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Well where do l start about RSM Maclean

I first saw Sgt Maclean in 1957 when Cpl DPR Roach marched us young solders on the Parade Square. And standing there was Sgt Maclean. This was first meeting with my Hero. The first word he said to us hold your head high lads, you are going to be Guardsmen. Through the years RSM Maclean followed my 35 years in the army...When l made Sgt all he said in a message was " good luck LEEDHAM".

I next meet RSM Maclean in 1983 in Kingston. The first word I hear Leedham say is "what are you doing here". I look around and there was RSM Maclean. I told him l was posted to the Sig Regt. He looked at my uniform and saw the crown there.. my Hero said "all the best".

When I made Sgt Major, he made a phone call to tell me I made his day. When l was awarded the MMM my hero made a trip from RMC to the Regt lines and with the biggest smile on his face he said, "Leedham I knew you could do it".

The highlight of my miltary career was when l retired, there were 150 of my true friends throughout Canada there. I look around and guess what... there was my hero RSM Maclean. And with tears in my eye he called me Ernie.

My Hero has gone to rest. You will always be my Hero. God Bless you. You can now stand easy.

Ernest Leedham

PS Yes l will be flying back to Canada to see my Hero (Jan 9)

There are those memories surfacing after learning of the passing on 6 January, 2011 of Sgt "Fred" MacLean (see SOS)when in the mid fifties, on his return from Korea was assigned as 10 Platoon Sergeant, 10 Company, 2 Canadian Guards, Petawawa ON. His mission was to prepare us young lads, fresh from the Depot, all thirty five for an up and coming tour with NATO., in West Germany. Throughout our tour with 4 Brigade, Sgt MacLean as our platoon sergeant was the very best example in every respect of what a combat infantryman Sergeant is. He was able to get the best out of his charges through his example and instruction. I can honestly not recall him yelling or swearing at us albeit he had every reason to do so. Although, I must say it was not all about the army, recalling each year in October Sgt MacLean would gather us Corporals together in our hut in Fort York across from the mess hall, and proclaim, "this is the beginning of hockey season, and I will expect you to take care of things around here until my return in the spring, that is when 4 Brigade Major Unit Playoffs have ended." Fred was an avid all around sportsman, but a hockey player at heart ... Years later at different gatherings we would still bug him, jokingly, that we did notice, in the days before the hockey helmet that he could be seen combing his thick black curls during stoppages in the play.

We will all miss him for all he was a delightful personality, sportsman and a model soldier.

 Howie Pierce (Jan 8, 2011)

Message of interest via Ray Jordan

A trip down memory lane for some of you maybe and very interesting link. (B&W TV production from the U.S. series "The Big Picture" which begins with an interview with RSM J. J. T. McManus in "Salute to the Canadian Army")

Click this Link--> (Dec 2010)

 from Peter Ambroziak, Service Officer Royal Canadian Legion, Dominion Command

The attached documents, "Important Changes to Agent Orange Ex Gratia Payment" and "Backgrounder Extension of the Agent Orange Ex Gratia Payment" are the latest amendments to the Agent Orange just published by Veteran Affairs Canada Click underlined parts for details (Dec22)

Dear Sir:

I received my membership card, newsletter and nominal roll today. I was very happy to get the roll which contained the addresses of several good friends that I have thought about over the years, but never knew how to contact.

It is an interesting story on how I got the Guards Website. When selling poppies at a local store a stranger approached me and asked me when I was in Cyprus and Germany. We chatted a bit and he asked what unit I was with and when I replied Guards he informed me that he had been in the Guards also and asked if I was a member of the Association. Cliff Pierce sent me the link and I joined immediately.

Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to the Reunion in Petawawa next year.

Sincerely, Terry Goss

 . . from Maj Marguerite Born

If anyone remembers a Gdsm George Dibbley participating at the Chalk River AECL plant Clean-up. please contact me

"As AVRP continues to wind down, we still have several outstanding files that I am hoping someone out there may remember. We are looking to confirm proof of presence for John Stanley BONVIE. and Sgt John (Jack) Albert PAGE

 If you have information regarding Sgt John (Jack) Albert PAGE being involved with the Chalk River spill Clean-Up, and or John Stanley BONVIE


Please contact the AVRP Office at 1-800-883-6094 --- 613-992-5485 --- Fax 613-992-9083 or email,

Thanks" (November 30, 2010) (addition Dec 9)

 Re: Corps of Drums and Pipe Majors(Box below)


I stumbled on your site somewhat by chance, but I was very intrigued to learn about the Canadian Guards! Having trawled through your pictures, I was struck by what appeared to be something very similar to Britain's Household division, but also uniquely Canadian. I think it an historic tragedy and a crime that someone saw fit to disband such an excellent tradition that was just getting going.

My interest is not totally random however. I am a member of the Honourable Artillery Company (you can find some info about us here, which is the oldest Regiment in the British Army. We have very close links to the Guards Division, in particular our Corps of Drums.

Until I saw some of your pictures, I did not think the very specific tradition of maintaining a Corps of Drums within infantry battalions was practiced outside Europe, but I did notice some soldiers dressed, unmistakably, in drummer's tunics, which involves the 'christmas tree' pattern of white lace prominently on the tunic.

I would very much appreciate more information on this, did your regiment maintain any Corps of Drums? Are any drummers still in contact with you?

I would be intrigued to learn more, you may or may not know that drummers form something of a tribal mentality, at least they do in the British Army, so it would be great to get in contact! It would be very interesting to see if there were any similarities or to establish links between your old drummers and our drummers association. The HACs Corps of Drums is an extremely historic sub-unit, we like to see ourselves as the custodians of the regiment's traditions. We already have pictures mounted on our walls of the Scots Guards Corps of Drums which no longer exist, so perhaps we could carry similar trinkets of history into the future if such links are established?

Yours Sincerely, (Dmr) Jack Barker (Nov 2010)

Dear Sir,

I am compiling a list of Pipe Majors of military Pipes & Drums worldwide and have at the moment details of over 1500 P/M's.

Attached for your information is my succession list of P/M's of the Canadian Guards and hope that you can help me complete this. In particular I am looking for information about P/M Hugh Briand and P/M Stirling's place of birth. But there may be others missing on my list.

If you don't have this information could you please forward this email to someone who may be able to help me.

Thanks and regards

Aad Boode Livingston, Scotland


2nd Battalion:

Cairns, Archie MacNeil 1954 – 1964 Born 1928 Hamilton ON

Stirling, William 1964 – 1969 Born 1933 Scotland

Huggan, John May 1969 – 1970 Born 1930 Montreal QC Died 2001 Rheinmunster, D

Briand, Hugh ? Born

 4th Battalion:

Hill, Ronald 1954 – 1957 Born Died 1976

Hello. I am trying to locate the family of J. Richard Fowlie who may have been a member of the Guard. In 1974 he was stationed at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC and he resided in Springfield, Virginia. I am hoping that you might be able to locate him or one of his children and have them contact me as I have some important family information for them. His wife's name was Roberta. I believe that they had two sons and a daughter named Catherine. I will look forward to hearing from you. I may be reached by a return email or telephone at 703-324-7679.

Thank you for your assistance.

Beverlee George, MSW, Social Worker (Nov 2010) (Contact webmaster for email link)

Contacts have been made! (November 16)

To the Guards Regiment

I am still looking for pictures from July 1955 to January 1958 hoping to find someone that will have some pictures put away some where. My no. was SF99209, Guards Depot. I was transferred to Ottawa in 1958 to Army Headquarters. Would appreciate if someone could find some pictures of my depot training . I now live in Belleville Ont

Donald J MacPherson

Thank you so very much, Don (see below also)

 from John Barclay

Hello All!

Once again that scary time is here!! Yes, goblins and goof-offs, ghosts and ghouls, newsletter editors and DEADLINES!!!!!!!
NLT 15 Nov 2010.

If every body does their thing, I think we can plan on a "stuffing party" @ Fox & Feather on 25 Nov.

Regards to all. John (Oct 31)

The attached is being sent to you at the request of the Embassy of the Netherlands

English <--click--> Francais

 Reference Guards Net message issued Sunday 24 Oct 2010 concerning "Cut off date Korea Service Badge"

 "Veterans Affairs Canada has advised that there is no cut off date for receiving the Korea Service Badge. The Korean Veteran publication was previously advised by a veteran activist that veterans wishing to receive the badge had to apply before the end of 2010.

Apparently that information is not correct. André D'Aoust, the Honours and Awards Program Assistant in the Canada Remembers office in Ottawa advises that the badge “has always been available from the Honours and Awards section (and) will always be available.” So there is no rush to get applications in.

The administrative burden on VAC resulting from the sudden surge in demand is not insignificant. In each case records must be pulled to verify the veteran’s entitlement. Further, some Veterans have been calling Ottawa with the impression that a new badge is being issued. That is totally wrong. There is only one Korea Service Badge - the original". 

 Korean Service Badge

Award Criteria

Korean War veterans who served with the Canadian forces or associated support groups between June 27, 1950, and July 27, 1954 are eligible for the badge. The immediate family of a deceased veteran may also apply for the badge.

Badge Design

The badge is gold and enamel designed for wear on civilian clothing. It is a circle, 3/4" (19mm) in diameter; the centre a red maple leaf on a cream coloured shield; the outer circle green with the words "KOREA-COREE 1050-1953"; the reverse plain with a stamped serial number and clutch pin fastener.

Veterans who are applying for the badge themselves can call 1-877-995-5003 to provide VAC with the request and service information.

An initial application can also be made by mail to:

Veterans Affairs Canada, Honours & Awards Section, 66 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P4 (Oct 25, 2010)

From: Chief of the Defence Staff Sent: Friday, 22, October, 2010 13:04 PM

 CDS Message: Mr. Russell Williams

1. On 21 Oct 10, Mr. Russell Williams, former Commander of 8 Wing, was sentenced to two concurrent terms of life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years for the first-degree murders of Cpl Marie France Comeau and Mrs. Jessica Lloyd.

2. The crimes committed by Mr. Williams are deeply upsetting to us all. Over the last few months, I have spoken with many of you in town halls across the country and on missions overseas. Like all Canadians, you and I have been shocked and repulsed by the crimes he committed.

3. During these conversations, you expressed your sympathy and compassion for the victims and the families affected by this terrible tragedy. I also listened to Canadian Forces personnel of all ranks as they expressed their bewilderment and anger at the betrayal of our institutional ethos of truth, duty, and valour. Because of his heinous crimes and his subsequent criminal conviction, Mr. Williams has lost the privilege of calling himself a member of the CF community.

4. With the conviction and sentencing completed, and following my recommendation, the Governor General has revoked his commission, an extraordinary and severe decision that may constitute a first of its kind in Canadian history.

5. Further, the following actions will now be taken:

A. Stripping Mr. Williams of his medals
B. Termination and recovery of his pay from the date of arrest
C. Denial of severance pay; and
D. His prompt release from the CF under “service misconduct” – which is the most serious release item possible.

 6. As a consequence of his release from the CF for quote service misconduct unquote and of the revocation of his commission, Mr. Williams no longer possesses a rank as a member of the CF.

 7. I wish to point out that under the CF superannuation act, there are no grounds to revoke his pension and a court martial would not have any impact on these accrued benefits.

 8. Some have questioned why Mr. Williams has not also been charged under the military justice system. I believe we need to understand why this is so. This is because there is no jurisdiction under the code of service discipline to try persons charged with murder where those murders took place in Canada. Mr. Williams was therefore tried and convicted of all of these 88 charges under the Criminal Code of Canada by a civilian court. Additionally there will be no further court martial on these matters because the National Defence Act specifically prevents an individual from being tried by court martial where the offence or any other substantially similar offence arising out of the same underlying facts have been previously dealt with by a civilian court. This basic principle sometimes known as “double jeopardy” is fundamental within our civilian and military justice system. With his current convictions and sentence to life imprisonment justice has already been served.

 9. Now more than ever, this is a time for us to come together and heal as a community. We are doing everything we can to assist those in need of counselling or other support. I urge anyone who is feeling upset or concerned to seek assistance and to talk about it. While doing so, we will not forget Cpl Marie France Comeau, Mrs. Jessica Lloyd, and the many other victims and their families who will remain in our thoughts and prayers forever.

 10. It is time to move forward, be strong and proud because the actions of Mr. Williams are not reflective of the values of the men and women who serve in the CF, whose integrity and self sacrifice come through loud and clear in words and deeds each day. Whether helping Canadians at home, abroad, or providing the hope of a better future to the people of Haiti, Africa or Afghanistan, I have seen our ethos of truth, duty, and valour at work and making a difference in the world. You have reason to hold your head high. Be strong and proud! I am proud to be your Chief of the Defence Staff.

General W.J. Natynczyk, CDS

* * * * * * * * * *

Thanks to Gerry Wharton for the information


 Elected National President of The Korea Veterans Association of Canada effective January 2011

Lt Col John Richard Bishop CD served with 2nd Bn PPCLI and 2nd and 1st Bns Canadian Guards.

hi I was looking for guys who were in the Pioneer Platoon, 6 company 1958 to 61 under Sgt Loller(1) or Sgt Mike Allister (2). I went to germany 1960 to Fort York.
 would like to contact any of the old jc and the 12 decipals pioneer group. Yes I remember, Meany (3) , Jarvis (4), Art Shute(5), jr Warington (6),
any of you guys still around I would like to hear from. Also looking for Henry Munro who was in Fort Henry while I was attached to bhq.
 My name is George Neilson, hope someone still remembers me; it's been a long time. e-mail (12 Oct )

Some notes from Jas Haley..1. Gus Lawlor 2. Mike Alisdair 3. Ambrose Meaney 4. Neil Jarvis 5. James Arthur Chute, 6. Harry Warrington

It may be of interest for some members to be aware there is a class action suit spearheaded by Merchant Law Group of Regina tel,306 359-7777
 on behalf of those who conducted the involuntary cleanup @AECL and who have a variety of health issues.

Yesterday Oct 6/10 I received a letter from the law firm requesting permission for a Federal MP The Honorable Judy Sgro  and 2 Senators,Rob Oliphant and Percy Downe to contact me related to the AECL cleanup.

I responded to the 3 individuals providing a recap of points related to the process and procedure as I remember it (I had earlier written a report, around 1991, and sent to VAC.I did not receive any response from the individual I sent it to).

If any member is interested I have the e-mail address of each individual. JEG(Ted) Mason CD

I read with interest the article on Dick Moore.It reminded me the respect I had for the man who could be so hard but yet so kind and fair.
It is good to hear he is celebrating year # 82. Does anyone know what direction guys like Dick's brother "Archie" Moore went, Wally Braniff, Doug Prine.

At AECL I spent time cleaning the reactor head along with another recruit Guardsman whose name I have lost recall of. As far as I can remember he was
 from Cape Breton (Glace Bay area?) ,we were given job of 90 second exposure to the most critical area of plant-the reactor hole; he didn't stay in
 beyond his 3 years. It drives me nuts to think I could have been of assistance to him like I was for Wally Milson who didn't know of comp package
(fortunately I recalled, contacted him in Lakeside NS and he applied. Wally recently passed on at that critical age of 69 which seems to be the end age
 for so many of our finest)

I currently live in Grand Bay NB with my wife Ruth, and 2 Dogs who live with so few demands.

I maintain contact with Walraven, Robbins, Handley, Skerry, Randall, Splaine, Haiplik, Dusty Miller, Zinck, Keetch and others whose names
 (like so many things escapes me at the moment) I forget.

If God is willing I will make the reunion in Oromocto/Gagetown/Fredericton later this month. Best to all past,present and for your future.

JEG(Ted) Mason 506- 217-0304

As AVRP continues to wind down, we still have several outstanding files that I am hoping someone out there may remember.

 We are looking to confirm proof of presence for the following Guardsmen;

A. Joseph Roland Claude JEAN;

B. John Stanley BONVIE;

C. Hazen Raymond HARDING; and

D. Leslie Herbert MORINE.

Please contact the AVRP Office at 1-800-883-6094 --- 613-992-5485 --- Fax 613-992-9083 or email,

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate
 and confirm the attendance of Albert LAIRD at the Chalk River Clean-Up. If you can confirm his participation please contact Maj Born at;

 1-800-883-9064 / 613-992-5485 / Fax 613-992-9083 or email,

Activities at the Museum: (excerpts)

Battlefield Medicine

Weekends beginning September 11 — 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If a soldier were wounded in battle, would he survive a trip to the doctor? Learn how battlefield surgeons treated musket ball wounds in the 18th century.


Victor Vaivads (via Jas)

 A couple of days ago I went through all my slides and converted them to Photos. I found some more of my tour in the 1st Guards. Gerry Grimshaw

I haven't seen the attached picture before but I believe its significance is in its status as the last picture of the assembled officers of The Canadian Guards.
  I believe it dates from some time between November 1969 and July 1970 and is remarkable for the number of stars (Cheriton, Yuill, Douglas, Gosden)
 in the constellation. It came to me from Terry Swan via our mutual connection with the North Saskatchewan Regiment.

Cheers. Al (Ditter)

HI, I'm Patrick, 3rd son of 7 sons and 1 daughter of the Moore Clan, (Francis "Dick" Moore) or the terrors of 10 London Ave., Picton and
 too many addresses in Petawawa to remember. Now of Kings County Nova Scotia. Found this site some time ago and find great pleasure
 in looking through the albums of photos and dug up a few with my dad in them to share.

Francis/Dick is 82 yrs now. Jeanette is 76 and doing well. Dad had a stroke on thanksgiving day 2008 and has no use of his right side,
but still has all of his faculties. Enjoy the attached photos. Patrick Moore (Sep 2010)

NOTE: If you get an email about photos from Pearl Harbour, found in a foot locker, etc..It's a HOAX!

Gentlemen Drummers,

We now have free hotel rooms for anyone wanting to stay on the Saturday 13th. There is a remembrance do at the BL club on the Sat night just around the corner from the hotel.

Anyone wanting to take up this great offer, please responde asap with a twin or single room required.

We have been invited to form the leading Corps of Drums for a BL club in Birmingham on Nov 14th

Richard (Will) Willets is the man in charge and a fee (a very important fee) is on offer.

Address Quinton Royal British Legion., Quinton, Birmingham.

Please let me know if you are attending asap so i can arranged and confirm numbers. A nice central job for a number of us and with Will (PRI) in charge i know

we will be WELL looked after. Best Regards Woody (Aug 22 via Howie) Any questions? Email Howie

Interested in books on Cyprus, please click HERE. Attached "Books on UN Operations in Cyprus 1974" courtesy Patrick Frank.


If anyone in the regiment has any Pictures of the Guards Depot from June 1955 to July 1956-57 I am trying to locate some of my old buddies, at that time

I would appricate it if they could e-mail me or send the picture. thank you

Don MacPherson (Aug 1, 2010)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance.

 "We are looking for someone that may remember a Leslie Morine * who served with the Guards in signal platoon in 1958.

 If anyone can remember him being at Chalk River, please contact Maj Born at 1-800-883-6094 and ask for the AVRP. thanks"

* SN 2432 Leslie Herbert Morine, 1st Bn, Rec 607

 . from Robie Woodworth

For those Guardsmen who are planning to attend the Atlantic Branch Reunion in Oromocto NB and have been wondering about the plans since the reunion site of the Legion was destroyed by fire, here is confirmation from Terry Dexter that all is in order.

Subject: Guards Reunion Atlantic Branch

Everything is now confirmed for the reunion. Would you please put the following on the Guards Notice Board.

Thanks, Marion & Terry

 FRIDAY: 7:00 pm at the DAYS INN, there's an informal Meet & Greet / gathering in the Banquet Room, no food, just a gathering.

SATURDAY: Everything is at the Carleton Barracks Officers Mess

SUNDAY: Farewell breakfast buffet at the Carleton Barracks Officers Mess (July 21)

"people wishing to book a room at the Days Inn in Oromocto should use the following telephone number 1-866-529-0675,

and mention you are attending the Atlantic Branch Guards Reunion." (July 22)

Farewell to is a link that may be of interest.

from Butch Montreuil

"Hi This should bring back memories. Cheers "

Here is a link to Obituary for Ron Cheriton that a couple of people referred me to --the Globe and Mail..Thanks Peter Heffernan and David Bruton

 (To John B) Here's an item of interest that you may wish to turn into an editor's note for your next newsletter: Over the years my bookish toils have garnered strange (and very good!) friends. One such is Professor Elmar Schenkel, Head of the University of Leipzig's Department of English Studies. Some time ago he recalled to me his growing up in the town of Oestinghausen near Soest, and knowing as a boy a Canadian soldier in his father's archery club, who was a good friend of his family. Surely I would know him, he said.

One face out of a brigade of 6,000 that changed about a third of its faces annually? A needle in the proverbial, I told him. Only recently, he recalled the soldier's name, Wayne Henley. Extraordinary! I remembered Gdsm Henley well, a first-rate soldier; and sure enough, A Regiment Worth its Hire lists W G Henley. Jas Haley was quickly able to provide me with a current address; and I informed my Leipzig friend, who immediately wrote to Wayne. Wayne replied by e-mail with a brace of handsome "then and now" photo attachments. Since then, of course, Wayne and I have been in touch.

 Of course a Guardsman may be expected to make such an enduring impression.


G. W. Stephen Brodsky, CD, DPhil, 9645 Sixth St., Sidney, BC, V8L 2W1 (June 24, 2010)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance of;

Gdsm Leonard THOMAS at the Chalk River Clean-up in 1958.

June 15 also "We are looking for someone who remembers Gdsm Hazen Raymond HARDING being at Chalk River in 1958"

 June 21 We are looking for someone who can vouch for Gdsm John Stanley BONVIE participating in the Clean-up at the Chalk River Atomic plant in 1958.

  If you can confirm Gdsm Thomas' or Gdsm John Bonvie or Gdsm Harding's participation

 please contact Maj Born at 1-800-883-9064 or email,

Back row, left to right;

Harry Jones - Simon Simonson - Lawrence St Clair - Henry Campbell - Malcolm MacEachern - Fred Leblanc - Lawrence Woodworth - Darrel Rabb -

William Wachter - Robert Major -William Colbourne - Clem Poff - David Wharry - Hank Thiessen - George Hickey

Front row, left to right;

Tony Allen - Fen Wood - Fred MacLean - Garfield Walford - Jim Heyman - Cliff J. Scott - William Stirling - Bill White - Bert Rajotte - John C. Bell

 (this list via Jas, with new info from Jean Campbell and Dave Wharry )
My father is front row left, W.O. A.A. Allen. I know Sgt. Hank Thiessen (he retired as a M.W.O. RCR around 1988 I believe) is back row, second from right.

A lot of the other faces look familiar but, I won’t guess at their identity for fear of making a mistake. I think the photo would have been around 1966-68.

Cheers, Tony Allen, CD (Well Tony, your photo has now filled in some history of the 2nd Bn Snr NCOs! Thanks GJH June 8)

It is with regret that the Association of the Regiment of Canadian Guards announces the death of Mgen (r) G Ronald Cheriton, OMM, CD.

1 June 2010 (June 3, 2010) see bereavements

Reference the Platoon Graduation Photo (below), believed to have been taken approx late Aug or Sept 1958. We need your help in identifying the individuals.

Seated L to R -- WO1 J.J.T. McManus, Lt H.M. Weedle, 1st Bn Platoon Commander; Maj A.C. McDonell, Depot Chief Instructor;
Capt K.J.R Hollingbury, Depot Adjutant and on the extreme right, standing; D/Sgt A.J. Levesque,

If you can identify the Sergeant and Cpl on the extreme Left, the Cpl on the extreme Right
and any of the Graduating Gdsm, please send their names to;

(May25) (Thks H M (Paddy) Weedle)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and
confirm the attendance the individuals shown below at the Chalk River AECL plant clean up in 1958;

1. SB 181036 Gdsm James M. O'DELL

2. Gdsm Richard Stewart (Archie) MOORE

If you can confirm their participation please advise Major Born at; or you can call AVRP at 1-800-883-6094 and ask to speak with an AVRP staff member. (May9, 2010)

from John Barclay, Editor, Association Newsletter.

The Summer Edition of the Newsletter will contain a "Tribute to RSM J.J.T. McManus".

We have a number of newsletter items now, however if anyone has anything they would like to add - briefly please - then please send it along to me ASAP. My deadline for the newsletter is firm . . . 30 June 2010 Cheers, John B. Email for John (<--click)

Some "Youtube" bits of interest! (You'll need a high speed connection for these)

Guards 1!v=N5gcdSxjV34&feature=related

Guards 2!v=zrrSyNFTdSw&feature=related

Guards 3!v=yU4V9foPaUE&feature=related

Guards 4!v=yU4V9foPaUE&feature=related

Guards 5!v=N4B6oDWOQn4&feature=related

from Ken Ryan, Scotty Morrison's son-in-law. It is a series of clips on the Brigade of Guards circa 1950. It brings back many memories of our early times even if the Brits did do it with a different emphasis.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. ...Gerry Wharton (April 13)

from Jean Campbell, Secretary Petawawa Branch

Petawawa Branch

Canadian Guards Association

Hosts "Home Station Reunion " with a touch of Germany

29 to 31 July - 2011.

  More information will follow as plans are developed. Jean Campbell, Secretary

The NDI 75, Record of Service Card, is available for eligible former CF members. Eligibility is based on 10 or more years of service in the Regular or Reserve Force, however Supplementary Reserve service is not counted. See comments below also!

The application is a "fillable form" - open the form, type in the information, and click on printer icon at top left corner to print the application.

Click here for the form.

Dear Sylvia and Family:

On behalf of all the Puddicombe’s, I wish to express my thoughts and admiration of your husband, lover, father, and grandfather and inspirational soldier to all of us in The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, The Royal Canadian Regiment, The Regiment of Canadian Guards, The Royal Military College,and in his retirement, The Brockville Rifles.

Jim McManus was, and still is my inspiration. He made me feel that being a soldier was The greatest,most special honour of which I could have been blessed by his superior mastery of communication. No one will ever be able to match his quick wit and genuine embodiment of patriotism. We send our deep condolences and our Sympathy to you Sylvia and all the family and relatives of our beloved “Rock” Jim McManus.The Lord will receive him with a smile on his face and a pat on his shoulder,elling him,our duty is completed and very well done Regimental Sergeant Major. God Bless his soul and The Canadian Armed Forces of Canada: a Leader and hero to our soldiers and his Wife and Family.

Major & Mrs Nicholas W. Puddicombe, Brockville,On (March 26) See SOS also

I’m emailing for my dad, Harold Hendsbee from Canso, Nova Scotia.

He was with the Guards from 1959-1964, two separate stints I believe. He trained in Petawawa in 1959, and spent I believe a few years in Germany.

He is looking to contact (names he gave me): Fred Hayes (Harbour Grace maybe, Newfoundland), Victor Hammond (Belle Isle maybe, Newfoundland), Mike Pelley (Newfoundland), Eric Hachey (New Brunswick)

Anyone with information on these guys whereabouts, I’d certainly love to hear from them.

And, anyone who knows of my dad, I’m sure he’d be happy to hear from them too. Please drop me (Gary) a line .

Many thanks (March 24)

Morris BF@CFSTG Tech Svcs MLS Sup@Borden (,Once again, I enjoy the web site and appreciate your assistance. Go Guards !!! Brian

Brian is looking for a copy of "A Regiment Worthy of its Hire"..anyone have a spare copy to donate/sell, please contact Brian at the email listed above.

(March 19) (His email expires on retirement at end Apr)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance of:

1. SB 180028 Gdsm Joseph Roland Claude JEAN

2. ZB 6118 Lt Peter Bernhard KRISTJANSEN

3. SF 101101 Gdsm Roderick Alexander McDOUGALL

4. Robert MURPHY

at the Chalk River AECL plant clean-up in 1958 . If you can confirm their participation please advise Major Born at; Telephone 613-992-5485 / Facsimile 613-992-9083

or you can call AVRP at 1-800-883-6094 and ask to speak with an AVRP staff member. (March 2010)

from Peter Ambroziak

I received some information about obtaining a Record of Service card. Some of us have had the old card for many years while some have lost them.

The NDI 75, Record of Service Card, is available for eligible former CF members. Eligibility is based on 10 or more years of service in the Regular or Reserve Force; however Supplementary Reserve service is not counted.

 There is no charge for the first card. A replacement card is $15.00. To apply, contact DMCA at 1-866-240-6726 for an application form. (Mar 11)

amendment - Cost of a replacement card is $15.00 not $50.00 as shown in the original message. Thanks to Steve Brodsky for the information

from Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance of;

SF 101102 Gdsm Archibald Gordon PARSONS at the Chalk River AECL plant clean-up in 1958 .


 Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance of;

Gdsm John S. BONVIE and Lawrence MORRISON at the Chalk River AECL plant clean-up in 1958 .

 If you can confirm their participation please advise Major Born at; Telephone 613-992-5485 / Facsimile 613-992-9083

or you can call AVRP at 1-800-883-6094 and ask to speak with an AVRP staff member.

see also AVRP sit rep at March 2010

George Blundon to webmaster

I just came across this site. I am looking For Harris Dwyer who served with me from 57 -60 . I was with 1st Bn from 57 to 68, 2nd BN 68 -69 My name is George Blundon. email

Alma & George Blundon (done..thanks Jas)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance of;

SN 3191 Gdsm John Ewen HICKS and ZC 6691 2Lt Edgar Leo THEORET at the Chalk River AECL plant clean up in 1958 .

 If you can confirm their participation please advise Major Born at; Telephone 613-992-5485 or you can call AVRP at 1-800-883-6094 and ask to speak with an AVRP staff member. (Feb 23)

 thanks to Dennis Hyde for the information.

 From Friday's Globe and Mail Published on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010 5:57PM EST Last updated on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010 3:26AM EST

Rarely has Canadian news coverage of a high-profile criminal case offered so much misleading speculation and so many erroneous conclusions as in the charges against Colonel Russell Williams. The following assertions are offered as evidence.


A national TV news network's commentary asserting this mentioned everything but the “red flag.” Presumably because there wasn't one. The competition for senior command positions in the Canadian Forces is fierce. The process is thorough, expensive and time consuming, and has produced well over 16,000 leaders at the colonel and general rank over the past century. Not one of them was ever charged with crimes even close to the seriousness of those attributed to Col. Williams.


Oh? Col. Williams's promotion to the rank of colonel in 2009 at 46 did not put him in the same league as officers who will reach the rank of lieutenant-general and command Canada's air force. If he was 39 or 40, the odds would be more in his favour. To use a military metaphor, he was on a fast train – but not the express. Perhaps a word on how the military selects personnel for promotion is in order. Once a year, promotion boards are convened in Ottawa, where all personnel performance files are held. Boards are convened for each military classification – pilot, navigator, infantry, artillery, sub-surface (submariner), maritime engineer, etc.

For officers, the board's members are from the classification two ranks senior to the rank being considered for promotion. The board is chaired by an officer three ranks senior to the rank considered. As an example, if pilot captains are being considered for promotion to major, the board will consist of up to six lieutenant-colonel pilots, with a full colonel as chair. Also of great importance is the participation of one or two “honest brokers” – say, lieutenant-colonels from an unrelated classification, such as the infantry – to ensure the process is not incestuous. An entire week is devoted to selecting those to be promoted in the coming year.


Journalists who write or say this don't know the difference between morale and attitude. When morale is low, airmen and airwomen are sullen and withdrawn. They avoid work and responsibility and won't put extra effort into their daily duties. I have never seen that attitude exist in more than 50 years of observing Canada's sailors, soldiers and aircrew. Attitude, however, is something else. You can have high morale and be pissed off at the same time. I dare say a large number of our people are angry at Col. Williams for, by his own accounts, shaming the uniform. But morale is not low – the men and women at CFB Trenton are still working their butts off to keep up with the 24/7 demands of supporting our troops in Afghanistan, Haiti, Vancouver, Nevada and a dozen other locations around the world, in addition to searching and rescuing civilians in trouble.


What drivel. What constitutes this “elite”? Is there some secret society I was not invited to while serving? Was there some secret handshake I was not aware of? The leaders of the Canadian Forces meet every morning at National Defence Headquarters. Col. Williams was not invited.


During an interview with Canada's top soldier, General Walter Natynczyk, a national television reporter asked whether, given that he had placed Col. Williams in charge in Trenton, he had any words for the families of the victims. Midway through his compassionate response, the reporter asked, “Do you feel responsible?” The question's innuendo was barely camouflaged – do you feel responsible for the murders and the assaults? That question was the second “body blow” taken by Gen. Natynczyk in the past few days and was contemptible. To his credit, the Chief of the Defence Staff pointed out that he is responsible for more than 90,000 military personnel, regular and reserve. He avoided directly answering the question, which he should never have been asked. Considering their current high profile and well-earned respect both at home and abroad, our young men and women in uniform deserve better treatment than some in the news media have been dishing out.

Lewis MacKenzie is a retired major-general. He was first commander of United Nations peacekeeping forces in Sarajevo.

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance the individuals shown below at the Chalk River AECL plant clean up in 1958;

1. SF 101008 Thomas "Tex" Sheldon GROVER

2. SB 181036 James Monseret O'DELL

3. SF 99854 William TUCKER

If you can confirm their participation please advise Major Born at; or you can call AVRP at 1-800-883-6094 and ask to speak with an AVRP staff member. (Feb 22)

CDS Message – Events in Trenton, Ontario

I know I speak for every man and woman in uniform when I say that we have been shocked and dismayed by the events unfolding around the arrest of Colonel Russell Williams in Trenton. I will not comment on the charges against Col Williams. They will be dealt with by the criminal justice system.

These are disturbing and tragic circumstances. These allegations touching our senior leadership have created a wave of emotion that inflicts pain on all those involved. CF leaders at all levels need to remain conscious of the sacred trust that exists between them and those they lead. It is a trust built on unimpeachable morals, unwavering integrity, and the courage to do what is right.

 I have every confidence in the leadership of the CF and their strength of character to weather this storm, to make the right decisions, and to offer moral support to each other as we collectively work through this tough situation. This comes at a time when all of our energies are focused on continuing to turn the tide in Afghanistan, saving lives in Haiti, fighting piracy on the high seas, supporting the RCMP in providing security at the Olympic Games, and ensuring that our women and men are prepared for their next mission. I am confident that we will all remain focused on our missions, and will and continue to achieve success on operations while caring for our people and our military families.

I know that we are united in our sympathy for all of victims and those touched by these crimes, and that we are committed to ensuring that we provide the best support to all of the affected military families. In keeping with our commitment to the well-being of our personnel and their families, I would like to remind everyone of the Employee Assistance Program through which mental health service providers can be contacted for confidential support and counselling services. Finally, the police have made a public plea for any information that may bring light to their investigation and I echo that call. If you have information that you believe is relevant, please share it with your nearest military or civilian police agency.

 I am proud of you and proud to be your CDS. General W. J. Natynczyk (via G Wharton, Feb 12)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance of; George THOMPSON and Ronald R. TRIPPLE at the Chalk River AECL plant clean up in May 1958.

 If you can confirm their participation please advise Major Born at; (Feb 12)

Need some help with email addresses. The email addresses for the people listed below are bouncing. If you are in contact with them would appreciate if you would ask them to email me

Thanks Jas Haley (Feb3)

Terry Abbott, London ON, Malcolm Betts, Brantville NB, Mike Brambrick ? Greg Brewer, ? J Joan Brown, Halifax NS

Ted Chambers, Listowell ON, Pete Danis, ? Dave Daunter, Marmora ON, Joe Eason. Mobile NL, Dennis Eldridge, Kanata ON

Ida Entwistle, Ottawa ON, Tess Franc, Welland ON, Rick George, West Arichat NS, Ray Harding, Nairn Centre ON

George Hennecke, Edmonton, AB, John Imrie, Perth Road ON, Ward Jackson, Kingston ON, Neil Jarvis, Picton ON

JPR LaRose, Kingston ON, Patrick Maher, Petawawa ON, Hugh McCrory, ? Dave Nisbet, Wasaga Beach ON

Dave O'Brien, Winnipeg MB, Alex Sarson, Guelph ON, Odette Squires, St Philips NL, Charles Straight, Lethbridge AB, Mrs Peter J Winter, Ottawa

Please note the request below

If you can help please contact Thorold Marsaw at


I am looking for a [Maj, 2nd Bn] Roy Forbes of the Guards who served as a recruiting officer in British Colombia in 1956. We have lost contact over the years. I am retired now and a former officer of the QOR of C and living in Brantford, Ontario.

If you have any information on Roy for me, I would appreciate your help.

Sincerely, Thorold (Boom) Marsaw (LCOL ret'd) (Feb 4)

What was I doing on 23 Jan 65?

Along with the rest of 7 Coy 2 Cdn Gds I was in the Camp Petawawa gym, living on camp cots and tables six-foot folding, as our turn on TDM guard. There was a real fear that the wave of Quebec separatist thuggery that was seeing mailboxes exploded in Montreal -- because they carried the symbol 'Royal Mail' -- would extend across the Ottawa river. Someone obviously thought that the TDM's would be the target of those seeking explosives and ammunition so we mounted round-the-clock guards on the bunkers. Al Ditter (Jan 28)

I think 9 Coy was doing the same thing in winter 63/64. Anyone got a better memory than me? (Gerry H)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance of; Lt Gerald McQuaid at the Chalk River Atomic Energy plant clean up in 1958. At that time apparently Lt Gerald McQuaid was a Guards Depot platoon commander responsible for training of a Recruit Platoon. If you remember Lt Gerald McQuaid being present at Chalk River in 1958, or

(1) Albert Laird at the Chalk River AECL plant clean in May 1958; and

(2) Sapper Edward Theodore LEIKAM, 1 Fd Sqn, who believes he went to the Chalk River AECL plant on 1 or 2 Oct 1958.

If you can confirm their participation please advise Major Born at; or you can call AVRP at 1-800-883-6094 and ask to speak with an AVRP staff member. (Jan 26 and Jan 27)

What were you doing 45 years ago this month ( 23 Jan 65 to be precise)?


2 Coy was finishing a stint at Troodos Road Camp with very damp Road Block training! That's Cpl Hillier with hands behind back. GJH

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please forgive this shotgun message, but it’s the quickest way to get my request to you all. I also apologize to those of you who got a version of this same message on another regimental net.

I teach a graduate class in civil-military relations at Carleton University. Some of my students are doing a research paper on the 1970 October Crisis. I emphasize the value of primary sources, but it did not occur to them that there might still be some old soldiers around who actually served in that operation. I told them that I did (IO 2 RCR), but that I knew some really old guys who were there too.

I therefore ask if there are any of you, even the not-so-old, that served during the 1970 October Crisis, who would agree to being contacted by a graduate student, to answer a few questions. I expect this would be done by e-mail with little inconvenience. Those who agree can indicate such to me in an e-mail and I will forward your e-mail contact to a selected student.

I try to give these students some exposure to real soldiers and real Canadian issues, to balance the traditional theory they get. Like good armies, universities can never have too much infantry. Thanks.

Best regards, Jim

James S. Cox, 6048 Meadowglen Drive, Ottawa, ON K1C 5S3 613-841-6183 (Jan 24)

You are invited to a Roundtable to discuss and gain a better understanding of important issues facing Canadian Veterans.

Hosted by: Liberal Party Veteran Affairs Critic Robert Oliphant with Special Guests: Leader of the Official Opposition Michael Ignatieff and LGen. Romeo Dallaire (Ret’d) Senator.

The roundtable will feature panel discussions addressing important issues affecting Canadian Veterans including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the experiences of soldiers returning from Afghanistan, and the New Veterans Charter.

Where: Room 253D Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario

When: Thursday, January 28th , 2010 at 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Please RSVP (Robert Oliphant) your participation directly. Refreshments to be served.


Nous vous invitons à participer à une table ronde pour mieux comprendre les enjeux importants touchant les anciens combattants canadiens et pour en discuter.

Organisateurs : Le porte-parole du Parti libéral responsable des anciens combattants, Rob Oliphant, avec les invités spéciaux Michael Ignatieff, chef de l’Opposition, et LGen. Roméo Dallaire (Ret’d), sénateur.

Dans le cadre de la table ronde, des discussions en groupes sont prévues sur les questions importantes qui affectent présentement les vétérans tel que les troubles du stress post-traumatique, les expériences des vétérans de la guerre en Afghanistan, et la nouvelle charte des anciens combattants.

Où : Édifice du Centre, pièce 253D, Colline parlementaire à Ottawa, Ontario

Quand : Le jeudi 28 janvier 2010, de 9 h à 14 h 30

Veuillez confirmer votre participation directement. Des rafraîchissements seront servis. (Jan 19)


Good Morning

I am contacting you to request your assistance with our interviewing initiative of CF Veterans on part of Heroes Remember. I work on the team led by Mr. Adelard Comeau and co-worker Alan Banman. They thought it would be a perfect start to my request for potential candidates to interview.

As a background, our web team are in the process of conducting interviews for our Heroes Remember website. Our focus is on our Canadian Forces Veterans who served in various missions. We are focussing on soldiers who may have served in Persian Gulf, Haiti, Congo, Cambodia, Iran/Iraq. The way it works - we send out a team consisting of an interviewer and camera operator and capture the stories of these soldiers so that we can edit and post on our website for the purpose of educating the youth of today and the Canadian population in general on what our soldiers go through during their tour of duty. Veterans Affairs is committed to interviewing those soldiers who have retired from the military, still-serving Veterans, however, do not participate in the interviewing process.

At present we are trying to travel to the Montreal area in hopes of obtaining interviews in both official languages. This is where you come in!!!

I am wondering if you know of retired soldiers who served in the noted missions and may be willing to discuss their service. Any contacts that you

may have would be of great benefit to me in seeking potential candidates. At this stage I am only beginning my search and would appreciate any

feedback you may have. ... look forward to hearing from you.


Jennifer Murray, Canada Remembers Division, Internal Box #304, Veterans Affairs Canada, Charlottetown

Tel: (902) 566-8718 Fax: (902) 566-8501

additional information reference Tinnitus

1. reminder from Peter Ambroziak . . . that a service officer from Dominion or Provincial Commands [Royal Canadian Legion] will be in a position to put together an application for Tinnitus.

2. I am a former secretary with the Atlantic Branch of The Canadian Guards Association and have been working with Veterans and their widows for 20 years. The very first stand alone disability pension for Tinnitus was awarded to a Canadian Guardsmen in Nova Scotia in 2003. It was 2006 before VAC caught up to their records. Anyone who feels that Tinnitus is an interference to their hearing loss and psychologically distressing should see a Specialist who can determine with new technology the level of the buzzing, chirping, etc. Not all audiology places have this. And you must be able to prove that your service noise trauma was sufficient to result in this condition.

VAC uses the Merck Manual for many diagnostic conditions so type in Merck Manual on your search engine and use the alphabetical search to find Tinnitus. This will help you to see causes, symptoms, etc. Also use the Table of Disabilities 2006 on the VAC website under Hearing to see their criteria. I believe that the award amount mentioned in the newsletter is about 15% which is the highest that this disability will net.

Tinnitus is a tough one but it can be done. -Barbara Kynock (Jan 14)

To the Guards Net ...Excerpts from Korean Veterans Association (KVA) Newsletters

  The 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee is asking governments and veterans organizations in the nations that sent armed forces and non-military medical units to Korea, to help with a special project . . . [compiling a Veterans data base of living Korean War Veterans]

  The President of Korea wants to extend the Nation’s thanks in a letter of tribute and appreciation to all of the World’s surviving Korean War Veterans ..... The national president of KVA Canada, Terry Wickens, his national vice president Paul Rochon, and membership director Rosamund Rouxel, have been developing a Canadian data base for several months. While there are less than 3,000 members on the KVA Canada roster, Terry’s team is well on the way to identifying more than 5,000 Korean War Veterans who served with Canada’s armed forces in Korea. They are appealing to all Veterans to search within their own communities and locate comrades who might not be known to veterans organizations.

  If you know any Veteran who is not a member of the KVA, Canada, would you please have him contact me tel 905-438-8206 with his name, address and unit in Korea so he can be added to the database.

We want to make sure that everyone is recognised

* * * * * * * * * *

Note Korean War Veterans: include Navy, Army and Air Force personnel who served in Korea after the Cease Fire and until Canada's UN Korean commitment ended in mid 1957, i.e. members of the 4th Bn Canadian Guards, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada and The Queen' Own Rifles of Canada, etc, qualify as Korean War Veterans. see for additional units. (Jan14)

Hi Jas, and a belated Happy New Year to you and yours!

 I would like to thank you for helping my daughter Jo-Anne put together a wonderful and delightful 50th Anniversary Album for Pauline and I to mark this wonderful occasion.

Frank Rodgers

The album was filled with email "Best Wishes" from a lot of our Guards Family members. Some, I have not seen or heard from in 40 years. What a lovely surprise for us. And we have you to thank for emailing our members of our upcoming anniversary. There was a great response. Though our anniversary isn't until next Saturday the 16th, our family surprised us with a dinner party at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa on December 12th. ...Needless to say, it was a great dinner with a lot of laughts and surprise throughout the evening. One surprise, that no one was expecting, was the Olympic Torch being brought into the front entrance of the hotel. It was being run through Ottawa that night. And I, being as shy as I am, made sure it was not going to leave the building until I got my hands on it and a picture taken with it. While maintaining my composure of always being a "Gentleman in the Barracks." lol

 from Veterans Affairs Canada to Mr. John Barclay, Vice-President and Newsletter Editor ,The Canadian Guards Regimental Association

Dear Mr. Barclay,

  I work in media relations for Veterans Affairs Canada and we noticed in your Winter 2009 newsletter there is a paragraph referring to a new grant for tinnitus. Actually, the department has not made any recent changes to its policy on hearing loss or ear impairment. We have for many years provided disability benefits for hearing loss and ear impairment, which included tinnitus. The only change is that, since 2006, VAC has recognized tinnitus (an inner ear condition) as a separate disability, rather than part of overall hearing loss.

  Thank you for letting your members know about our coverage. If any have a hearing loss or ear impairment as a result of military service, they may qualify for a disability benefit and should contact Veterans Affairs Canada at 1-866-522-2122. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Yours sincerely, Janice Summerby

Janice Summerby, Media Relations Advisor, Veterans Affairs Canada 613-992-7468 (Jan10)

Hey thanks for all the updates, I have been away so long, for those that may remember me, Jerry Fougere, 1st and 2nd Bn Gds, 5 tours on the hill, served from 63 to 70 when we became 3 RCR, I now live in North Carolina, USA, and would be very interested in any Gds reunion in the future, as most of my time was in Petawawa, Picton, Gds and RCR .

Any one of the regiment looking at visitng in the Carolinas, please let me know, being retired I have become a beach bum, have a few contacts, see e mail address. I may be able to help them out, I live on Pleasure Island , Kure beach, NC.

Best time of my Life (The Guards)

J.M Fougere Capt (ret'd)

PS, I was Ian Douglas' Signaller in 69 in Denmark with Jimmy Parrell as the driver when we got lost BIG TIME (Dec 18)

Hello Bill Patterson, CD. B Gen., (Ret'd)

A short note to wish you and yours the best of health and happiness over the Holiday season.

Additionally I do hope the Book Launch: Soldiers of the Queen : The Canadian Grenadier Guards of Montreal, 1859-2009 by Patterson, William J., launched on the 12 December 2009 with all the fanfare deserving of another job well done gave you the feeling of accomplishment.

I say this because of all the Officers I have come to know and worked with over forty years in the military; you "Sir," are truly one of the finest. Always a gentleman, hardworking and respectful; taking the time to make yourself aware of the needs of the troops. Our observations in 6 Company, The Canadian Guards, Fort York Germany of Capt. Bill Patterson; He was always willing to rest a moment with members of the platoon, hear their problems and assist when necessary. Please do not be embarrassed because this accolade happens to be coming from a former Corporal in the Guards, a member of your Heavy Machine Gun Platoon. Was it not said if you want to find our who would be the best leader when the chips are down to ask the men, only the followers can truly and effective make judgments about their leader. Let it be known we all had the same opinion, Captain Bill Patterson was an Officer and a Gentleman of the finest order. If I may be allowed; you "Sir," are deserving of the Order of Canada.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ciao, Howie Pierce, Guardsman (Dec 09)

from Craig Mills

Helen's obituary is posted at There is a guest book, and the obit will be available on line for one week.

Thank you for all your condolences and memories. They have helped us all get through this. I will contact each of you as soon as I can. Craig (Dec 4)

from Norm McBride

At the Reunion in NL, a former Guardsman gave me a framed picture of his taken at the Canadian Guards Depot Graduation from Recruit Stage Training -- Squads: '78, ' 79, '80 No 11 Platoon 21 Feb 58. He was to give me his name and address but we didn't make contact.. The Guardsman wanted the photograph donated to the museum, in order to do this I need his name and address.

Please send your name and address to Norman McBride. 308-200 Willoughby Cres, Pembroke, ON K8A 8A6. or via email (above) (Nov30)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests your assistance to validate and confirm the attendance of SN 3191 Gdsm John Ewen HICKS and SB 180101 Gdsm Vernon Clifford RUSSELL at the Chalk River Atomic Energy plant clean up in 1958.

If you can confirm their participation please advise Major Born at; (November 19)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests assistance to confirm if Hector J.J. Saulnier, 1958, 4 RCHA? participated at the Chalk River Atomic Energy plant clean up in 1958

If anyone can confirm Hector J.J. Saulnier participation please advise Major Born at;

Frank & Pauline Rodgers 50th Wedding Anniversary

Hello, As some of you may or may not know, our parents, Frank and Pauline, will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this January 16, 2010. We are celebrating this milestone privately with a family dinner at the Chateau Laurier, December 12th, 2009. As a little something extra, I am compiling a package of notes and messages of best wishes, to them, from their many friends and family members. That’s where you come in.

This does not need to be lengthy by any means, if you are more comfortable with just a few words of congratulations acknowledging the milestone, go for it. .It can be a simple sentence or may be presented in point form statements. It could be as long or as short a letter as you like. It could be funny, mushy or serious. It’s all good. You get the idea. Anything goes. It is all special and it is all welcome. Please think things over in the next little while as we would love to hear back from you.

I will compile the responses in a memory book and pass them on to them on their anniversary. I know this is short notice, and life is busy, so if you find yourself late to respond, don’t worry... I can make additions to the book at any time.

Please respond to me, at this email address but address the message to Frank and Pauline.

If you would prefer to send your message along in the mail, here is my address.

Jo-Anne Charette, 4 Shaughnessy Crescent Kanata, Ontario K2K 2P1

Thanks very much. Jo-Anne (Nov 16)

Major Marguerite Born, Program Manager, Atomic Veterans Recognition Program (AVRP) requests assistance to confirm if William (Bill) George Paradine, 1st Bn, participated at the Chalk River Atomic Energy plant clean up in 1958 with a James Hill.

If anyone can confirm Bill Paradine's participation please advise Major Born at; (November 5)

7 Company Coldstream Guards on the 350th Anniversary march from Coldstream to London

For 3 months now I have been looking at the web site for pictures of the recent reunion held in Ottawa in August. What’s up /..Ian Stark (Oct 26) (we are still looking for some more photos folks..can anyone out there send a couple? Webmaster)
 Some photos on the Atlantic site! (Nov 3)

Here is a picture of Matt Corbett and myself for your album. I found the picture on my computer. Cheers, Ray Jordan

Web Scharman Soest, Germany, informs us that Helmut Schindler, former barber at Fort York, passed away on 25 Sep 2009. His condolence address is 14 Kesselfuhr 59494 Soest, Germany. (via Jas)

Rick George , via Robie Woodworth, advises that Gdsm Tom Kinney, 2nd Bn driver has been hospitalized in the Progressive Care Unit of St Martha Hospital in Antigonish NS. His wife has asked Rick if he would advise all members of the Regiment as Tom is very ill.

excerpts from KVA National Newsletter October 1st. 2009 Issue 6-10

The Ministry of Veterans and Patriots Affairs (MVPA) as part of their plans for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War are trying to locate all living Veterans. KVA Canada is assisting in this project. If you know any Korean Veteran who is not a member of the [KVA] Association could you have him contact me with his name address and unit in Korea, so that he can be added to the database. The MVPA are hoping to be able to recognize all Veterans. It is important that we have the correct mailing addresses, in previous bulk mailings a large percentage of the mail was returned due to the incorrect mailing address.

 Numerous other veteran groups are cooperating in this venture

Terry Wickens Tel (905)438-8206 (Oct 8)


Down Memory Lane" with QMSI (WO 2) William "Sam" Magee

I arrived in Petawawa on attachment to the CANADIAN GUARDS DEPOT reporting to SMI (WO 1) TERRANCE WEATHERAL (now living in Toronto)...and my new military life as a GUARDSMAN.

To me, it was an exciting period in my military career. Once again working with young men...strangers to military life. Contributing to my fellowman. The opportunity to assist in moulding a better Canadian Citizen a future warrior. "FIT TO FIGHT & FIGHTING FIT"

Join me, as we travel "Down Memory Lane"...a wee bit at a
That first Friday morning...
That first swimming lesson...
Those pullups...
That first boxing lesson...and of course MILLING

William "Sam" Magee, CD OMC 310 Mitchell Ave Oshawa, Ontario L1H 2V9 Canada

What's new at the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman?

The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman has launched a systemic investigation into the red tape associated with Veterans Affairs Canada processes as they relate to the application and receipt of benefits and services provided either by the Department or by third parties on behalf of the Department.

What is red tape?

For the purpose of this systemic investigation the Office defines red tape as the extent to which rigid conformity to redundant or bureaucratic rules hinders or prevents action or decision-making with the result being an unfair impact on the Veteran Community.

What is a systemic investigation?

In accordance with its mandate, the Office will research, review, investigate and analyze facts and feedback related to systemic issues with a view to identifying policy, procedures, legislation or regulations that are unfair to Veterans and then making the persuasive argument to the Veterans Affairs Canada for change. This is normally achieved, by submitting a report containing findings and recommendations on issues that affect the Veteran Community

Systemic investigations are by nature complex, both in terms of the issue(s) under review and the processes of examination. There are number of operational phases that form the basis of the investigative process including:

Scope and define the issue;
Gather the related facts;
Conduct a thorough analysis; and,
Present persuasive findings and recommendations which if adopted will serve to rectify the problems identified.

Why select red tape for the first systemic investigation?

After an initial assessment of Office case files it became apparent that the majority contained references to the complexity, redundancy of the administrative process, and highlighted the degree of frustration experienced by Veterans who applied for benefits and services. A concentrated review of 800 case files revealed that 205 files contained information where issues related to red tape formed the basis of the complaint. To date we have identified many issues of concerns such as poor communications, overly complex application forms, duplication of efforts in applying for benefits, lack of personal contact and unsubstantiated decision letters. It is the view of the Office that Veterans applying for benefits will be positively impacted by making persuasive findings and recommendations intended to simplify requirements and eliminate processes and procedures that are redundant.

Why is public consultation important?

The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman recognizes the critical importance of addressing issues in a timely fashion. This can be achieved by thorough research, exhaustive analysis and public consultation.

In order to ensure that Office investigators have a full understanding of the issues, we are seeking input from the Veteran Community and others who might have related knowledge or experiences.

As a guide in the preparation of your comments the Office has developed the series of question below. If you wish to participate, please send your comments by letter (only) to the following address on or before April 20, 2009:

Research and Investigation Division , Office of the Veterans Ombudsman , P.O. Box18, STN B , Ottawa ON K1P 6C3

This is a consultative process, however, should you wish to raise a complaint regarding this issue or any other matter please contact our Early Intervention personnel through the contact points identified in our website.


1. What specific encounters have you had with departmental Red Tape and why were you frustrated?

2. Based on your experiences which Veterans Affairs Canada programs, benefits and services suffer from a lack of information, lack of clarity or provide little flexibility?

3. What applications forms are difficult to complete and why?

4. Which policies or regulations have been problematic and why?

5. What types of decision take too long and why?

6. What are specific occasions when you have been asked to get additional justification that you thought was not necessary?

7. What are some examples of sound administrative procedures at Veterans Affairs Canada or elsewhere that might be useful to consider?

8. Have you been in a position where you had to mediate between Veterans Affairs Canada administration and your service provider?

9. Based on your experiences, what suggestions do you have for simplifying the application for Veterans Affairs Canada benefits and services provided directly or by third parties on behalf of the Department? (March 31, 2009 via ANAVETS net and GSW))

from John Bishop

Greetings Fellow Members;

I have received by mail a copy of an impressive proposal by Guy Black, an Honorary Member of Unit 14, requesting a commemorative postage stamp to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Ceasefire in 2013. This proposal exceeds well over 100 pages and, includes 104 actual copies of letters supporting such an idea from organizations, government officials and individuals from Canada and many other countries who participated in the Korean War 1950-1953.

As all Members of Pacific Region can appreciate, it is not feasible to print and distribute the document to Units and Executive Members; however, I will attempt to summarize the proposal. Guy Black asked me in mid March 2009 to submit a personal recommendation as a Korean Veteran to provide additional depth and perspective supporting the proposal. At the outset, I will admit that some will accuse me of personally capitalizing on the situation. So be it! I will plagiarize from the proposal to update Members of Pacific Region. Almost all of the 104 who supported the proposal, are higher on 'the food chain', than the undersigned. I will list below those who received a copy of Guy's proposal:

Honourable Lawrence Cannon,
KVA National President Terry Wickens
Royal Canadian Legion Robert J. Buff, Director of Communications
The Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada, Dominion President Gordon Marsh
The War Amps, CEO Mr Clifford Chatterton CC, O.Ont., OStJ, CLJ, CAE, DCL, LLD
VAC, The Honourable Greg Thompson, P.C., MP
Canada Post Corporation, Director of Stamp Services, Mr Jim Phillips
Honourable Senator Yonah Martin
KVA President Pacific Region, John Bishop, CD
KVA President (USA) William F. MacSwain
KVA President (British) Mr Frank Ellison, OBE, BEM, JP, Honorary General Secretary
KVA President (Australia) Vic Dey, OAM

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that the Artist for the proposed Canadian stamp is Ted Zuber, a Korean War veteran who was wounded in Korea. To represent this historic event, the Artist depicted three medals floating above the quickly recognized peninsula of North and South Korea. Well done Ted!

Terry Wickens, our National President, submitted a letter on behalf of KVA. My one page letter submitted on behalf of Pacific Region, dated 4 March 2009, is attached. Please find below, a paragraph from Guy Black's letter dated 18 March 2009 addressed to the Chairperson of the Stamp Advisory Committee, Canada Post Corporation:

" The Korean War is an important world historic event and the list of supporters is a clear reflection of the broad scope of the war, those it touched and its relevance today. All of these letters are important but perhaps one letter stands out a little more than any other, it's written by Lieutenant Colonel John Bishop CD (Retired), a Canadian Veteran who served as an infantryman on the front lines in Korea. He personally experienced the reality of war and lives with the ever present knowledge that he is a forgotten soldier of a forgotten war. His letter is brief, unrestrained and straight forward."

In closing, should the opportunity present itself, short of wrestling your MP to the ground, please make an effort to promote this proposal for a 60th anniversary postage stamp.

Best regards, John

courtesy Gord Jenkins, Friends Canadian War Museum.

“Veterans who receive free admission at the CWM will now receive discounted parking at the CWM (approx 20%) . Veterans can get their voucher from the staff member at the information desk while they are signing in for their complimentary admission.” (March 11, 2009)

Hi, I've been reading your website with interest, and wonder if you could help me.

I’m writing on behalf of the Pembroke Community Choir, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this season. We are trying to find all former members, to invite them to a Homecoming Dinner on May 23, 2009. More information is available on our website. Many of our singers in the early 60's were members of the Guards or their spouses, as our first 2 directors were Band leaders: James Gayfer and George Adams. Dr. Gayfer is dead, but we still haven't found George Adams. I've encountered some of the names below on your website, but what I really need is mailing addresses, so that I can send them invitations. Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks so much,

Jill Renault, Social / Web / 50th Anniversary Committee Email Jill

Adams, George (Staff Sargeant), 1962 definitely Band -Barina, Marina 1963 -Bell, Gerry (Gerald) 1959 -Boucher, Agnes 1 1959 widow of Roger? -Brone, Monina 1962- Brooks, Douglas 1963 - Carlson, Shirley 4 1961 - Carter, Liz 3 1959 -Conrad, Al 3 1961 -Curtis, Beverly 1960 -Drewry, Isabel 1959 -Eyres, Elaine 1959 -Fiedler, Renate 4 1960 -Fife, Lee 3 1959 -Gormley, Jean 1959 -Grace, Helen 5 1959 -Harvey, Christina 2 1961 -Hilebrand, Catherine - 1960 -Holmes, Eva 1962 -Jordon or Jordan, Alan 2 1963 -Kelly, Shirley (Deep River), 1959-Kennedy, Arlene 4 1960, -Kent, Patrick 1963 -Kerney, Jaina 1960 - Leng, Claire 1959 Maritimes -McCullough, Myrtle 4 1959 -McKay, Ruth 1959 2 Kingston? -McKinley, Ron 6 1959 -Minchin, Betty 5 1960 -Monteith, Anne 1 1963 -Nettle, Pat 1962 -Pollock, Edna 5 1962 -Pritchard, Harold G. 7 1959 - Reid, Mollie 2 1961 -Richardson, Rosemary 2 1959 -Robbins, Harold 1960 -Robinson, Ursula 2 1959 -Sisson, Joyce 8 1960 -Smith, Jack & Iva Mai, 1959 -Spencer, Hope 2 1961 - Tittel, Tom - 1960 -Tully, Evelyn 3 1960 -Verdan, Alan 1 1962 -Walker, Isobel 3 1959 -Walsh, Gary 1961 -Werner, Lloyd 1959 -Whitfield, D.E. 1959 -Whyte, G.B. 1960

At the end of the 1967 tattoo we were given a picture of everyone as a group on the set. Mine has faded almost away. Can you tell me where I can get another print. Victor A White, first battalion (Feb 25) (Can anyone help here?) Email Victor

The att is from the latest VAC info (<--click link)paper. Unfortunately it didn't copy well. The DND # is 1-800-883-6094, e-mail and website

Good morning. My name is Chester Fevens. I was involved with the cleanup at Chalk River in 1958 along with a friend of mine. We were in 4RCHA together. His name is John MacKinnon. We were on a reactor together during the cleanup. Since we retired from the army we have lost contact with each other and I’m trying to locate him. If you can assist me in any way in finding him I would appreciate it very much.

Yours truly, Chester Fevens

Our email address is as (Jan 25)

. . URGENT - URGENT - URGENT Reminder!

The Association President, Ian Douglas, requested re-issue of his 15 Dec message reference contacting individuals who participated in the Clean Up at the AECL Chalk River facility on 28 May 1958.

Since the message of the 15th Dec, due to someone's vigilance and action, an individual has been identified and contacted. The individual contacted "was totally shocked as he had not heard" [of the Veterans Recognition Office in NDHQ] There could be others that are also not aware of the Atomic Veterans Recognition Program Office. And we're asking for your help.

Please treat this request as URGENT. If you're in contact with any ex Guardsman tell them about the message below. Emphasize its URGENT that they contact the Veterans Recognition Office in NDHQ if they were involved in the Chalk River Clean Up.


. . . .from Ian Douglas

We have recently been in contact with the Veterans Recognition Office in NDHQ and they, as the approving authority for the Department, are working on the cases that have been submitted to them. They are working diligently but indicate that there is a requirement for more information in some cases. They are attempting to contact individuals where possible but have asked that we put out a general call for information in the hope that more messages will get the word out better and faster, and cases can be solved

Please pass the word to everyone. If anyone has a Dosimeter Reading, list of those involved [Chalk River clean up], or anything else that might be helpful in the decision making process, pass it onto the address below ASAP.

Atomic Veterans Recognition Program Office, National Defence Headquarters, 101 Col By Dr.,

Ottawa, ON K1A 0K2

Telephone: 1-613-992-5485 Fax: 1-613-992-9083


Toll free in Canada: 1-800-883-6094 USA - call collect: 1-613-995-1457 (Reminder Jan 15, 2009) see below also

. .from Peter Ambroziak,[1], Service Officer, Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command, Ottawa.

Here is the latest info received on the Atomic Veterans Recognition Program which offers the following:

a. inquire toll free in Canada - 1-800-883-6094

b. from USA - call collect - 1-613-995-1457

c. contact in writing to - DCSM/AVRP

  NDHQ, 101 Colonel - By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1A 0K2

Applications are available from the contacts cited above.

Eligible members should have been involved in the testing of allied forces nuclear weapons in the USA, Australia or
the South Pacific between 1 January 1946 and 31 December 1963 or associated with the decontamination of the
nuclear reactor at Chalk River, Ontario between 1 January 1952 and 31 December 1953 or between 1 January 1958 and 31 December 1958.

Should the veteran be dead, the executor of the estate, primary beneficiary or primary caregiver may apply on behalf of the deceased veteran.

Hope this will help all those involved get their applications in well before Christmas.

The deadline for filing applications is: 31 December 2009.


[1] Capt Peter T, Ambroziak, CD, served with the 2nd Bn.

from Ian Douglas re: Chalk River clean up

We have recently been in contact with the Veterans Recognition Office in NDHQ and they, as the approving authority for the Department, are working on the cases that have been submitted to them. They are working diligently but indicate that there is a requirement for more information in some cases. They are attempting to contact individuals where possible but have asked that we put out a general call for information in the hope that more messages will get the word out better and faster, and cases can be solved

Please pass the word to everyone. If anyone has a Dosimeter Reading, list of those involved [Chalk River clean up], or anything else that might be helpful in the decision making process, pass it onto the address below ASAP.

Atomic Veterans Recognition Program Office, National Defence Headquarters, 101 Col By Dr., Ottawa, ON K1A 0K2 (Dec 15)

In Appreciation to Peter Ambroziak, Legion Service Officer.

In Jan 2008 I contacted Peter Ambroziak, a former L/Cpl in 7 Coy, way back when.

Peter Ambroziak represented me in two claims with Veterans Affairs Canada. One was for a medical condition from Agent Orange spraying when I served in Indo China in 1968-69. The other claim was for Tinnitus. Peter also suggested I ask for a re-assessment of my medical conditions, as I had never had a re-assessment.

Thanks to Peter, both claims were accepted and compensation was received under the New Veterans Charter. His re-assessment suggestion, which Veterans Affairs approved, resulted in my Pension percentage being sufficiently increased.

This was not my doing, this was a "Guardsman" helping a "Guardsman", and Peter I am most grateful.

We always hear when things go poorly, but not to often when they go right. Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year, to you and yours.

Butch Montreuil, Courtenay BC (Dec 10)

Hi Gerry: The name is Ross Campbell. I did have my recruit number some where but can't find it. But as I said I was #2 Platoon from Aug 61 to Jan/Feb 62. My Rec No was 3548. Our platoon was mainly RC Sigs in fact I think we had the last WW 2 vet go through depot with us, he was a transfer from the RCN ( Harry Lutes or Harry Goodland one of those two). The director of RC Sigs was up for a parade and saw him, questioned him about being in depot.

He was soon pulled out of the platoon and sent down to Vimy Barracks in Kingston. By the time we got there he was a L/Cpl instructor. He had transferred to the army as he couldn't do his Grp 3 over in the Navy. Ross (see below)

I just read the article about Sgt. Stickney. By Rolf G. Gube

I also was an RC Sigs recruit in the Guards Depot but in 1961 August #2 Platoon. Yes Sgt Stickney was an out standing example of Guardsman. I last saw him in Lahr Germany 1972 or 73 on the steps of the Post Office/Bank of Montreal downtown Lahr. By then he was a W.O. ( I'm sure he would have preferred to be called Colour Sgt or was it Drill Sgt.) he was still wearing the Guards hat badge. I noticed it was an officers hat badge (least I thought it was) I mentioned this but he denied it. So I guess that would have been the last active member of the Canadian Guards I saw wearing the badge. I also had Lt. Percy as my officer and Sgt Connors for phase 2. Sgt Jones was seconded with us for awhile, he was recovering from a bad car accident. Last saw him in Vimy Barracks Kingston in 71.

 Which reminds me of a time in depot when I had a run in with a Guards hat badge. In Nov or Dec of 61 the depot had got so crowded with recruits that the 2 senior platoons were sent over to the 4 RCHA lines to be quartered in 1/2 of P 107. Well the depot had a system where an Instructor Cpl from your platoon was to live in barracks with you for a week. They would often have a recruit do their kit eg: spit shine boots, do the brass and hat badge, etc.

Well can't remember the Corporals name (last saw him in Cyprus in 76 as a Sgt) but he nailed me to do his kit one evening when C.O.'s parade was the next morning. So I did his kit. As you know the Canadian Guards hat badge came apart into two pieces. Well I managed to force the outer maple leaf crest in upside down, assuming he would notice and sort it out and give me a blast for doing it. Welllllllll.... he didn't notice, BUT the C.O., RSM and Drill Sgt noticed the next day. Couldn't say to the Old Man that a recruit did this especially an RC Sigs one.Of course I denied any knowledge of doing it on purpose when he later had a discussion with me. Have to admit he was good about it and still remembered the incident 14 years later in Cyprus. NOW... If that had been Archie Rafter's hat badge.......... ???????????? In 78 I was remustered in trade and while in CFB Borden heard two recruits talking about a W.O. Rafters in the blanco room ( blanco room, oh Lord remember that) being a recruit instructor in CFB Cornwallis. Now that brought back some scary memories. It was him.........

I still think that the Guards taught the best drill and kit care of any unit I was ever with. RSM's and CO's parade were a thing of beauty. I well remember the RSM saying ( shouting) when marching to Pipes, " Swagger you swagger and strut when you march to pipes". After when I took up the pipes and was in the CFB Lahr Pipe Band and had John Huggins an old Guards Pipe Band member as our Pipe Major he and I remembered those days in the drill hall and on the Pde. Square with the Guards Depot. Any Guards Pipers remember something about a stuffed Golden Eagle that disappeared from a building in Denmark in 69? (Dec 8)

This past June, I had the opportunity to attend the 40th Airborne reunion, and man it sure was a lot of fun. What made it so much fun was to see all the Guardsmen there. Don Collier, Bert Rajotte, Bert Reid, Tom Murphy, LA Johnson, Archie Leger, Glen Miller, Kyp Lantz, Martin, Savard, Andrews... ..The list could go on and on. It was a reall nice time and well attended.

I was disappointed to not get to the last reunion in Terry Dexter Country but I hope to make it to the next one in Ottawa in 2009.

Would it be possible for someone to post some pictures of the last reunion on our website.

Best regards to all, Gord Long Pre (Nov 15)

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone on this site can do me a very large favor and send me any pictures that you my have of my father (Roy "Squid" Squires).

 I would love to have any photo's that you may have of him from back in the day.

Thank you, Leif Squires (Oct 25) --->Leif's email

from Chris Beattie

Okay this is the latest news from Peter MacKay's Office at 4:13pm ADT today. (Oct 24)

.... to all Members of the Regiment. It is imperative that all of the men that were either in Nevada or Chalk River in 1958. check the forms.

The application kits are supposed to be mailed out at the end of next week.

Go to the link below ...................then go to the LINK for A Guide to the Completion of the AVRP Application Form.
It has all the answers on how to fill out the form.

All the best, Chris

 from the Pembroke Daily Observer

Tom Hollett named 'Senior Citizen of the Year'


When Pembroke resident Tom Hollett was invited to City Hall to take part in a presentation during Tuesday's council meeting, he was expecting
 a service award of some sort.

For nearly 24 years, he spent most of his free time volunteering for the Canadian Red Cross, the Canadian Cancer Society and the United Way, so some
 recognition wasn't unexpected. But when Mr. Hollett discovered he was being presented an Ontario Senior Citizen of the Year Award,
he was taken completely off guard. "This is quite the honour," he said. "This is a real surprise and it makes me feel humble.
There are a lot of more deserving people out there."

The award is presented by the province to deserving seniors who have made an impact on their communities. Only municipalities can nominate
 someone for the honour, after mulling over suggestions submitted by different agencies, groups and individuals. During a ceremony held Tuesday,
 Pembroke Mayor Ed Jacyno congratulated Mr. Hollett, saying he is a deserving individual. "He does not seek attention for the good deeds that he
performs in the community," the mayor said. "He is a hard-working individual who gives freely of his time and asks for nothing in return."

"If he's not delivering daffodils for the Canadian Cancer Society, you'll find him buttering mounds of toast at the United Way breakfast."

Mr. Hollett said volunteering and being involved in the community makes him feel good. "If not for this, I'd be at home watching TV," he said.


Thomas Hollett, served with the 1st Bn

 533 Giroux St Pembroke ON K8A 4G4, 613-732-8924

 Thanks to Dennis Hyde, Chalk River for the information.


from Terry Dexter

New information concerning "Ex Little Bear" CFB Gagetown July 1966

Gail Miller, widow of Gdsm Morris (Moe) Miller, a member of 1st Bn, Fife & Drums, informed Terry that her husband was on an Exercise in Gagetown in July 1966. His UER (Unit Employment Record contains an entry "Ex Little Bear, July 1966".

Unfortunately the signature of the person who signed the UER entry can't be deciphered. Possibility could be D/M R.J.W Cook or Cpl George Dibbley. If anyone knows where these individuals are living please advise either Terry Dexter or myself. Both D/M Cook and George Dibbley enlisted in London Ontario and perhaps retired in the area. (Oct 24)

When I first came on board as a Director (general handy man), with the Canadian Guards Association, they introduced me to “Roger Corrigan”, Secretary Treasurer. Over the years we became friends and associates. His personal demeanor and quest to get it done right the first time earned the respect of all within the Guards Association. The executive counted on Roger, as our Secretary Treasurer, to keep the correspondence and money in order. Throughout his tenure and through two large Canadian Guards Association reunions held in Ottawa, Roger was our go-to-guy.

 Respected and above all a gentleman. He always had a smile and a kind word for anyone in his presence. We are closing in on the first anniversary, 10 October 2007, of his passing. He is missed and always remembered by our family of Guardsmen. Howie Pierce (Oct 4)

I have finaly located Lenny Roberts and Terry Olsen. They were the huey pilots who flew us poor Canadians all over the place in South Viet Nam(when we were neutral). Lenny was a Warrant Officer Co pilot and Terry was a big Texan who was the pilot. Lenny retired as a LCol and now lives in Florida. Terry lives in Colorado; both are healthy and well. They were as you recall frequent visitors to Villa #3 and attended the Birthday Party on Oct 16,1968, which Hilton Dauncey and I hosted. Jerry Fash was in Attendance as were all military members of the Delegation. If any one out there wishes to contact Lenny or Terry, please contact me and I will provide you with all the info.
kindest regards,see you all in Aug,09, Butch (Sep 9)

Hi All,

It’s Heather Inrig Gulyas checking in with you all with news of the first annual Army Run on September 21st here in Ottawa &ldots;

First of all I would like to thank very much Ian Douglas for his support of our run and his expression of assistance to me. I just heard that this is the largest registration ever for a ‘first year’ run in Canadian history! They will have to cap it at 6000 and have passed 5000 so far! Media will be huge for this – so it’s a great way to publically acknowledge those who have and do serve.

I have registered our team as ‘THE CANADIAN GUARDS – A MARI USQUE AD MARE’ to honour the Regiment. There are three of us running on the team... another one is also an Inrig! I have not met her yet – but am very excited to! I am very pleased to be acknowledging the Guards this way and thank you for your support. Your donation will be delivered on race day to the organizers to be handed to The Military Families Fund. The three of us have an opportunity to wear as much Guards paraphernalia as possible that day so I respectfully request any loaners you could get to me in the next two weeks – here in Ottawa. Since we are running the 5 km ...I visualize the possibility of running in bearskin hats! I don’t know if that’s possible or not ....but anything you think of would be great! My address is .........Ottawa K1V – and we live almost across the street from John Barclay if that helps!

I would appreciate it if you would please forward this email to other Guards on our behalf.... and I’ll check in with you as we get a few days away from the Run!

Best regards, Heather Inrig Gulyas

September 2, 2008

Recognition Program Announced for Atomic Veterans

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Sept. 2, 2008) - The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay, Minister of National Defence and Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Honourable Greg Thompson, Minister of Veterans Affairs, today announced the establishment of a program to recognize the service of Atomic Veterans.

"All those who serve their country, past or present, deserve the respect, admiration and care of a grateful nation," said Minister MacKay. "Prime Minister Stephen Harper and our Government are committed to the care and well-being of our veterans and recognizes the service of all those who participated in nuclear weapons testing and in nuclear decontamination work. This program will recognize the exceptional service that these individuals have performed for their country."

Canadian military veterans and civilian science and technology workers from the Department of National Defence who participated in nuclear weapons tests and the Chalk River decontamination efforts performed their duty under exceptional circumstances. In recognition of their exceptional service to the nation, these Canadians will be eligible to apply for an ex-gratia payment of $24,000.00.

"The Atomic Veterans Recognition Program is another example of our Government's commitment to Canada's Veterans," said Minister Thompson. "Through this program, a remarkable group of individuals will finally get the acknowledgment and respect that they so rightfully deserve."

From the end of the Second World War until the signing of the atmospheric test ban treaty in 1963, the United States and the United Kingdom conducted numerous above-ground nuclear weapons trials in the United States, Australia and in the South Pacific to develop and test nuclear weapons, and to train soldiers in dealing with the effects of these weapons. In order to provide training opportunities for Canadian military personnel in nuclear warfare and decontamination and to develop expertise therein, the Canadian military sought to take part in these trials. During the same period, Canadian military personnel were also deployed to assist with emergency decontamination efforts at the Chalk River nuclear plant following two major nuclear reactor accidents in 1952 and 1958. Canadian military participation at Chalk River drew on past expertise gained through participation in the nuclear weapons trials, and was viewed, in part, as a training opportunity for personnel to further augment this expertise.

Note to editors: For more information on the Atomic Veteran's Recognition Program
please visit .

For more information on the program or to make application, you can also call 1-800-883-6094 or e-mail (English) or (French).



From the end of the Second World War until the signing of the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty in 1963, the United States and the United Kingdom conducted numerous above-ground nuclear weapons trials in the U.S., Australia and the South Pacific to develop and test nuclear weapons, and to train soldiers in dealing with the effects of these weapons. In order to provide training opportunities for Canadian military personnel in nuclear warfare and decontamination and to develop expertise therein, the Canadian military sought to take part in these trials. During the same period, Canadian military personnel were also deployed to assist with emergency decontamination efforts at the Chalk River nuclear plant following two major nuclear reactor accidents in 1952 and 1958. Canadian military participation at Chalk River drew on expertise in nuclear decontamination gained through participation in the nuclear weapons trials, and was viewed, in part, as a training opportunity for personnel to further augment this expertise.

Until recently, the nature and the extent of Canadian participation in these nuclear events was not fully appreciated. In August 2006, former Minister of National Defence Gordon O'Connor commissioned a report to determine the extent of Canadian participation in these tests. A historian, Dr. John Clearwater, was contracted to investigate the situation and in January 2007 he published his findings in a report entitled Atomic Veterans: A Report to the Minister of National Defence Regarding Canada's Participation in Allied Forces' Nuclear Weapons Trials and Decontamination Work.

Dr. Clearwater's report identified approximately 700 former Canadian military personnel who participated in up to 29 US and UK nuclear weapons trials between 1946 and 1963. These trials sought to simulate the battlefield conditions expected in a nuclear war. The report also identified approximately 200 former Canadian military personnel who participated in the clean-up and decontamination activities in Chalk River, where duties included the mopping and scrubbing of contaminated buildings.

Canadian military veterans and civilian science and technology workers from the Department of National Defence who participated in nuclear weapons tests and the Chalk River decontamination efforts performed their duty under exceptional circumstances. In recognition of their exceptional service to the nation, these Canadians will be eligible to apply for an ex-gratia payment of $24,000.00. The duties involved specialized training and/or unique operational deployments unlike any other carried out by the CF/DND. Until now these veterans have received no recognition of their exceptional service to Canada under these circumstances.

All those who serve their country, past or present, deserve the respect, admiration and care of a grateful nation. Providing an appropriate form of recognition beyond pension was a challenging matter that required engagement on many levels both within and across government departments and agencies.

via Chris Beattie and Jas ( Sep 3)

Dear Sir;

My Name is Daniel Peterson and I am currently a Sgt with the Military Stationed at CFB Edmonton. I am trying to find some information about my father who was a Guardsman. His name is A.W.C Peterson and he was first stationed at Camp Ipperwash. From there he was later stationed in Germany and Picton ON as well as Petawawa. When the Guards were stood down he became a member of the RCR. My father has since passed away (March 1999).

I am trying to learn more about his Guards time.

Thank You, Daniel Peterson


The Regimental Nominal Roll shows a SN 2597 Gdsm Alfred William C. Peterson 4th and 1st Bns Rec 1001

(but nothing on him serving with 2nd Bn) Jas (Aug 29)

Exercise "Little Bear"

Can anyone recall an Exercise "Little Bear" that apparently was held at CFB Gagetown in Jun/Jul of 1966 or 1967. An individual believes the Exercise may have been held during the spraying of Agent Orange. Neither the 1st nor 2nd Bns were in Gagetown those years, but one source suggest that perhaps The Black Watch may have. ! ! !

 From Chris Beattie

"I received a letter today from Tony Merchant wanting to know if I was aware of anyone living in SASKATCHEWAN, MANITOBA OR QUEBEC that had been involved in the Clean-up at Chalk River. (Or the surviving spouse)"

If anyone can provide information reference the above, please send the information to Chris Beattie at the above email address or to;

The lawyers address is:- E.F. Anthony Merchant, Q.C., Ref File # 402721

2401 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4H8

Tele 306 359 7777 FAX 306 522 3299


I delayed the preparation of this message until after the release of the summer issue of the Regimental Newsletter to avoid duplication. As some of you are aware it was my honour to be selected to represent the Regiment as a delegate to the overseas event to mark the 55th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. The event took place July 7 to the 16th and included visits to Seoul and Busan. Attached please find an article that appeared in the local newspaper. I have taken the liberty of supplementing the article with selected personal impressions.

The delegation consisted of 144 individuals representing both veteran and regimental associations:

Parliamentarians 10 (included Minister and staff) Veteran Organizations 13

Korean Veterans 18 Aboriginal Component 12 (majority Korean veterans)

Youth and Media 5 Caregivers 22 (required for delegates over 80)

Miscellaneous and Ceremonial Guard 40 Veterans Affairs Staff 24 (included medical personnel)

Every aspect of the event was outstanding. It was highlighted by careful and detailed planning followed by flawless execution by Veterans Affairs staff. Throughout the ten day period the staff members displayed the highest degree of respect, compassion and understanding to the veterans. The level of service provided by the National Defence aircrew on the ten hour long flights was a credit to that organization.

The event itself was a well planned balance between remembrance and history. Memorial services, including wreath laying, were held in both Seoul and Busan. In Seoul visits were paid to the ROK National Cemetery and the National War Memorial and Museum. The Busan visit included the Canadian Korean War Memorial Garden and the Korean War Memorial to the Armed Forces of the British Commonwealth. Other visits of interest included a ROK observation post on the DMZ and Panmunjeom.

The country and its people bear little or no resemblance to the one that we left fifty odd years ago as is described in the attached article. The strong expressions of appreciation voiced by both Korean officials and people were very much appreciated. In summary, a once in a life time experience that I was proud to have been selected as a participant. Bill MacIver

The graveside committal service for the late William (Bill) Marshall will be held at the Beechwood Cemetery, 280 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa, on Tuesday, July 29th, at 2 p.m., with the Reverend Frank Patrick officiating.

Bill served in World War II with the HLI of C, and later saw service in Korea, then joined the 2nd Bn Cdn Gds as an officer-cadet, rising to the rank of Major before retiring. His wife, Margaret, would welcome any former Guardsmen who were able to attend.

Thank you...Rev. Frank Patrick

***Margaret Marshall, 7 Champlain Blvd, R.R. One Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4R1, (705) 878 8885

If you're looking for the notes from Howie Pierce, he now has a page for his correspondence and notes. click Howie (updated June 24)

I just received this photo of a sentry at Government House from the custodian of the GGFG Museum. On the back is written "Cdn Gds at Rideau Hall 1959." This is obviously incorrect as he is wearing the UNFCYP medal (1st Bn was there in 64-65 and 2nd Bn 65-66) and the DND photo number is CF-68-054-9 which probably indicates it was taken in 1968. I believe that 1st Bn supplied the Public Duties detachment in 1968 so he is likely from the 1st.

There are two things that I would like to know about this photo. 1. Who is the Cpl? 2. Note that he has a crown superimposed over his Cpl's stripes. My guess is this was the rank distinction of a M/Cpl at that time. Am I correct? (Now it is a maple leaf above the stripes.)

If the individual in the photo would like a copy I can make him one. ......Gerry W (May 31)

Would like to find an old buddy name FRANK AMBROSE MEANEY from Newfondland reg no SN 3092. When last heard from he lived in TORONTO .thank you . NEIL JARVIS (May 23)

I just read the Spring newsletter and found the tribute to Don Brochu for his masterful herding of both editions of Regimental Standing Orders - a treat to read. But the story of the Regimental Bible has a postscript which newsletter editor John Barclay might find interesting.

I recently had occasion to pass through Ottawa between assignments and by prior arrangement, donated my sword and my copy of Regimental Standing Orders -- the red one, having lost the blue one many decades ago -- to The Governor General's Foot Guards. I received the following email from the GGFG Senior Major, Maj. Derek Cheff, the next day:

Hello Al,

Thanks for this. I expect that the sword will be forwarded to the museum as a possible display item. As for the standing orders, your timing was actually quite good, given that I am trying to book a photoshoot for our orders of dress for our next revision of standing orders. The biggest challenge is determining all of the orders of dress required to be in the orders. Your copy is helpful in this regard.

Regards, Derek

D. Cheff, Major, Governor General's Foot Guards

Clearly, the standard set by the Regiment of Canadian Guards, and the clarity and completeness of the book which detailed how that standard was to be met, continues to set the example for the current generation. Forty-two years after it was produced the authorship of Don Brochu deserves every word of the of credit John Barclay gave him.

Cheers. Al Ditter (May 16)

I was searching for photos taken at the Guards Barracks in Caterham when I came across your website and spotted a Coldstream regimental photo taken outside the sergeants mess around 1953 / 55.

A glance at the caption showed a CSMI Groom - my dad!

When I went back to the site to check the photo again I notice that you have taken the photo off (too large a file?) and have offered to email it to members. I'm not a member, but I would love to have a copy of the image.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Best regards, Chris (May 16) (We're in the process of tracking down the photo....Ed.)

Hello, It has been a pleasure visiting your Website. My father was SF 100102 Cpl Timothy Maxwell Robinson, 2nd Bn and Depot Recruit 867. He passed away in Jan 2001 and I can assure you that he remained a Guardsman at heart until that day. He was to eventually become an RCR upon amalgamation but that never dimmed his memory or pride of his beloved Guards. It was great to discover a picture of him at a very young age on your website in a photo that I had not seen before, one of the band photos in civies, drinking beer in Germany.

He had mentioned that he played some chanter before but never mentioned that he was a piper. I assume that he may have been a piper learner and never moved beyond that. If anyone knows differently I would be interested in hearing the story. I would also be extremely grateful if any of your association members could e-mail me any scanned photos that they may have of my father. Perhaps a story or two. Many of our family photos were destroyed in some flooding and few remain of my father. My sisters and I would be extremely grateful.

I am currently a serving officer in the RCR (Petawawa) and have been serving for 29 years so I don't surprise or shock easily and I appreciate good military humour as much as the next soldier. I can be contacted by e-mail at . Thank you for the pleasant memory of my father and please keep up the good work with your association and website.

Tim Robinson (Jr) (Apr 28)

 from Ted Mason

Hello all,

I'm not sure how many are aware of the work Chris Beattie does on behalf of what impacts many of us and as well as others whom by now may have given up hope thinking no one cares.

Chris has had conversations with the Minister of VAC and although he continually tells her he will sit and talk about issues she fights for on our behalf, the meet has yet to happen.

I do understand she is meeting in the near future with a senior member of VAC to talk about things like Chalk River, VIP Plans etc.

One of the issues is that of the after effect of Chalk River. I personally was used to go clean areas the AECL employees would not go near other than to monitor (on camera) myself and my partner and to tell us that the radiation level was too high for even us expendable (their words) soldiers to be there.

I am one of those the Right Honorable George Hees (as Minister of Nat Def) announced in a speech in 1985 when he told his audience that we soldiers who took part in the AECL cleanup are most likely to suffer with poor health-especially as they get older.

What Chris is trying to do is to have a Senate committee sit and talk with actual participants of that cleanup. What she does not have is volunteers who were actually there and are willing to meet with the appointed committee. I am one of her volunteers. She has another name. We need more names of people who were there. If you were there or know someone who was it would help the cause if Chris Beattie was made aware.

We certainly can help her help us as she works hours upon hours to try and have Veterans looked after.

For those not aware Merchant Law is representing a class action lawsuit on behalf of those who have submitted their name to their law firm for inclusion in the suit.(They are also representing those who were sent to USA for radiation exposure tests etc.) If you or someone you know was involved with either case you could contact Chris who would be willing to bring you up to date.


Thanks to all, best regards , Ted (Mason)

PS. I know Chris would allow me to post her tel # so that you or someone else could contact her for an update (902)477-8019


1. Chris Beattie's email address is:

 2. * With reference to the Class Action claim. Names of deceased participants in the clean-up can also be added by the surviving widow. The lawyer preparing the Class Action Claim is Mr. E. F. Anthony Merchant he can be contacted at:

 Merchant Law Group, Barristers & Solicitors, #100-2401 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, SK S4P 4H8

Telephone 306-359-7777 Fax 306-522-3299

*Information provided by "Chrissie", ???? [Jas Haley]

 from Ian Turnbull

Via rail is offering free rail transportation for the month of JULY to Canadian Forces Veterans.

Unfortunately the promotion only applies to regular seating.

To take advantage of the promotion you will need one of the following forms of ID,

DND ID card for the National Defence
Military Dependant ID Card
Canex Club XTra Card
Record of Service Card ( ND175 )
Any Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) benefit card

For Veterans, one of the two last forms of ID should be presented at the time of ticket purchase. If you do not have one of the two forms of identification required please contact Veteran's Affairs in Ottawa as soon as possible to obtain the required identification.

For more information please see (2008)


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