Photos from Dave DeClerq, November 2004

26 Oct 1964 near our outpost at St Hilarian Castle

Dave and the "pig"
 (same one that used to be up at the Greek-Cyp end near St Hilarion?)

"my band of warriors" was taken 26 Oct 1964 at the bunker near our outpost at St Hilarian Castle. At the back is Guardsman Al Morris, at the very front is Gdsm Clifton, in the middle row left to right is 2nd Lt DeClerq, Gdsm Mills, and Gdsm Rollick.

This picture was taken in April 1965 in Gueneley. This was the handover to the QORC. The two Guardsmen are Cpl Pat Tiller and Gdsmn Kearns. I believe the others are QORC. It was at that time that I realized how big our soldiers were compared to the other Regiments. We stood tall in more ways than one.

Gerry Heffernan (just before or just after Beirut leave Dec 1964) Fred Marentette in background ?

The group picture is a portion of 6 pl augmented by elements of machine gun pl between convoys in Gueneley. It was taken in March in front of the Bali Bar where we waited between convoys. Our duty was to piquet Gueneley and Orta Keuy to give security to the convoys (Nicosia to Kyrenia and return - 2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon) and prevent local traffic from merging. The Bali Bar - at least for my platoon, was soft drinks only. The kids belonged to the proprietor.

This last picture was taken when I was convoy commander sometime in March 1965. We had Finnish motorcycle outriders and Danish (in picture) scout cars. This may be of interest to some of our allied readers.

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