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2nd Bn Officers, Petawawa 1968 (for clearer PDF version, click here)
Thanks Don McVee and Chuck Durant


A note from Howie on the late John Hunt (Jan 21)

Cyprus stories!

Due to health concerns, LCol (retd) John Gardam will not be able to republish his book but we will make an effort to publish some or all of the submissions on this web-site.

Five items of a series of "Stories from Cyprus" Click here (Oct 9)

Gord Longpre a member of the Guards from 1962 to 1968. One photo from Ottawa in 1967 Dad is the guard on the left and a recent one from August 2011. The sender of the photos is his son Gord Longpre JR


Public Duties, Ottawa 1965 (L:R) Bruce, Swanwick (RC Sigs), Prest, Marsh, Declerq (Fred Marentette photo)

Thks Steve Brodsky
Photo above via Steve Brodsky

(Links Feb 6) Latest AVRP SITREP and Canadian War Museum news


2010 Army Run Report

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RSM J J T McManus Tribute #1 and Tribute #2

Three other photos with RSM McManus

Globe and Mail obituary for Major General Ron Cheriton

Depot 1956 - thanks Paul Francis for some of the names and ammended with note from Gerry Wharton

1st. That is not D/Sgt Baird that is RSM McManus. Note that D/Sgt Levesque is on the right. He is wearing the white web belt with slings with his sword. That is what D/Sgts wore. Mr. McManus is wearing a Sam Brown. Only RSMs wore the officer’s Sam Brown. Also there was only one D/Sgt in each Bn and the Depot.

2nd Rec Craven was in my Depot platoon in 1958 so that is not Craven. I remember him well because I inspected his home in Pembroke to certify that it was up to standard as living accommodation for a Guardsman’s family. Craven was a mature Recruit of about 28 years old or so and one of the rare married Recruits. Mrs. Craven was about the same age. When I went to her home she started to laugh when she saw me. When I asked her why, she said she expected someone more mature than me to approve her home. I was all of 23 at that time. I approved the house.

2nd row 5th lad from the left I'm sure that is no other than Howie Pierce and the Recruit beside Sgt West I do believe is ESW Jones, now residing in Renfrew ON Howie P (and that is one of the Carrolls beside Watson isn't it? GJH)

Photo from Joe Leblanc, May-Aug 1965, another non-Guardsman who went through Depot

Canadian Guards 2009 Reunion Pipe Banner Presentation (Click here for more)

From left to right: Major Brian Hynes, Commanding Officer of the Ceremonial Guard; Ian Douglas, Association President; BGen J. Collin, CO LFCA; Al Johnston, "Guards 2009" Committee Chair, and Pipe Major Alan Clark, Ceremonial Guard.


links to atlantic web site photo is a link to atlantic site photos


Attached is a photo of Gdsm Katool, Sgt Wragg and myself - Gdsm Tattersall with the winning trophys that we won twice in succession with the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade Group when we were based in Soest in Germany in the late 50's.

My wife and I will be on Prince Edward Island in September to visit my very good friend Floyd Thompson's grave in Montague. If anybody remembers me and is interested in getting in touch, my mobile phone number is 07891 857301 or the e mail address above. (available thru the webmaster or Jas)

Regards, Roger Tattersall

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from Gerry Wharton from the Rideau Hall photos via GGFG

if anyone has info on this one (above), please let us know webmaster

Anyone recognize this Guardsman?

The guardsman in the picture is Gdsm. Wetmore H.E. (in 1966?) (via Hugh Wetmore)

Minutes(<--click) of 2007 AGM

See important pension Claw-back letter and New ceremonial photos Click here. (May 9)

Tom O'Shea sent this clipping along

Thought this might bring back some memories for some. Not sure if they were still in use for the later rotations. Richard Murray


Depot Inspection May 1958 (via Chris Beattie)


Ken Landers at the Branch 317 London, Ont. Church Parade on Sunday, November 4, 2007

(Robert Walsh via Henry Campbell)

Steve Brodsky's newest novel (Click here) (August 2007)

Some of you may recognize the Gentleman and Royal Lady in this Vimy Memorial photo (May 2007)

Hello Jas, here’s a picture for the web site that will stir up old memories. Looks like he’s just about ready to make the grand entry to a mess dinner. Best Regards, Matt Corbett. (Apr 2007) (RSM Ross Bennett)


Roger Rowley tributes -->click

Mystery parade news! Check it out.

Happy Birthday 16 October (<--Click) 2006

Adjustment of Canadian Forces Superannuation Age 65 see letter from Jim Lumsden (June 2006)

   Base Gagetown and Area Fact-Finder's Project  (April 4)

Mini-Reunion comments from Henry Campbell (July 11)

Interesting contact re: Caterham Indoctrination 1954! (July 12)

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Did you travel by ship (Queen Frederica) from Quebec to Germany? Then you may want to click on this link for information provided by Richard Murray .

Special report on Atlantic 50th - click here!

Richard Wallace - a tribute by Ian Inrig -->click here<--

Special notes from different places re: June 6 -->Click here<--

Who came to Ottawa Reunion! (revised Sept 6, 2004)

Reunion Committee Members (& Program)

Guardair Caption Contest

Jas - The attached photo (below) from the recent US-UK state visit suggests itself as a competition for on-line members of the Association: "Compose a caption for this photo";Responses to be compiled and voted on by the membership to select a favourite. Steve Brodsky

***Winners listed below***

nice hat!

Perhaps a first class seat on the next Guardair flight would stimulate ex-Members of the ex-Regiment to get behind this worth while endeavour.

Second prize

"Lets roll" Ed Gosden..(credit this and 2 photos above.)

  "where the hell did you all get that hat partner" Jas

"Can I borrow that long knife to pick my nose " Ed Theoret

"We still cant find Osama , can I check under your hat?" Ian Stark

Bush:PEBBLE I DID not Realise You Are So Good Lookling,Pebble Sir I have always been a RED Neck Texan. Puddicombe

"Son you all better use that big knife to kill that thing before it gets the rest of your head"..G Wharton

"Son-of-a.....! You step on my foot one more time!" Frank Rodgers

"Shucks son........back in Texas we use metal tooth-picks that long,......just to serve hors d'oeuvres". Frank Rodgers

"Is that rust...... I see on the end of that blade?" Frank Rodgers

 "Your mother sure dressed you funny this morning, boy!" Frank Rodgers

 "They say the English have stiff upper lips! What did you do boy? Starch that thing?" Frank Rodgers

 "Have they got that thing welded to you chin? Speak up boy! I'm talking to you!" Frank Rodgers

 "I'd like to hire you...... to stand in my cornfield!" Frank Rodgers

 "Yah! Well! My brother Jeb,.......... is taller than you are! So there!" Frank Rodgers

 "Heh? You say your the shortest........... in your family?" Frank Rodgers

 "You know......we've got a turkey back home with a bigger neck than yours!" Frank Rodgers

"You're not going to tell me you can see under that bloody thing!" Frank Rodgers

 "How long did it take you to grow it that long?" Frank Rodgers

 "You say it all started at birth......from a small growth on your head?" Frank Rodgers

"And......get a bloody hair cut!" Frank Rodgers

 the contest terminated on 10 Dec 03. see winners list and prizes below.

OTTAWA -- The Canadian Forces plans to outfit its soldiers in specially designed camouflage gear that would offer better protection during city-based missions.

The army is looking into designing an urban-camouflage pattern for new uniforms and equipment used by Canadian soldiers serving in cities such as Kabul, Sun Media has learned.

The Canadian Forces has awarded a Danish company a $40,000 contract to determine whether it's feasible to develop a camouflage pattern to "provide the soldier protection from detection within tactical urban ranges" and fool infrared technology. ..............................

The proposed "Scarlet" solution (above) has been in place for many years in Canada and has produced a zero casualty rate. We should acquire a "Domestic" and "Overseas" pattern. Ed G

A trial operation for urban camouflage codenamed "The Scarlet Solution" (not a synonym for a Bloody Mary) has been conducted secretly here for several years, by our operatives dressed as guardsmen standing motionless in the windows of travel agencies advertising double-decker bus tours of Olde English Victoria. The results of the trial have been encouraging. So far none has been spotted. A further trial is recommended: Operatives posted at the National Gallery in front of "Voice of Fire." Steve B


Roy Squires... Congratulations Roy! your caption entry "I would love to have two of you guys in front of my office doors" has been awarded Honourable Mention in the Guardair Photo Contest.

Hap Hanson... Congratulations Hap! your caption entry "My God, and I thought my Green Berets were tough! " has been awarded Honourable Mention in the Guardair Photo Contest

Frank Rogers....Congratulations Frank! your caption entry "You step on my foot one more time!!!" has been awarded Second Prize in the Guardair Photo Contest.

Your prize, a Guardair Stock Certificate, valued at 200 shares, will be forward by Guardair's Toronto HQ

Click -->here<--- for official notice!

Kevin Kuehl....Congratulations Kevin ! your caption entry "Canadian Guards eh? That must have been when Canada had Armed Forces" has been awarded First Prize in the Guardair Photo Contest.

Your prize, a Guardair Stock Certificate, valued at 300 shares, will be forward by Guardair's Toronto HQ

Click -->here<--- for official notice!



Kevin...I'll pass on your appreciation to the Guardair officials. However, I must advise you that while your prize was 300 shares, I neglected to tell you taxes have to be deducted at source, thus saving you the frustration of computing what taxes are demanded by various governments. Therefore, your Guardair Stock Certificate has been reduced to 150 shares. Jas

Frank...Reference my earlier message regarding your prize. I was under the impression that appropriate taxes would be paid by the recipient. My error; taxes have to be deducted at source, thus saving you the frustration of computing what taxes are demanded by various governments. While your prize was 200 shares, after taxes, your Guardair Stock Certificate is now valued at 100 shares. Jas

Re the recent highly successful caption competition, congratulations to the winners and to its Judge Ed Gosden, President, Guardair: O well done, thou true and faithful servants! Dr G.W.S. Brodsky

Hi Jas, just saw my winning announcement on our gds site, looks good. glad to see my old buddy squid won as well , I'll have to drop him a line. I see on the bottom of the certificate W.A. Brocklehurst, he was my pl. comd. in the depot, damn fine officer he was, & I hear he really did well in his career. I am now waiting with bated breath for my winnings to arrive by mail, ha. take care buddy, Kevin.

Happy New Year, Jas, (from Frank Rogers)
My humble appoligies for taking so long in showing my appreciation of winning the second place prize of 100 shares of Guardair. Which, by the way, have doubled in value since I've received them. My whole family is so proud of me they can't spit. My wife's still in shock knowing we now have stock in Guardair. She's already making plans to change the decor of the interior of the entire fleet of Guardair passenger planes. She thinking along the lines of pastels with paisley seat covers. Something like the ties we wore back in the 50's and 60's. You must still have one kicking around, Jas! No?
I would also like to congratulate the winner of the contest, Keven Kuehl. And the third place winner, Roy Squires, as well as Hap Hanson for honourable mention. Well done guys. If the truth were know, Roy and Hap, the only reason I got second was......I'm better looking. he! he! Thanks to everyone involved. It was a blast. When the next one coming up?

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