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Canadian Guards site Atlantic

  Mary George "Webmaster"

Jim Stutt's
 Guards Band web site


Canadian Grenadier Guards


Foot Guards Association


PPCLI Foundation



 "Duty & Valour". (New..Feb 2011)


Guards Help

Royal Canadian Legion Site - Click--> Service Officers

Guards Help

VAC site Click for --> list of Offices


Directorate of Pension Services (DPS):

Internet E-mail:

Phone: 1-800-267-0325

Fax: (613) 996-9984, or the following address:

Telephone (local): (613) 996-7980

National Defence Headquarters

Attention: DPS-3

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2

The Directorate of Pension Services (DPS) also has a web site for both

current CF members and retirees, which may prove helpful regarding

questions dealing with CF pensions.

 Last Post Fund (LPF)

 The Last Post Fund is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to ensure,

 insofar as possible, that no war veterans, military disability pensioners,

 who meet the wartime service eligibility criteria are denied a

 dignified funeral and burial for lack of sufficient funds.

If you need assistance, or have any questions, please contact,


Website link



Canadian UN Vets


 The Luce Maple Leaf Association invite you to visit its website :

The Association's purposes are :

- The organization of ceremonies commemorating the action of Canadian during the war 1914-1918 and of visits of the Canadian cemeteries.


Veteran Voice

NATO Veterans site (Crest is a link)

Our aim is to be recognized as the Bi-Lingual Cold War veterans that served in Europe and mainly in Germany with the Army, in France with the Airforce as part of NATO and as well at Sea with the Atlantic NATO Fleet

Our HQ is in Fredericton NB and at present we have 359 members from Coast to Coast and yes even in Great Britain and Belgium and are growing daily. For more information please contact us at or write us at NATO Veterans Organization, 332-25 McKnight St, Fredericton NB 506-472-1931




Royal Canadian Legion

Dominion Command will be moving on 1 September, 2006. Business will stop at all old phone numbers on that date and will start on Thursday 7 Sep 2006, at the following numbers and address:

Dominion Command

The Royal Canadian Legion, 86 Aird Place

Ottawa, ON K2L 0A1

Phone (613) 591-3335 Fax (613) 591-9335

Supply-Toll Free 1-888-301-2257

Service Bureau-Toll Free 1-888-4LEGION (453-4466)

CANVET Phone (613) 591-0116 Fax (613) 591-0146

  Canadian Army website

Bruce Gormley site
lists departed members


Want a "Veteran's" licence plate?? click -->here<-- for application form.

Click -->here<-- for info only

DVA (Department of Veterans' Affairs)

All calls to VAC in Ontario are to be routed through Kirkland Lake

 at 1 866-522-2122

Black Watch


Queen's Own Rifles

RCR Association

click for Airborne links..Airborne Links also

and Murdockslane Links



 John T recommends this site.

Britain's Small Wars


Here is a link you should be on.

  Via: Canadian Airborne Brotherhood

James E Steed CD* RR1 5086 Hwy 38

Harrowsmith ON K0H 1V0

Virtual War Memorial

Books of Remembrance

Korea Veteran's Association

Seniors Government site


Federal Superannuates National Association


image is a link alsoAllies in War (UK)


The website shown below may be of interest:

Guards Shop (UK)

 Jim Milne

War Museum and searches


Maple Leaf Legacy Project

 War Graves site

Army,Navy,and Air Force Veterans in Canada



Canadian Post War Military and Dependant Graves


 The WarAmps site


Conference of Defence Associations

Land Forces of Britain, The Empire and Commonwealth (Canadian Guards page)


Canadian military presence in Northern Germany from the late 50s to 1971. The site has pictures relating to the schools, PMQ life and pictures of the forts past and present. -->.ruhrmemories.<-- Thank you. Dave Larke, Hemer High, 1960 - 1963

Kilroy Was Here


Danish Cyprus force web pages

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 The Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Unit, or The C.A.V.

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 Guards Drums North (UK)


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