Craig Mills, In Others' Words

Physical Jerks

Craig was always what the garment industry euphemistically calls 'husky'. In the fall of 1964 the CO of 2 Cdn Gds decided that the junior officers needed to be subjected to physical training. Accordingly, the subalterns gathered in the Camp Petawawa gym at the end of the day and were milling about waiting for the physical training instructor to administer his own brand of torture. Before he could start Lew Evans stepped forward and, adopting his best PTI voice, shouted, "twice around the gym or once around Mr. Mills, go!"

Scoop Mills

As the editor of the Canadian Forces magazine from 1980 to 1983, Craig's reputation for zealously seeking stories earned him the nickname "Scoop." During his retirement bash in 1984 he was presented with a signed mock-up cover of the magazine, highlighting his nickname, but was then reminded that while the nickname was accurate, it had actually been bestowed decades earlier. In 1965, as the Pioneer Platoon commander with 2 Cdn Gds in Cyprus, Craig was responsible for arranging visits by the sullage machine to the outpost latrines, earning him the radio appointment title of "Scoop" as the Oi/c Honeywagon.

Birthday Suit Salute

The weekend of the 1965 spring ball in Petawawa, all was quiet in the quarters as we prepared for that night's mixed mess dinner and the invited guests, including the Lieutenant-Colonel of the Regiment, Colonel and Mrs. Strome Galloway. We had just been issued the new combat clothing which Craig decided to forego in favor of donning his fighting order -- web belt, shoulder straps, pistol and holster, high-top boots and steel helmet -- over his nude body. Hearing footsteps in the hallway approaching his closed door, he grabbed the handle and drew his pistol, intending to startle whichever of his fellow subalterns approached. He threw open the door and lept into the hall, presenting his body and raised pistol to whomever might be there. Colonel Galloway was understandably startled into silence at the sight but Mrs. Galloway cooly looked him up and down then smiled and said "Good afternoon, Mr. Mills."