2) see also the SOS button at left

Clarification... My last message in reference to B/S/Sgt Fred Leadston may have given some the impression Fred has passed away, Not so....Fred retired after 32 years of service in Kingston, ON where he still resides His address is....Fred Leadston, 61 Windfield Crescent, Kingston, ON,K7K 6G6 (613) 544-1937 My apologies (Jas, Jan 29)

Photo Caption Contest

check out the Atlantic Branch

Rumour has it that Guardair has another "seat sale" on, and are prepared to offer a free flight to the Petawawa Silver Dart Airfield from anywhere in Renfrew County, as first prize to the winner in this photo caption contest. A previous Champion in this venue has agreed to act as Judge in the contest; none other than Frank Rodgers! Send your captions to the Email link. Frank will announce the winners on 3l Jan 05. (Won`t you Frank?) Have fun.

from Paul Leadston

B/S/Sgt Leadston served with the Guards from 1953 - 1968. He retired after32 years of service in Kingston, ON where he still resides. WO2 Leadston was the only member of the Canadian Armed Forces to have performed the Changing of the Guard every summer for 29 years with the various bands he was attached to during his career. Last March was 1979. In 1980 his son Paul joined the Band of the Ceremonial Guard and carried on the tradition for four more years.

Wally Fowler - is back home in Petawawa, says he's a little weak, has a long recovery road ahead, but feeling fine. (Jan 26)

from Craig Fowler My dad asked me to pass on a sitrep of his condition to you

Wally is recovering at the Heart Institute in Ottawa. Over the past week there had been some difficulty in regulating his heart rate, but the doctors were monitoring him and have decided that a pace maker will not be required. We should see him back home on Thur (Fri at the latest). He is in great spirits and quite anxious to come home. Although not a large man to begin with his stay in the hospital has caused him to lose approximately 25 lbs! Guess it is true what they say about hospital food....

If you would like to say hello to Wally, please feel free to contact him at 613-798-5708. (Jan 17)

Happy New year to you All

I just spoke with Wally Fowler and he sounds great. He is still incarcerated in the heart institute but is up and about, and looking forward to a full recovery. As yet no visitors are allowed, and it seems as if he might be transferred back to Pembroke before he can see anyone except for the immediate family. It is interesting that Wally suffered the heart attack while on the ski trail and had never experiences any symptoms before the attack itself. It simply illustrates how fickle our old bodies can be. Notwithstanding the doctors made the point that his excellent physical condition allowed him to make it to the hospital, and will help in a full recovery.

In typical Wally Fowler fashion his only concern was that he had let us down in the work that he was doing for the museum. I assured him that the "only" important thing at the moment was his recovery, and that the museum would be looked after. I will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone informed. Ian Douglas (Jan 4)


Wishing you all a Christmas blessed with loved ones near. Peace, love and happiness to last throughout the new year.
Mac and Lorna MacEachern

1. Museum Pictures Please forward pictures for the Museum project to:

 Gerry Wharton, 5 Deerlane Ave Nepean ON K2E 6W7, no later than 15 Jan 2005.

"With your pictures, please ensure that you include, what, where, who and when on a separate piece of paper. If you want the picture(s) returned, please let us know and don't forget to include your postal address"

2. Toronto and Area Branch !!! John McMullan is interested in forming a branch of the Canadian Guards Association for the eighty-five Guardsmen, (that we know of), residing in the Greater Toronto Area, (GTA), Barrie, Hamilton and St Catharines. Please contact John at the above e-mail address and let him know your views. Of course, John would welcome, and appreciate, "volunteers" to help getting the branch organized. John tells us a suitable room to hold branch meetings may be available at the Denison Armoury.

3. "Korean War in Perspective" by J.R. Bishop

Members of the Association may be interested in an article, The Korean War in Perspective. It appears on the Korean Veterans Association WebPage: . (also on our links page!) It is accessible from the first page of the site and it is printable, if you so desire. In fact, the map looks better when printed. The article will be in the next issue of Esprit de Corps magazine with photographs.

As you know 4 Cdn Gds served in Korea from 14 Apr to 29 Oct 1954 (The Canadian Guards 1953-1970) so many will be interested. A point that is not included in the article is that when I served in Vietnam in 1973, my regimental affiliation was Cdn Gds. During my tour in Vietnam, my regimental affiliation was changed to PPCLI. Therefore, I wore Cdn Gds flashes on my uniform for a full 20 years, 1953 to 1973. Respectfully, John Bishop

To all fellow members of the Guards assoc.
Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year, may your year be blessed.
Jack & Gwen Dickson 2nd Bn Signals Pl.

GOOD DAY. I was a member of the 2nd bn 1953 - 1957 . The choice to leave or go to Germany at that time meant I had to reinlist. I chose to take discharge. I have not seen anyone upon leaving Feb.1957. Things that I recall were the new FN rifles and the opening of the new barracks at Petawawa and Gagetown NB. We were there when all we had to sleep in were tents. My Rank on leaving was Cpl (full) (they call now call it Master Cpl I think). My platoon Sgt. at that time was Sgt. Sheedy. It was our platoon that set the standards for the FN arms drill at the Ottawa drill hall at that time. I have my certificates for my rank and my small arms instructors course that I received from CampBorden. If there is anyone that you know of from that time frame you can get back to me at Sincerely R.R.R. (Nov 22)

Ambrose (Dwyer) is doing OK and healing up at home, nursing a couple of broken ribs and 2 fractured. Still sore, however well on the road to recovery. Sorry for the delay, we were out of town all weekend. Betty Price's mother passed away this weekend at Cobden. Regards Henry Campbell (Nov 22)

presentation to IGCS from Webb Scharman (see below)

The name of the club is (IGCS) International Garrison Club Soest. So let me tell you what happens when people come into the club; they look at the Regimental Banner and they ask what's that flag for? When I tell them it's the Regimental Banner from the CDN GDS then they say OH!!! I remember the Guards, and they all have some small story to tell. This hasn't happened since I've been here. It is strange that our Banner can bring back good memories of the past. As I say WE WILL REMEMBER. Cheers Webb (Scharman) 17Nov 2004 (see Webb's photos in the album section also!)

The Second Edition (soft cover) of the Regimental History is available at a cost of $30.00 plus shipping. Order by mail at Canadian Guards Regimental Association, PO Box 972, Station B, Ottawa, ON K1P 5R1 or e-mail at Please provide full mailing address.

I would be simply delighted to receive cheques made out to "ARMY PIPERS' BOOK" ($30 for the book & $15 for a CD which lets people know how all the tunes in the book sound). I will immediately respond with a package in the mail. Hugh Macpherson, 2144 Orient Park Drive, Gloucester, Ontario, K1B 4V9. 1-613-824-4556

"The book is a wonderful compilation of military pipe music history since the 50's. I was particularly pleased to see so much about The Cdn Gds pipe bands, pipers and music. It is a treasure trove of information for those Guardsmen interested in this part of our history." G Wharton

We just learned that the Dwyer's had a car mishap on Monday in N.S returning from the reunion. Ambrose is in hospital with broken ribs, bruised head. Cecile is Ok I was told. Ambrose will be in hospital for a week in N.S. (Oct 30)

Happy Birthday Jack Martin, where ever you are..from your fellow birthday boy, Gerry Heffernan (Oct 30)

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the kind emails that I received when Ron passed away. He truly loved and was proud of being a member of the First Canadian Guards and the contacts that he had with many of his buddies over the past years, thanks to the computer. He would check his email everyday because he enjoyed the connection with the Battalion. The jokes, old photos trying to guess who the people in them were etc. I am so very very happy that he was able to attend the Reunion that was held in Ottawa a few years back. He came home with lots of fond memories.

Again, thanks to those who emailed their condolences. Like Ron would say A Mari Usque Ad Mare.

Yours truly, Verna Rivard (Oct 30)

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