Welcome to the Canadian Guards Association website. The Canadian Guards was the senior Canadian Infantry Regiment from 1953 to 1970 when it was disbanded as part of a larger defence review. This Association of former members and their spouses perpetuates the memory of the Regiment and of all who served in her ranks.

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A number of Ottawa area members meet for lunch every Thursday upstairs in the Fox and Feather Pub located at the corner of Elgin and MacLaren Streets. All Association members and friends in the area or visiting from out of town are encouraged to join the group any Thursday.  The Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario monthly pub lunch remains the first Thursday of each month.

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Transfer of Second Battalion Colours to Beechwood   July 19, 2015

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There is a feature accessible through the Comments page that may be of interest to those of us with relatives who served in WW1 Or WW2.  Click  (June 19, 2015 latest

Please click here to see the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between our Association and the RCR and the Base Petawawa museum. (Oct 2016)

JFK Guard of Honour.wmv

Click on the clap-board at left to see a video that Winston Goldie Golden put together of the JFK Guard of Honour  in 1961

Update letter from Heather Hunter Weese

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2016 AGM minutes approved and now available by clicking here

Tribute to Archie Cairns -  Archie’s genius was universally acknowledged and often overlooked, yet less widely known was Archie the Man, the Musician, and the Soldier. Click here

Fraser Clark, Captain Director General Defence Security (DGDS

“Regimental Sergeant Major in Number 2D Order of Dress. This uniform belonged to Regimental Sergeant Major (WO1) JJT McManus CD, the first RSM of The Canadian Guards Depot serving from September 1954 to June 1961."  ( the mannequin wears the Sam Brown belt that my father and I wore.  Gerry W)  Click here for RMC presentation notice

See info on the Halifax 2017 Tattoo Reunion by clicking here

We have now mailed out 60 jump drives to all those who sent me their mailing addresses.  If we get enough response, we may be able to do another 10 or so.

What we need for any member still wishing a drive is your name and mailing address sent by email to the webmaster@canadianguards.ca .  I’ll keep everyone posted via Facebook.

Guards Museum

The museum article in the latest Newsletter states that $2000.00 was spent on a mannequin. Although $2000.00 was set aside for such a purchase, the actual total cost of the mannequin was $525.45.